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Buying and selling of all USED and some approved "HOME MADE" prospecting equipment by forum members. NO DEALERS

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Hello All,

This board is real simple you are welcome to sell anything related to gold prospecting, metal detecting, treasure hunting and most anything even remotely related to same. This forum is for used or homemade items only unless posted by forum owner!

You must have at least 10 regular posts or comments at this forum to be able to sell your used or approved homemade items.

No smut, rip offs, eBay auction links, or general stupidity (except my own) is allowed here and that's it.

Good luck selling or finding what you need and always remember buyer beware as this is a PUBLIC FORUM!

NO DEALERS other than the forum Owner (NuggetShooter.com) will be allowed to post their products anywhere at Nugget Shooter Forums unless a person specifically asks for that information from that dealer. Again please NO EBAY LINKS!

I go through and delete old stuff once a month so if'n your item is gone by expiration please feel free to re-post it.

Bill Southern

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    • I agree it's best for them to leave them at home if you're going to be distracted metal detecting....but if you plan on just going out to check out areas to see if they  would be good for future metal detecting for sure take him along and on a leash, at least until he gets used to all the hazards of the desert, and for sure check out on getting him "Snake Trained", I'm sure there's someone who does this training somewhere near you, even if you have to drive a ways to find someone it's well worth it for your best friend's safety!!
    • smoke tree area California, 92266 west of the mule mountain are redwood mile posts with heads dated 1854. east are steel posts brass caps dated 1916.
    • "Okay you guys go dig rocks i will rest"
    • I think after reading everything i'll just leave him at home lol.  Thanks guys  yeah he's a great dog, I've had him for 2yrs. He loves Human's. lol
    • He looks like a nice guy! Dogs are a huge pain prospecting. It is hard to focus on what you are doing.  Some of them are no problem but most of them wind up getting into trouble. I take mine everywhere and he is always getting sprayed by a skunk, eating some rodent or chasing an elk for miles over the mountain. Never a dull moment.  Dogs are cool and I usually take him with me even though it makes life a lot more difficult. I don't let him run free anymore. I try to keep him on a rope. He still manages to get into trouble and eat something vile or roll in a dead carcass. They figure most of it out pretty quickly. The sakes, ticks and foxtail grass are the main things you need to watch for.  They will get cactus in their nose once in a while or hurt a foot/break a toenail. It is generally no big deal as long as you check them over good and address any problems right away.  I always keep a syringe of dexamethasone in case he gets bit by a snake or injured really badly. It is an anti inflammatory that often makes a big difference if you give it to them early. My vet measured it out and gave me instructions on how to use it. If you are a couple hours away from vet care and something bad does happen it will really help. Ask your vet about it. I did and dexamethasone is what he recommended. There has also been a lot of bad water the past few summers. Cyanobacteria in water can kill an animal quickly. Several ponds and stock tanks around here get toxic in hot weather. I try my best to keep him out of any stagnate water. Even stock tanks and ponds. If it isn't moving water or a big lake we avoid it. Where I detect is pretty barren country. It is hot with little shade in the summer. My dog gets miserable long before I am ready to give up and go home. So I take it pretty easy and try not to get too serious about prospecting when it is hot. In the winter he loves to go all day and there are a lot fewer animals and snakes to worry about. So I take him more often in the winter and there is a lot less stress. Bob
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