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    • We smoke the whole duck then eat it with a homemade wild berry sauce. Or we will breast them out and smoke them with bacon wrapped around the breast chunks. Or take a whole mallard breast, butterfly it, then fill it with jalapeno cream cheese and wrap with bacon. That was dinner 3 nights ago. Mmmm...
    • I have been thinking about this for a while, especially Medina lake being deep and green it reminds me of being back in Washington when I fish it. It looks like a lake trout would love, I just don't know if there would be cool enough water with enough oxygen and food supply year round, but at 250 feet deep I would think so.
    • My favorite way to cook wild ducks is to stuff them with apples and celery and slow roast them in the oven for a couple hours while basting them with beer, wine & whiskey. Then, about 1/2 hour before they are finished cooking I dump out the apples and celery and rinse the cavity with beer before basting them again and putting them back in the oven.  Wild rice is a great side dish -- especially If you can get some real wild rice from Minnesota. Add a can of chicken broth to the wild rice when you cook it and add a stick of butter when it's done. If you don't want to go through all that trouble - or maybe want to eat some in camp and bring your max possession limit home -- you can breast them and fry them in a pan while sautéing them with beer, wine and whiskey. Serve the breasts with plain old white rice and sweet & sour sauce.  
    • Ben Lilly ate mountain lion and bear. He was one of the greatest hunters that ever lived. He spent most of his days in what is now the Gila National Forest in New Mexico. He is buried in Silver City. I have made pilgrimages to his grave several times and hunted all my life in the canyons he haunted. He hunted with a pack of hounds. He hunted men as well as lion and bear. He guided Teddy Roosevelt in an area that would become the first wilderness in the United States. The Alto Leopold wilderness just north of my home. He didn't eat puppies. I would like to think he had more sense than that. I would bet he didn't eat horses or mules either. Just a hunch. Be like Ben Lilly. Don't eat puppies. Be like 63% of New Mexicans and eat tacos. Don't be like the 37% who are eating crow.    
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