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    • Hey Nugget Shooters! Im brand new here and just getting into nugget prospecting. I have purchased a few metal detecting kits on Amazon and am visiting a specialty shop this weekend. I have traveled all across the country from Wyoming to North Dakota to salvage scrap metal (and Gold =) ) thank can support my family and my traveling habit. Thus far, I have been very lucky and found a few fossils on my way that have earned me more than a day's work.  Looking forward to getting to know all the people here!
    • We rode in the back of pickups all the time. Everybody did it back then. My little brother and I rode in the back of my step dads pickup all the way from Florida to Oregon. He did have a shell over the back, but it was packed so full of stuff, we only had about the last two feet of bed. We were both pretty sore by the time we got to Oregon! 
    • All the better and thanks for your service.
    • Welcome aboard
    • Man....  I gotta get up there before you get them all.   Nice work Gary.  It's nice when you can start to predict where gold might be.  Especially if it's actually there. Congrats !!   Luke
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