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Nugget Shooter Gold Nugget Forum Rules

First off let me welcome you to the Nugget-Shooter Forum,

There are just a few rules here and yup I do enforce them and keep an eye on things as best I can. Here are a few guidelines I'd like you to follow if you will be participating here. This forum is not moderated as heavily as the other sections so please do not enter or open a topic if you think you will be offended. If you are at least respond like an adult or we will remove your post as soon as brought to our attention.

Vulgar and abusive language is not welcome here! Heck a cuss word to get a point across is not so bad, but I think you know what I mean.

I will not host public arguments and pissing matches between individuals here so please just don't do it. When it happens the post most times will simply vanish into cyber space.

Political or Religious posts belong in "Off Topic" but surly you can find other forums that host those discussions if it is your thing, I don't think anyone cares if you are Conservative or Liberal when we are out hunting gold nuggets.

You may not use this forum to advertise any other dealer, store, or product without written permission by owner at any time. Used items are allowed in the classified section.

This forum is not responsible for anything said by it's members at any time. This is a public forum and will remain so and although I can and will occasionally zap "bad content" I don't do it often and so far have never permanently banned a person. Also opinions expressed here do not always represent the opinion of the forum's owner!

Guests are welcome to browse the forum and use the information provided by registered members, but you can not post yourself until you are a registered member.

That is pretty much it my fellow Nugget Shooters so enjoy the forum, keep it clean and play nice.

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    • Christie McVie (fleetwood mac)....R.I.P.  
    • My contribution for this Friday night is a song by Michael Parks.    
    • If you lie down with the dogs, you get up with fleas, or in this case maybe worst!!  
    • If you own a mining claim in the lower 48 you may need to check the current status of your claim with the BLM. On November 17th the BLM closed 28,340 mining claims. On this same day last year they closed more than 20,000 mining claims. Many of the mining claims closed last year were closed in error. Although the BLM has reopened many of those mining claims closed in error last year many claim owners were left in limbo while the BLM tried to sort the mess. Unfortunately you may find it difficult to check claim status with the BLM. At the same time the BLM closed the 28 thousand plus mining claims they shut down access to the MLRS claims mapping and removed 91% of claim owner names from the search databases and maps. Now it appears they have also shut down the online records entirely. There is no indication if or when any of these public services will be returned. Land Matters Mining Claim maps have been updated since the claims were closed. The 28,000+ mining claims have been removed from the Land Matters claims maps. If you look on Land Matters and your claim isn't listed there is a very good chance your claim was closed. The mass mining claim closure took place on November 17th and the Land Matters mining claim data is current as of November 20th. I think at present Land Matters is the only source for this closure information and they have the most current claims information. If you know of other more current claims maps please share them here. You can also do a search on the Land Matters mining claim maps by the claim owner name and get the info on all your claims in one window. Land Matters did not remove claim owner information like the BLM did so you may have more luck searching Land Matters than searching the BLM (IF BLM returns the search tool functions) Land Matters also sent out a very large report early this week to their Claims Advantage Members with every closed claim listed with individual maps and links to the BLM records. Now you know why they call it the Claims Advantage. Land Matters educational charity was founded in 2014 for just these circumstances. After the BLM geocommunicator claims and land status map was taken down without notice or explanation in 2012 we noticed a lot of public information being removed from public access. We decided to do what the government has failed to do and aggregate and present this public information in a place that would be available to all people all the time. I just looked and the Land Matters servers have been providing this updated mapping for the last 1,650 days without a single glitch. More than 100,000 maps are served some days. And here is the remarkable thing. All these years and all this work are the result of an all volunteer non profit organization that relies exclusively on individual donations. Land Matters has no grants, has no advertising income, doesn't sell data and doesn't receive federal or state money. It really is a user supported resource. Thanks to all of you.    Of course the Land Matters website is even busier with the BLM land mapping being closed. This has been a boom year for Land Matters user growth but like most small non profits it's been a tough year for donations. If you have found value in Land Matters and would like to see Land Matters continue to bring you public information there is no better time to make a donation. Or you could become a Claims Advantage Member by donating $100 or more and we will send you a copy of the 28,000 closed claims report along with another 23 (twice a month) for the next year. I don't know yet if any mining claims that were closed shouldn't have been closed. I've heard a few complaints but I haven't had time to check them out. I certainly hope that isn't the situation this year. If I owned a mining claim I would be checking the status.   Barry
    • June 22   1937     Part Three      The sheriff quickly changed his tune and said we were misunderstanding him. He told us he had done us a favor with a certain treasure buyer who he found out his deputies were holding prisoner. He told us the buyer was now working as a slave laborer in an underground mining operation in the middle of the Nevada Desert. Sheriff Allen told us that we were now the ones who  looked surprised and that he had found out some information concerning our treasure find and illegal ring of foreign buyers who were wanted by the FBI and a few other foreign law enforcement agencies. He told us he knew way more about us than what the town did.    I asked him what the point of all this was and if he wanted to arrest us why didn’t he do it? John was shifting around in his chair and looked like he was ready to explode. I was playing it cooler with this guy.    Sheriff Allen told us he was not interested in arresting anyone at this time and had no presentable courtroom evidence to back his statements. However, he indicated that with some effort a case could be made for our arrest. Then, quickly, he began to chuckle and stated that we need not worry about all this and there could be some mutually profitable deals to be made. He said that he and the county judge were quite interested in our mining operation. He leaned forward and looked us in the eye with a sneer on his face and said “Gentlemen, let’s talk business.”     TO BE CONTINUED .................
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