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    • Things are tough all over Mac. I honestly don't see where anyone has treated you too badly in this or any other discussion. You are always claiming someone is insulting you and calling you names but I just don't see it. I poke a little fun and you take yourself very seriously. And I understand how that rubs you the wrong way. And yes, I exploit that! It is a huge weakness that you wear on your sleeve and I jerk that chain every chance I get. But no one is disrespecting you in any way. All poodles aside. It is just a discussion and I think you are taking it way too seriously. I will stop posting for a while and let you heal up a little. You and Clay can go on a bifurcated tangent together and watch the moon rise over the dissipation dike. I will be back in a few days when you are no longer feeling persecuted and maybe we can wrestle some more! Horita bro.
    • Beautiful tongue buckle. That is on my sons bucket list of finds. Great job!
    • Just trying to make sense of, deflect and respond to, the nonsensical left field unrelated post/responses that the tag team keeps firing off. Stop the insults, sniping, underhanded and derogatory comments resulting from my own posts (which elicited an obvious knee jerk angry reaction) and we can go back to living idyllic lives here in crime free/drug free Nirvana Mexico.  
    • It is obviously Dr. Evil's rocket.
    • Come on you ol' rascal! I know you had a favorite! I'm guessing it was Betty Rubble on the Flintstones and Mary Ann on Gilligan's island.   
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