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    • Here's an interesting note. Back about 8 yrs ago my partner was working an area on one of the claims several hundred ft  from a little county road that runs near one of the claims. A guy stopped and walked over to him. He asked if he was the claim owner. My partner told him he was one of the partners in the company that owned them. Then he told him he knew a guy who was exploring that area back in the 1980's and pointed to an area at the base of a mountain. He said the guy had removed a gold cache of around 60 ounces. He also told him there was rumored to be an even bigger cache buried somewhere on the mine. He gave no other information and left. 
    • Interesting but what if several ounces of gold was buried 3 or 4 ft deep?
    • As for the locations of the hidden gold caches of the original miners I would think a modern detector like the Minelab GPX6000 would be able to find the locations. I'm sure a lot of patience would be needed starting to work at the 1936 camp site and moving out from there with ever increasing circles or gridding patterns. With that much metal in the ground I would think the detector would certainly sound off it it was swung over the stash. Just a thought.
    • Your welcome Sami.  Not all meteorites are made of iron or a mix of metals and minerals.  The magnet test is not a definitive test for meteorites.  It takes an expert who is well versed in the different meteorite types and lab tests to positively ID a random meteorite.  If you are in an area with a know meteorite fall zone, then it becomes easier to ID the meteorites. I recently was at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, which has an outstanding collection and display of meteorites.  Many of the samples would be passed up as normal rocks if you were just out walking and came across it.  The vast # of the meteorite samples were made of rock forming minerals with no metals.  My visit gave me an appreciation for the scientists and other experts who study meteorites. cheers!
    • April 24   2002     Part Five      I didn’t want to ask Jacob any questions about this sensitive subject and left it up to him to decide what he wanted to tell us about the old days on the claims. He said that he wanted us to know most of the story as his days were numbered and there was no one left to give the information to.     Jacob told us that Jed was very secretive about the hiding places for his gold back in 1936. Jed didn’t even tell his brother but for some reason Jacob believed that when Jed was murdered and his gold stolen the robbers didn’t get it all. Jacob seemed to think that Jed had hidden a portion of the gold on the mountain. Possibly some of it off the property. One time Jed had told him that the mining property was the first place thieves would look. Jacob said that he didn’t think Sarge’s gold from the 1937 season had ever been found either. He said he wanted to spend his time looking for hidden gold, including his own. His memory of his hiding places had faded with time and he never made any maps. I told him my crew was here to mine gold but we would also help him as much as we could. Jacob told us he also wanted to help us mine and could assist with likely locations to prospect.     With that we all got in the truck and headed back to camp for lunch. After that we planned to head north up along the creek where the marked boulders were located. He wanted to show us this area for several reasons.       TO BE CONTINUED ...................
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