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  3. Yes it was as all contests have been on the past "without going over" and Really that is an unspoken rule in ALL contests. And Mike was correct Clay was closest actually and somehow I missed that... So you both get one because I messed up! Sorry Chrisski I am not going to give up my locations
  4. It will be a slow developing fizz if it's calcite.
  5. Nice area to raise a family too. Almost moved to Rio Rancho. On my way to Taos in 2 weeks, not to hot up there. Hope to meet more gold seekers
  6. Thanks for your answers, as you suggested, I will try the put on it some vinegar or screach it on glass to check it out.
  7. Very good input thanks all. I think it’s platinum because it’s heavy for its size. Looking at pl nuggets in books and web, you tube, seem very similar. I found it near Mount Diablo, CA. There has been pl found here before.
  8. Wonder how many of those it would take to get full
  9. Evidently longer than you have. One man's ceiling is another aliens floor. I guess it all depends on what planet you are from huh? I think we need to see your proof of terrestriality. You talk like an illegal alien.
  10. Im thinking a bubble over the whole thing. Maybe put a big beautiful door in it somewhere.
  11. Another goldilocks zone planet would be cool. But if it was rich in skittles, and they brought lots of skittles back, the skittles market could crash.
  12. Look at the size of this winged ant on the screen door. Never have seen any on the property before now.
  13. That would act as a floor -not a ceiling. How long have you been under gravity's influence?
  14. Just an observation... The last time I checked 22.1 is greater than 21.4. I think the unwritten rules were "guess the weight without going over". It appears that your guess went over.
  15. Cooling trend here, we were getting weather alert warnings for high air pollution, smoke from fires out west combining with a higher humidity/heat index over the state.
  16. Do we need a ceiling for the northern skies? Or will just one for the southern skies suffice?
  17. Excusez-moi? I started a thread about a stunning new planet discovery and you start talking about some imaginary ceiling and want to dwell on it. You sir are the troll.
  18. Slim, if you would stop your ridiculous sniping at me I would stop making you look like a fool. Why can't you just drop it? You are doing nothing except trolling for trouble. Leave me alone and we will get along fine!
  19. I have seen two different strange lights(not in the sky) that I did not understand(at first)... Fireflies and the other was glowworms. Never seen ET.
  20. Someone changed the simple rules. Chrsski slipped you some highgrade, huh.
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