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  3. I like those ideas better than a link. I probably would not click blindly into a link.
  4. Up in my neck of the woods again i see Doug!! Jeez, save some for us locals would ya. Lol awesome fish feller, good job!
  5. That or he could post his eBay seller's name and you could find it that way.
  6. But I would imagine he could post the item number and we could look it up through eBay search function.
  7. Three good times out of one fishing trip.. Catchin-em Smokin-em Eatin-em.
  8. Great memories right there....Thanks for sharing such good times...Love the outings!!!! Happy Thanksgiving for everyone!! Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah!
  9. Disgrace? You claim the item pictured is a meteorite. Mike, a very experienced meteorite hunter, says based on what he can see that it is not a meteorite. So, he’s a disgrace for stating his opinion? But see, here’s the thing. You, as the person claiming the item is a meteorite, have the burden of proof. You say it’s a meteorite. Prove it. Go get it classified and make us eat our words. Until then, it’s just a piece of vesicular basalt.
  10. Sorry but just an FYI, Bill doesn't allow eBay links on the forum, if any are posted I will have to remove them.
  11. Jim ale—I would not mind seeing your finds on your E-Bay page if you post a link.
  12. Yesterday
  13. No, you have it backwards, and I'm attacking the issue (i.e. your finds not being meteorites) head on. The finder gets their find classified, then sells/donates/collects/etc. it. But to use your line of reasoning, your photos and the physical characteristics therein are not conducive to meteorite finds.
  14. Price lowered to $300 including free UPS Ground Shipping. Thanks, Don
  15. Mike , you are circumnavigating the issue. The discussion is based on the physical characteristics of meteorites, photo identification, and a constructive debate on the same. Why did the debate move to an evidence base, meteorites don't fall from space while classified. It's only done after a collector obtains the material from the founder. What a disgrace man!
  16. Are you sure this is not a meteorite! Or it's the usual thing, like if it is not from us it not a meteorite.d
  17. If you buy the detector below, I also have the following discounted items for sale too and will give you first pick with the discounted price (see photos below). Original receipts are available for all of the accessories listed! $150-Like brand new SteelPhase audio filter (includes a free $90 SDC minelab headphone adapter cord you need to also run it on the SDC). $150- Like brand new Pro-Sonic wireless audio and speaker, includes SDC adapter cord and free brand new Doc’s covers. Must buy the SDC to get these discounts, sorry. —————————————— For Sale $2900 - Very clean
  18. Last week
  19. Looks nothing like a meteorite. They do come in all shapes and sizes, but that doesn't mean that every shape and size is a meteorite.
  20. There are a lot of different shapes in these nugget of mine.
  21. Bill, Try Bill's phone, send him a text and explain who you are and a little about the claim. His cellphone number is on his store's website. https://nuggetshooter.com/index.html
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