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  2. Yeah his family will be in charge of his health. I insisted they bring an RV along with AC for him. The cans of oxygen, good idea. Heck I might be able to use some too.
  3. Hey Edge, take it easy on that old guy. I'm almost to his age but he has five years on me. Watch him and don't let him overdo it. Exuberance sometimes gets the best of us an we go beyond our bounds. I know of what I speak and am not afraid to admit it. Take some cans of oxygen with you can get it at the sports stores, I always carry it and some aspirin also. Good luck and God bless you for what you are trying to do. Old Tom
  4. Time to take it to someone who can test it for real. You have done about all you can do to rule out tramp iron. You might get an XRF for nickel at this point and that might help get someone interested. It won't rule out tramp metal but it will be one more step you could take on your own. There is not much more you can do. You need an expert that can take it further with lab tests and professional observations. The pattern is vague. I can't tell if it is a weidmanstatten pattern. But if you can polish it out and repeat the pattern I would say it is as much confirmation as a layman could do. It certainly could be a coarse octahedrite. You did a great job! Someone in the meteorite community will take this one forward and give you some answers. It is certainly an interesting specimen. If it is not a meteorite it is a darn good facsimile. Have you researched known meteorites in your area? If there have been others found to compare this with it might shorten the process a bit.
  5. I widened the window a bit and Etched with home brewed ferris chloride. Looks to be the letter “A”. It’s faint and does not photograph well, but it seems to be something. I sanded and etched a number of times to be sure it was not dirt or an artifact of the sanding pattern. Each time it comes back with the letter A. Maybe there is a message inside ;)
  6. Excellent. I know this area fairly well from hunting but not prospecting.
  7. These were all gold mines or placers. Getting kind of remote though. Tom H.
  8. Thanks Tom that's great, I may end up there. Wondering if there's anything up higher in elevation. Seems I recall a couple places west of Payson were patented.
  9. Last week
  10. Hey Gary ... Finally got a chance to view some of the forum. I think I have passed that volcanic feature before. Can't remember the exact location but it sure looked familiar. Good video BTW! keep it up! Just as an aside as we get older we tend to forget things ... at least I do on occasion. Don't be too hard on yourself forgetting the camera. Last time out I forgot the rechargeable battery for the Monster ... good thing I had the backup in the box ... it saved the day! Let's both at least remember to bring plenty of water this summer!
  11. Edge. The area around Oxbow mine should have some fines. Also, the X right behind Oxbow estates is a old placer area. I dont know the claim status, but im sure if your just scraping up a few buckets to let an old timer have some fun no one is going to shoot you The area I circled in yellow is all kinds of gold/copper mines. Dig out those crevices real good. Good luck to ya. Tom H. Payson Placers Past Producer in Gila county in Arizona, United States with commodity Gold Map XML JSON KML C Geologic information Identification information Deposit ID 10098208 MRDS ID M001988 Record type Site Current site name Payson Placers Related records 10161095 Geographic coordinates Geographic coordinates: -111.35349, 34.18256 (WGS84) Elevation 1280 Relative position ABOUT 5 MILES SOUTH OF PAYSON. Political divisions (FIPS codes) Gila(county) Arizona(state) United States(country) North America(continent) Land(continent) USGS map quadrangles Payson South(quadrangle 1:24,000 scale) Payson(quadrangle 1:100,000 scale) Holbrook(quadrangle 1:250,000 scale) Hydrologic units (watersheds) Tonto(hydrologic unit) Salt(hydrologic accounting unit) Salt(hydrologic subregion) Lower Colorado(hydrologic region) Federal lands Geographic areas Country State County United States Arizona Gila Public Land Survey System information Meridian Township Range Section Fraction State Gila and Salt River 010N 010E 32 Arizona Commodities Commodity Importance Gold Primary Materials information Materials Type of material Gold Ore Host and associated rocks Host or associated Host Rock type Unconsolidated Deposit > Gravel Stratigraphic age (youngest) Holocene Nearby scientific data (1) Early Proterozoic granitic rocks List Map Economic information Economic information about the deposit and operations Development status Past Producer Commodity type Metallic Deposit size Small Significant No Mining district District name Green Valley District Land status Ownership category National Forest Area name Tonto National Forest Reference information Links to other databases Agency Database name Acronym Record ID Notes USGS Mineral Resources Data System MRDS M001988 U.S. Bureau of Mines Minerals Availability System MAS 0040070538 Bibliographic references Deposit JOHNSON, M.G., 1972, PLACER GOLD DEPOSITS OF ARIZONA: USGS BULLETIN 1355, P. 9. Deposit WILSON, E.D., 1937, ARIZONA GOLD PLACERS AND PLACERING: ARIZONA BUREAU OF MINES BULLETIN 142, P. 81. Deposit LAUSEN, C., WILSON, E.D., 1924, GOLD AND COPPER DEPOSITS NEAR PAYSON, ARIZONA: ABM BULLETIN 120, P. 32. Deposit WILSON, E.D., CUNNINGHAM, J.B., BUTLER, G.M., 1934, ARIZONA LODE AND GOLD MINES AND GOLD MINING: ARIZONA BUREAU OF MINES BULLETIN 137, P. 182. General comments Subject category Comment text Deposit THE GOLD WAS DERIVED FROM THE OX BOW VEIN AND WAS CONCENTRATED IN THE THIN SOIL ON THE HILLSIDE. THE GOLD PARTICLES OCCUR AS FLAT NUGGETS TO A QUATER OF AN INCH LONG AND ARE A DEEPER COLOR THAN THE VEIN GOLD, PROBABLY OWING TO LESS SILVER. Reporter information Type Date Name Affiliation Comment Reporter 01-APR-1972 Gere, W. U.S. Geological Survey Updater 01-JUL-1979 Hall, R. K. (Creasey, S. C.) U.S. Geological Survey
  12. Being in Vegas you may want to consider drywashing. You can drive over the Hoover Dam to gold basin and probably come up with some color. Maybe check with local prospector clubs and see about attending an outing.
  13. I got a friend up in the White Mountains asked me to help his 91 year young grandfather fulfill his bucket list by finding some color. He's never been prospecting but has been reading the magazine's and dreaming about it for many decades . Anyone know of a good starting point near Payson where we can get a couple buckets to run? This is a one time deal, neither of us plan to return to the area. Just trying to help an old timer out. Please feel free to PM
  14. Great find for a pile of dirt! There sure is a lot of nice minerals up there in the Vulture Mine area. One day I hope to get up there and do some digging myself.
  15. Welcome to the forum! Please visit again and let us know how everything works out for you and your son's future adventure and show us some GOLD, we love good gold getting stories and photos of gold!!
  16. https://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/7933-secrets-to-cutting-etching-and-preserving-iron-meteorites
  17. There's some tips posted here somewhere on how to etch, but as has been pointed out if the crystal structure is coarse you may not see anything if it is meteoritic. Interesting find for sure. Could also take it to an assay shop or somewhere with XRF and shoot that clean surface and look for nickel.
  18. Roaring Camp California comes to mind. You might give them a call and see whether they are taking bookings.
  19. We are in Las Vegas, so CA, NV, AZ, UT, OR Would be good.
  20. Keep us informed. Inquiring minds want to know.
  21. It might help if you gave the general location of where you are. Or an area you want to go to.
  22. Welcome to the forum ! You are in the right place for info. Someone on here knows something about everything. Give us a little more info about your location. and someone will know .
  23. I have the gear and chemicals to make ferric acid so I should have results in a day or so
  24. Thanks 4meter, There is a mining operation about 1 mile away that is actively mining and crushing some and some type of material. They have surrounded the operation with a high waste rock berm and have a gate guard and will give out no info. One day at the nearby intersection with the road to I-10 one of the trucks hauling the product was broken down and I stopped to see if he needed any help and asked him what it was that he was hauling.He told me it was his first day but that his understanding was that it was used as a flux for a smelter operation in Phoenix. He knew nothing ,not even the name of the operation. There are some club gold claims to the east of the mine and roads everywhere , I have checked for miles around but can find no outcrops of a pemegite (And very little gold). My suspicion is that someone was doing a little night time highgrading and where parked where I found the pile. I have worked harder for less results!
  25. I am looking for (probably everyone is) a place to take my 17 year old son to learn how to do some gold prospecting. I do have a small sluice and pans, but that's about it...well shovels. Anyway. My dream is to find a space I can rent (like a cabin) right near a small river/creek that has potential to produce gold with some digging and sluicing. Of course, nothing more than manual tools. Does anyone know of a place, own a place, know someone who owns a place....that I might be able to make this happen within a short timeframe...? This single mom appreciates your assistance in making some dreams come true this summer of COVID because so many dreams were taken away.
  26. Very Nice collection of crystals Mike! Best guess based solely on the photos: Mostly Beryl, some Apatite, Topaz (?), iron stained Quartz and a piece of Hornblende with some other mineral on it (see attached, annotated photo).
  27. I kinda like those guys with bolide fever. Experience and observations identify meteorites and wrongs. The same with meteorite hunters.
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