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  2. Happy Birthday Jim, I hope you had a great day!
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  4. So would the Silver Hawkers. Personally, I'm a little surprised it's as high as it is, given the price history of silver over the past few years. A silver dime (pre-1964), appears to be holding it's worth of a dollar or more at meltdown prices. To me, that makes them fun to find (along with quarters, halves and war nickles), and there seems to be quite a few still out there waiting to be found . . .
  5. Would like to see a solid rise in silver, like I thought it would.
  6. I found a vein of chrysocolla in Maricopa county. It was hosted in a white quartz vein. Thought it was turquoise at first no luck though. I've seen spots of chrsocholla in rocks throughout the county, more like copper staining in basalt rock, some areas this staining is more than others, but only once in a good vein. I have a sample of that sitting in my front yard,
  7. Those are tasty! Well done. Regards, Kyle
  8. The only location of turquoise in maricopa county that I know of is the sacred frog mine which is halfway between wickenburg and lake pleasant. On the other hand, chrysocolla is found in a number of locations in maricopa county, mostly to the west.
  9. Yes! That's what I'm talking about. Nicely done, and all the best, Lanny
  10. When I cleaned up the ring I could read that it was 18K!!! I don't know why it tarnished so ...
  11. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm "Hand Stacking"" .......And look what they missed. Gary
  12. Good ideas Lanny,.............Ya mean doing something like this:???? The boulders where too big for me to pick up, so I just undermined them, detected and then either rolled them or slid them into a spot where I had already detected. I put that large rock under that large boulder in the third photo, and then undermined it and detected under it,......the boulder has sense moved down into the hole due to rains and creak flow. Was it worth it?????,............"YEP!!!" Gary
  13. I have an old set of Rex Beech Books. Eight books in all. The Yukon Edition printed in 1914. These are all old gold mining and western adventure stories. The set is nice. They are super old but the covers look good. The spines are a little brittle but as far as I can tell no loose pages. I am asking $60 for the set plus the shipping costs. If you are interested PM me. This would be a nice addition to any gold library.
  14. Add 1 more thing, just learned she also is admin, at the Cherokee Native American group, I know these people are of the Cherokee tribe. The girl on Crazy Crow cover might not be the same girl, don't know until can take time to search Internet with tribal name.
  15. Just thought I'd post this: Move Those Rocks!One of the greatest mistakes I see made in gold country by eager rookies, is the mistake of not wanting to move the rocks--the ones in the channel, or the ones high-and-dry out of the present channel. I'll see people pecking around the rocks, dipping the tip of their shovels between the rocks to get as much material as they can, but not using the elbow grease necessary to move those rocks!Especially the rocks stacked on bedrock--the ones thrown up there by higher, faster moving water long since gone. Sure, there's often clay, and maybe roots, and other crap jammed in there, and it's most certainly tough digging, but that's the dance you need to step to in order to find the good stuff.I you dig around in the sand and the loose stuff, you'll most often get a little fine gold, and those specks can be pretty, but the better stuff needs some serious moving of nastier material.The bigger rocks travel with, and drop out with the nicer gold. Generally, so do the darker rocks (at least up here)--for some reason, many of the heavier rocks are darker. I know the old timers used to look for darker, stained, heavy rocks. Also, don't be afraid to get to the very bottom of any cracks or crevices you uncover. Trust me, the gold loves to get down there as far as it can--so you should too. Also, watch what's coming out of the crevice--there should be lots of little packed stones and often some clay too. Wash it all very carefully--break up any bits of clay--mush them around on the bottom of your pan until they dissolve. I've found some very nice gold trapped in clay jammed in crevices!So, don't be afraid to move those rocks, and be exhaustive in your efforts to clean out the cracks and crevices. Remember that specific gravity should be your guide--most of the time the nicer gold travels with the beefier rocks, and the pieces of steel, and the lead fishing weights. . .All the best,Lanny
  16. We'll be in the Quartzsite area tomorrow for a day of nugget hunting and then we'll hunt those coins and tokens on Saturday at the QMDC Super Hunt! We've enjoyed it in the past. Hope to see you there. Mitchel
  17. WillM: I appreciate your comment, I have spoken about the similarities in this stone and the ones found in Sweden that are now unfortunately a dead horse. That's pretty clever for you to have connected those stones to this research. As you can see the community in general scoffs at the idea of sedimentary meteorites. Facts are facts and I see these forum members posting all the time saying "No matter how much you wish for you're stone to be a meteorite, it is what it is." This statement is wildly ironic to me, Because now when the facts are presented opposing their opinion they turn in to asinine children. But far be it from me to prove these "experts" wrong especially when they are so clearly specialized in the study of extraterrestrial sediments. The comments about this being sci-fi are true, but the plot is presumption and conjecture superseding facts and scientific data. To speak to the stone in these images, I'm afraid it lacks the characteristics I would expect to see in a sandstone meteorite and all other sed-types should be relatively similar in appearance to their igneous mates but keep looking I could tell you where I found mine. Which is a drop spot for meteorites and has been home to numerous finds I am aware of locally that are not reported. -Odin
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  19. Just to let everyone know I am signed up as a vender at the Butte, Montana GPAA Gold Show April 4-5 to sell the book and I guess I am going to be a featured speaker at the show on the book or something or other. Never been to a GPAA gold show. Should be fun and interesting. My publisher says books are nearing the end of getting printed. Then we just gotta wait for the shipping and getting through customs.
  20. Point your finger at whomever you like Clay. This crap is not my doing. Nor am I the reason it is allowed to go on and on. Your solution seems to be to stick your fingers in your ears and ignore it for as long as it takes for this guy to swing himself out. Not my style Clay. So the next time you have some sage advice on how I should respond (r not) I suggest you heed it yourself.
  21. I guess it accidently looks like I tried but it was an accident, I was just excited about finding the heavy one and wanted to share it.
  22. As long as you continue to feed the bull it will continue to produce bull$#!t . Just a basic law of nature and the internet. Starve the bull (don't react) and it will wander to more productive pastures - no more BS - problem solved If I had to point a finger at the cause it wouldn't be pointed at the bull. Skip does a fine job policing this forum. He can ban every troll that shows up but they will just come back with a new name/same game as long as they have someone to play with. Stop blaming the administration and stop playing with the trolls. Problem solved.
  23. I am not trying to use this forum to sell meteorites.
  24. It's over, I just now realised he said there was no further proof needed in ablation study, I should be keeping these secret and not putting magnets to them to test. That's the bullcrap.
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