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  2. All I know is that this spring/summer, I hope this virus is under control, because last year the government closed down the national forests....roads here were shut down and campgrounds closed ...
  3. "Solid evidence"? Where have I heard that before?
  4. The Pfizer vaccine is mind control. The few that are lucky enough to get immunity without serious side effects are going to have problems in the future. There is solid evidence it causes genetic mutations. Those that survive the erectile dysfunction, diarrhea and brain damage may have even more problems with genetic damage later on.
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  6. Here is an article about these types of opals https://www.gia.edu/gems-gemology/spring-2018-microworld-opal-agate-like-banding
  7. Pretty easy all - When the Dollar is strong, gold weakens. When the Dollar loses strength and inflation takes hold, gold soars. It will be up again by this time next year.
  8. I’d think the heat would vaporize any organics in basalt or rhyolite before it even cooled off to form a recognizable imprint, it would only leave a gas bubble.
  9. Your president says quit whining. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/stop-whining-bolsonaro-tells-brazilians-record-covid-deaths-rcna360
  10. All of your links kind of prove my point... one case in Great Britain of spinal myalytis (sp)??? That probably isn’t related to getting the vaccination, And of course the usual cases of anaphylactic reaction that aren’t uncommon with ANY vaccine...
  11. Could be a palm tree got encased in basalt or rhyolite, sealed up tight. Then , overtime, a pocket formed for the "opal agatization" to take place?
  12. Nah, are you serious? Have you been dipping in to your Thunder struck larder, again?
  13. Either can attract a magnet. It depends on how much magnetite is in them
  14. Basalt, I know can be very hot rock, so I have been told.
  15. Okay thank you for the answer! Those stones are both not magnetic right?
  16. Looks like a piece of basalt or a piece of dacite from an intrusive dike.
  17. Welllllllll , watahay, a simple search for Vaccine injury mRna will keep a brain occupied.
  18. There are many. But I can't find any that also include gold . Otherwise, I would post it.
  19. Deaths from the vaccine are not being counted. Hospitals are being paid to list vaccine deaths as something else. When someone dies of Pfizer vaccine they list it as a heart attack.
  20. I haven’t heard or read of ANY deaths from getting ANY of the vaccines....other than one of our local conspiracy theory fans who actually believes that the vaccines that require two doses are “Nano size materials that have been programmed to assimilate into cell sized computers that communicate with other vaccinated people and it’s all part of the Bill Gates desire to take over the world through the use of AI...“. Which is why I referenced “THE BORG” of star trek fame earlier.
  21. Slim, Just keep repeating those lies the fake news has led you to believe as they inject you with that potentially lethal second dose. Why risk being poisoned or even killed by an experimental biologic agent when the chance of serious disease is so low? It sounds a lot like a flock mentality to me. Sheep being led to slaughter. They are using your uncontrollable fear of the disease to manipulate your behavior. It is just a test of your willingness to conform. It is proof you will willingly obey your master regardles of the risks.
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