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  2. Sonny

    Whew! 4 Nuggs In 4 Hrs

    Wow way to go!
  3. My name is Ron, I live in Colorado. I bought a gold bug late last year and I want to find a nugget. There is a possibility that I will be in Laughlin in about 2 weeks and I was wondering/hoping that there might be someone on this forum who would be available to go nugget hunting around Oatman. It would be on a Monday, Tues. Weds. I would like to go hunting two of those days. My wife would be a lot happier if I was not out in the desert by myself and I would like to work with someone who is better at nugget hunting than I am. In Colorado we mostly (almost totally) only have flake and flour. I have not yet found a nugget. Let me know if you live close by and are available on weekday days. Thanks
  4. azdigger


    Well, Heading out in the morning, going to make some flat ground out of some tailings piles...hope I get lucky and find some gold this time. Going to work hard , been reading and watching info on hunting tailings. Now we see if I retained any info.....report upon return.. Hunting with the Whites GoldMaster 24K and I will have my Equinox 800 with the small coil.
  5. hardtimehermit

    Yesterdays finds

    Great finds, how did you guys do on the carving wood, find any keepers?
  6. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    Might be good snake habitat. I wonder if this is another "gold must be down deep" situation?
  7. homefire

    Winter is coming.

    You all are about three days late. IT"S COLD !
  8. adam

    Yesterdays finds

    Nice Fluorite !!
  9. pondmn

    Yesterdays finds

    Yea! Another fisherman in the making. Way to go........
  10. Bedrock Bob

    Yesterdays finds

    This spot has solid, sharp edged fluorite crystals the size of your fist. Most are aquamarine or pale lavender but there is red, yellow, blue, rainbow and deep violet. We were looking for a spot where I used to find deep purple crystals. We did not find the particular hole I used to cut them out of so we hit one of the bigger prospects. I found this on the dump. But there are some huge crystals to be had if you want to dig or break rock. There is acres of open pit mines and many hundreds of yards of tunnel and plenty of opportunity for excellent crystals The spot has a fissure with calcite on one side and fluorite on the other. Many hundreds of tons of crystals have been taken out back in the day of vacuum tubes. There are all colors of crystals. Some are milky and some are crystal clear. Some of the fluorite was so clear it was used for lenses. There are calcite crystals as big as dictionaries. Some of it is super clear too. This little set of crystals had sharp corners and was a nice specimen so I brought it home. One of these days soon I will find my old diggings and post those big purple crystals. And I did get a bunch of solid material that will be nice to shape and polish. So I will post a few of the pieces once they are done. The crinoid stems, calyxes and roots are laying everywhere under a certain layer of limestone. There are millions in a limestone matrix and even millions more in a loose matrix under the limestone blocks. There is a spot where a road cut this layer and the freed crinoid stem "buttons" are thick where the layer has been disturbed. There are several types of fossil shells too. Many are iridescent and colorful. I am going to try to shape and polish some of that fossiliferous limestone. It is really nice material and a small piece can have a thousand delicate fossils in it. Thumb sized pieces of it would make nice pendants.
  11. Jack H

    November 9th -11th Fall Outing

    I've been looking for a club to join. Bill, can you or another admin post a link to more information. Excuse me for interrupting the thread. Wasn't sure where else to ask. Thank you.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Morlock

    TV show Meteorite Men

  14. Au Seeker


    Everyone is welcomed to come to the outing!! Don't worry no one is going to beat you up , they may however hang all your prospecting gear high up on a pole and laugh while you're trying to get it down, it will be sorta like being new in high school all over again!!! JK, you'll leave the outing with many new friends!! Be sure to enter how many there will be with you including yourself in the poll up at the top, and bring a side dish for the Saturday common meal if you're going to be there that evening.
  15. wet/dry washer

    TV show Meteorite Men

    response from Beta Analytic- unfortunately, we are unable to accept material unless they are submitted and paid for by a recognized government agency. so....will put it to rest for now. thanks for the entertainment.
  16. Wyoprospector


    Morlock, well I've ruffled some feathers on here last month, don't want to get beat up lol.
  17. Morlock


    Nope. Only rabble-rousers allowed. Just kidding. I've been to an outing and had a great time.
  18. Patrick in Havasu


    I've used Buck's pick with the long handle for years, and have loved it. At my age the long handle is just the right length to use it as a walking stick/cane. But every year, it all gets tougher on me, so I have used nothing but the Gold Monster lately. I asked him if he could make me one of his smaller pick heads utilizing the long handle of the larger pick, and he came through perfectly. It's still the perfect length for a walking stick, and can still beat the hell out of stuff without the "weight"! Thank you Bunk. You have added a lot of hunting time to this old body.......... Patrick (Couldn't figure out how to show photo's. New camera)
  19. I don't know, it looks like slag to me...……………… just kidding, patience and perseverance! fred
  20. Thanks for the relating the journey to us. It took almost 70 -80 years from the time it was found until it was classified. That is a really loooong journey...
  21. Wyoprospector


    Can I come if I promise to be nice? I am an excellent cook, really, and my girlfriend (yes I actually have 1) is almost as good, but is a better baker. Lol
  22. Holy smokes Mike you guys really crushed it!!! Talk about patience, it finally paid off!!! What a beautiful iron and a great name!!!
  23. Morlock

    Yesterdays finds

    Nice finds. Makes me wonder if there's a potential for even better flourite crystals in that area. We find those crinoid stems in imbedded in limestone matrix which makes it very difficult to extract with damaging them.
  24. ArcticDave


  25. Bedrock Bob

    Yesterdays finds

    Thanks! That is great advice. I try my best to savor every minute of his company. We are best friends and have all kinds of adventures together. He is the most experienced and capable outdoorsman I know and I am proud as heck of him. He still pisses me off quite regularly and a good pounding would teach him a few things but I have very little to actually complain about.
  26. Bedrock Bob

    Gas Vac and new vortex separator

    Here is the part that sucks. It will suck a hand, a grease rag or a small dog right in there. I keep that end caged off lest something gets pulled through the impeller. It throttles off about 25% of the intake air but there is still plenty to do whatever I need to do at about 3/4 throttle.
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