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  2. TO become a member, you can click the top right of the page https://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/. I’m not sure there’s claims for prospecting. That helps Bill keep the lights on for this page. TheRe’s many different clubs, The GPAA is nationally, and the website is here: https://www.goldprospectors.org/. Depending on your state, there’s others available. ROadrunners is one for Arizona, https://www.roadrunnergold.com/. There’s other local ones, like Big Bug Prospecting club for the Bradshaw mountains in AZ: http://www.bigbugminingdistrict.com/home.html.
  3. Happy Birthday @boulder dash, I hope you have a great day!
  4. are you accepting new members now? im interested in joining.
  5. You have stated this opinion (belief?) before Bob. United States law says the opposite as I already demonstrated in the linked Federal Law USC 16 above. The Fish and Wildlife Service regulations that control the administration of National Wildlife Refuges also disagree with your belief. 50 CFR § 32.1 Opening of wildlife refuge areas to hunting. The opening of a wildlife refuge area to hunting will be dependent upon the provisions of law applicable to the area and upon a determination by the Secretary that the opening of the area to the hunting of migratory game birds, upland game, o
  6. Exactly. Now, instead of hunting in refuges being managed by politicians it is managed by biologists and refuge managers. A big step in the right direction. But then that point has been made already in this thread.
  7. Again you are misrepresenting. Each refuge coordinates hunts with the State. Each refuge has different requirements and animals to manage. The Seccy of the Interior does not dictate what should be hunted nor when. Individual refuges determine specific areas that are open and closed as well as animals that should be hunted depending on their unique requirements. The law does not "open 2.5 million acres to hunting". Nor does it force refuges to allow hunting. It simply allows areas that were closed by federal law before to be managed at the discretion of the refuge management.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Great dig! And yes by all means go back to that site! Theres bound to be more goodies with your name on it.
  10. That's not how it works. Individual refuge management does not determine what can be hunted. Very specifically that is the duty assigned to the Secretary of the Interior by Congress. The Secretary proposes regulations, a comment period follows, the Secretary then makes a decision and publishes it in the Federal Register. There is no legal process for a refuge manager to over rule or modify the Secretary's order. Only the Secretary can order an area closed to hunting except in "unusual or critical conditions". This is known as due notice and due process under the Administrative Procedures
  11. I think the state of Texas should help out those in California that want to live "Texas style" and help them move down there. Plenty of open space and they still put fertilizer plants right next to schools.
  12. You are misrepresenting again Clay. This map does not depict new hunting locations. It is simply a list of all refuges by State. There are no new hunts on the Bosque Del Apache as a result of policy changes. The hunting situation there is the same as it has been for years. Certain species in certain areas at certain times. All the hunts are situated in limited areas and very limited in numbers. The sum total of all the acreage open to any hunting at any time is less than half of the acreage in the refuge. During any season the number of acres open to hunting amount to less than 5% of
  13. TomH

    Sharpie hack

    Skip...yes! show some pics!! I have done a lot of cabinetry/wall units and anything anyone wanted out of wood also. Will dig some pics out and post them also. Tom H.
  14. Nah...you can't hunt in Idaho without a state hunting license...period. Can't even carry a hunting weapon in the field, during a hunting season, without a license. The Feds may control the seasons and limits, but the states control your hunting privilege. And the argument was made about hunting during breeding seasons on the refuges. Other than pest critters there are very few hunting seasons of birds during any of their breeding seasons. Jim
  15. I don't think anyone has proposed hunting of migratory birds during the breeding season Jim? That would be counterproductive. States do not control hunting of migratory birds. That's a federal prerogative due to the fact migratory birds are interstate. You can see the most recent regulations for hunting migratory birds within the United States at this link to the Federal Register. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2019/08/28/2019-18354/migratory-bird-hunting-seasons-and-bag-and-possession-limits-for-certain-migratory-game-birds Who can hunt, how they can hunt and when th
  16. Post up the handiwork Skip!
  17. I've never heard of a state that allows hunting of migratory birds during the breeding season. I know no state in the northwest allows that, refuge or not. Jim
  18. No 6” coil....it’s supposedly gonna be shipped when Minelab gets them back in stock...the only piece of gold I’m playing with now is about the size of half a BB.... I’m not going out hunting just yet....heck, I’m still using the manual to start it up... ETA... gold 2 seems to work better in the dirt here...at least with the large coil
  19. Of course they'll sue. That's what they do. They can't stand the idea of people being able to go out and have a good time on public land whether it's the forest, the lakes & rivers or the desert.
  20. I guess this isn't really just about Trump. Seems Biden and company are on a roll too. Today's announcement from the Department of Interior: "Continuing the Department of the Interior’s efforts to increase recreational access on public lands, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced today a proposal for new or expanded hunting and sport fishing opportunities for game species across 2.1 million acres at 90 national wildlife refuges and on the lands of one national fish hatchery. This proposed rule would open or expand 939 opportunities for hunting or sport fishing (an opportu
  21. Last week
  22. Thanks Tom! I also use a lot of Sharpies and I will try this, I have at least 10 or more dried up in my van at the moment, and we have gallons of lacquer thinner at the shop, we do high end custom cabinets. I do all the work in the field, laying out cabinets for the builders so they can get the mechanical rough-ins in the correct locations, most all of the installs, etc., I also do the more complicated builds in the shop at least get them to a point the shop crew can finish them up, I don't do any of the basic builds since our shop crew can easily do those. If anyone is interes
  23. I was wondering about that -6 value, wouldn’t that have made it ID as a ferrous target anyway? But I suppose you had it set to gold 1? Do you have a little 6 inch coil? If so, try the same test with that.
  24. TomH

    Sharpie hack

    I use a lot of Sharpies out in the work shop and it seems that they run dry too fast. Did a little experiment a few weeks ago and it worked. Drill out the back end of the Sharpie, inject 1 ML of lacquer thinner. Put some tape over the end. So far it has lasted 2 times as long as the first time. Don't know how many times I can do this but it works! I know....im cheap. Its just irritating they don't last very long. Tom H.
  25. Luck to you for a hit on a nice sow...as you know, a boar can be a bit rank, if older. +1 for sidemeat
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