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Zircon Mining Equipment Supplier



Cone crusher is equipment widely used in metallurgy, mining and other industrial department, with the rapid development of national economy, every year there are a lot of Zircon Mining Equipment Supplier need to be broken. My company production of a new type of highly efficient hydraulic cone crusher, big crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, large capacity, product granularity and the high degree of automation, so has been widely used. To improve the efficiency of crusher, and saving energy and reducing consumption, around a field of broken cone crusher needs to be further studied. There are many factors that can influence the properties of Copper Production Line for Sale, including crusher structure, performance and operation factors, etc. These factors on the cone crusher performance such as productivity, broken products, such as particle size, the energy consumption of crusher crusher and different effects. Therefore to establish a multi-objective optimization model of cone crusher cone crusher performance optimization. Because of the spindle, moving cone and cone crusher lining board in the working process of the interaction, therefore this article by defining contact way of the finite element stress analysis was carried out on the parts, among them, the dynamic cone plate and ore direct contact, exert the right load is particularly important. First of all, the key components in finite element static analysis, get the rule of the stress distribution of the components, through the analysis of the results to find stress larger parts, verify whether they meet the strength requirements. Then, the modal analysis was carried out on the key components, from the parts first ten order modes, got the first ten order modal frequencies and corresponding vibration mode, to avoid crusher work frequency and phase close to the natural frequency of the parts, lest produce resonance hazard. Of moving cone lining board is discussed, the maximum stress value of the objective function transform plate size optimization, reduce the work intensity of the lining board, so as to prolong the service life. Type Dolomite Crushing Plant Manufacturer in India in black and non-ferrous metal concentrator design and application of the modification, the production practice has proved that HP type efficient cone crusher broken products in 0 ~ 5 mm grade of ore fines content is significantly higher than domestic old cone crusher. Don't change the crushing process, with minimal investment to achieve "more crushing less grinding", greatly improved the production efficiency of ball mill and mill capacity, good scale economic benefits have been achieved.


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