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Ahhh Man !

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My Son !  That's Who  !    My kid done made the ol man proud again.

Skydiving “D” License
The skydiving D license is the top license you can achieve. Skydivers holding a D license have proven a wide range of skills and have a great depth of experience, having completed a minimum of 500 jumps.
D license skydivers have all of the privileges of A, B and C license and are eligible for all USPA instructor ratings. To achieve this, a skydiver must:

  • Have a C license
  • Have made 500 jumps including 3 hours of freefall time
  • Have made two night jumps with freefall of at least 20 seconds in duration
  • Have passed the written USPA D license exam


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He jumped out a pile of perfectly good air craft doing that.  What a Bone Head. 

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