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MARCH 2018 NS Spring Outing

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OK, guys it is all good and no one should be too grumpy over this, the main reason the outing is cancelled is the reclamation land and its guidelines. I as a business can not take the risk or liability to have a business based group outing there as well as having to have portable toilets for the group :arrowheadsmiley: It simply went from fun to having to deal with a whole new entity and their BS laws. I am actually glad this was brought to my attention as I had no idea it was reclamation land and heck there were club claims out there just a few years back belonging to Nugget Wrangles which I was a member of.

Better safe than sorry says I and once I knew the land status as a business I must simply take it into full consideration or I could end up in hot water.

I am still going out to the Dome area to camp and hunt that weekend and will be safely tucked away on a club claim safe from all bureaucratic assault enjoying my weekend.  It is just too late to try and re group somewhere else and run an outing the size they usually are so it was cancelled this time. First one ever cancelled and we even did one in the rain at Gold Basin one year, brrrrrrrrrrr.

I think next outing in the Quartzsite area I will seek the blessings of the GPAA or Quartzsite club to hold it on one of their claims and there will be no issues except having to supply toilets when there are that many folks at an outing.

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