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Bill's Smoked Brisket

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OK folks, lots asking so here ya go,

I use Apple, Oak, or Pecan (usually a mix) to smoke as the flavor is much better, woods like Mesquite and Hickory are too strong for my liking.

Remember low and slow is the key here and I smoke at 200 to 225 degrees! Leave at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch of fat on the brisket and smoke fat side up to keep the beat moist and cross cut the fat about 1/2 inch deep.

Use rub of your choice or make your own.

Depending on brisket I smoke for up to 14 hours or until the inner temp is at 190 to 195 degrees F and I always keep a pan of water in the smoker to keep brisket moist.

The MOST IMPORTANT PART is to let the meat sit after removed from smoker for 30 to 45 minutes wrapped in foil then towels and put into a camping type cooler to finish cooking and re absorb juices for a perfectly cooked and moist brisket.

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Thanks for your "Bill's Brisket" recipe. You are a man who shares his knowledge, and I am grateful for that.  :4chsmu1:

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