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Ad Results Looking Good

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Well my friends it appears the ads above the titles are working and we are going to almost break even with earnings on last months forum bills :yesss:This is really cool and perhaps as things pick up more we can advance out package features to make the forum even better.

We get paid for page views as well as when you click on any ad you are interested and the clicks are what brings in the coin of course and if someone actually buys from an ad they like that really helps.  So just saying thanks to all of you for accepting the new system and looks like it will ultimately help make the forums even better and keep clicking now and then if ya see something cool ya like and the money goes right into maintaining the forum with your help.

Also if there are any new forum categories etc. you may want to see here speak up and we may ad it for you, again thanks everyone and good hunting...

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I like how the ads are set up at the top of the page and they don't mess with browsing the forum and they don't mess with loading speed of the pages. I'm glad they are working for ya.

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