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On 12/18/2017 at 6:56 PM, Michigan Mark said:

Well, this is humble compared to what I've seen but I had 2 visit's each lasting 2 days. The 2nd time I will never forget. The rain was so bad we had to cross a creek at Rich Hill to get out or we might not have left for goodness knows how long.. I remember the desert being so green and I was literally sloshing around in the mud.. Camped in the truck but the water got in and I was just about floating in my sleeping bag.. Loved every minute of the visit!

Yes there is some silver in a few nuggets.

gold nuggets 006.JPG

Mark nice gold, BUT I just looked more closely at that dime, a 1916 in very good condition!!

I sure hope it has a D mint mark?

If it does it's worth a good chuck of change :brows:,  if not you could at least buy a nice meal wiith what it's worth, did you find it metal detecting? 

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Greetings Skip P....I could only wish that was a 1916D ... It would be worth a small fortune! Actually it is a P [Philadelphia] ..This one I did not find although I have many in similar condition worth more.. it just looked good there... More than likely traded for a chunk of ~float Copper~ which I have thousands of pieces over the years.Up here in the U.P of Michigan it can be found but it's getting harder and harder to find just like gold...BUT as we all know... THEY DIDNT GET IT ALL!   Peace to you Skip P. and a Merry Christmas to you and all our friends here at Nugget Shooter!

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Well greetings My Ole friend Bill!  First I would like to say your web site only gets more amazing all the time!!! This is one of the most complete concise and super interesting sites on thew entire web!!! Oh I keep finding the float copper but it's getting harder and harder.. One of these days Im going to lay out everything I got and photo it and get it in here somewhere.. Im not sure if it is proper or either interesting on a wonderful web site like this with all the gold!!! I am just astounded at all the nice gold being found!

Gosh I hardly recognized you Bill... You look like....Santa Claus!!!!))) Looking forward for my 3rd visit with you and everyone on one of your yearly get together's.. I'll bet it hasnt rained in the desert like it did since the last time I was there! Gosh cant remember the year... But I still got my Gp extreme and am always chomping at the bit to come back and hunt a little AU...

Im sure you left a little bit for me!!!)))  MERRY CHRISTMAS Bill !!   Always a pleasure .. Hope to see you and everyone on one of your get together's in the near future!  

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So good to see that gold detectors are still very active out there and getting many nice results.  I remember when I first started detecting for gold in the Arizona desert back in 1994,

I went out everyday for six months and never found a speck of gold.  The second winter down near Quartzsite and with a new Goldbug II I had spent the morning digging junk and

came upon another "bang" for a signal and started to walk away in disgust.  My promise to myself was to "dig every target" so I went back and started digging again.  I was not optimistic.

Well, out popped a 1 1/2 oz. specie.  I jumped and hollered and carried on.  I wasn't taking pictures in those days and sorry I didn't.

Anyway, many ounces and many wonderful nuggets later I started taking pictures.

By the way, Uncle Ron, I am still using my old standby SD 2100 that I bought back in 1995.  I use many coils and on the same ground.

Here are a few pictures of gold taken from the hills and valleys of Montana.





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