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  1. Tracked!!!

    Totally creepy!
  2. Whopper

    Wow! Very cool.

    Oh my! :whoopie:
  4. Happy New Year Everyone

    Happy New Year to all! Now go find some gold. -Michelle
  5. Don't forget your new Arizona OHV sticker

    From what I read, the sticker is supposed to replace the fees to register your plates? Didn't make sense to me, does anyone know the scoop? If I already paid for my plates for 2009, are they going to give me a refund? (yeah, right ) -azm
  6. UPDATE ON 1162.2

    Thanks, Garimpo. I have kinda been out of action for awhile, but hopefully, I'm back. Hope you are doing well! -AZM
  7. UPDATE ON 1162.2

    Wow, what a cool specie. Thanks for the pic., G. -AZM
  8. Welcome to Garimpo's world.... And Brazil

    "Garimpo's world".....very cool! -azm
  9. This is kind of cool: http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/...lace-apvin.html -azm
  10. Flak Magnet's

    Happy Birthday Flak! Hope you had a great day. -azmichelle
  11. Newbie saying hi

    Welcome to the forum, psp! You picked a good group to join. :icon1: :icon1: -azmichelle