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  1. FS-Whites Gmt with dvd

    Thanks, Mike!
  2. FS-Whites Gmt with dvd

    Hey Mike, I would like to take a look at it. I'm in Phoenix. Ben
  3. tool suggestions

    Hi Fred, We are doing well. I hope all is good with you and yours. Due to work obligations, we could not be there this Anniversary weekend. None the less, we've been out hunting recently. Ben
  4. tool suggestions

    Rocky, The fastest tool for making a window in a meteorite, is also the one that never gets dull, and is the cheapest. It is a QEP Sharpening Stone in stock at any Home Depot in the tool section, for $4.97 plus tax. It has a coarse side and a fine side. It makes a window very quickly, and best of all, it doesn't rust, and if you lose it out in the boonies, you're only out five bucks. Check it out. Ben
  5. Yay or Nay

    Hi Rocky, The stone does not look like a meteorite to me. I don't see any metal blebs, chondrules, regmaglypts, or fusion crust. To be sure, you should make a "window" into the stone with a sharpening stone, diamond file, or sand paper if you're patient. That will give you a good look into the interior. Good Hunting, Ben
  6. meteorite mistake purchase.

    It looks like a lump of common hematite. Ben
  7. Hello fellow hunters

    Hi Nate, We set a record for Friday here in Phoenix at 118 degrees, so our hunting has been just a tad subdued. I am bringing a sweater to look at ice cream in the frozen foods section of the grocery store, so, anything less than 90 degrees seems cold. I hope all is good with you. Stay hydrated, Ben
  8. Some Rites Today

    Awesome finds!
  9. Red Dry Lake day hunt

    Hi Mike, Awesome finds. I love pieces that fit together! Homefire, Check out "Alkali Flat" in the Meteoritical Bulletin Database. Ben
  10. Strange rock or meteorite

    Hi Metworks, The rounded shapes in your fourth photo, don't look like chondrules to me. Chondrules are noticeably spherical. Nice breccia. Ben
  11. Anyone see the Meteor last night around 9:36?

    Hi Relichunter, Wish I had seen it. Can you post the video for us to watch? Thanks, Ben
  12. Hey Jason, Good eye! Hope to see you at Franconia or Gold Basin when it gets a little cooler. Ben
  13. A fine example of slag. Ben
  14. suspect meteorite

    Hey Chris, Fred is right, you need to cut, grind or sand deeper into the suspect rock, to get a better look inside. Also, you'll get a better photo, with natural colors if you photograph in sunlight, and don't photograph a specimen when it's wet. give it a shot. Good Hunting, Ben
  15. Don't know a thing....

    Hey Guys, Nickel content is not enough........Back in the 1990's, I took some iron pieces (with no man-made surfaces) to John Gwilliam, a local meteorite expert. They had been found on a small ridge top at 6880 foot elevation, rusty, buried, and on the bedrock. He was very excited, and took a few home with him to test for nickel. They were positive to a nickel test, so he had me take them to ASU (Dr. Moore) . They did not look like Glorietas, but more like Canyon Diablos. Unfortunately, they came back as terrestrial iron, with the proviso that they were some sort of shrapnel. No matter how remote the location, man has left stuff behind for our metal detectors to find. Yes, it is always possible to find real irons out there, but identifying them may not always be easy. If there are enough indications, you'll want to take it to a lab anyway. But don't get your hopes up. Good Hunting, Ben