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    NuggetShooting, but it used to be "Younger Women, Older Whiskey"...That's how I stayed this healthy and handsome this long!

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  1. Uncle Ron

    Bucket Dredge Pics - 1940's to 1960's

    Here's pix of the old Callahan Dredge ... One of the main dredge operators back in the '30's owned my little ranch on Sugar Creek ... He had a thing about wild ducks and made it his mission to rescue ducks that were in danger of being harmed by the dredge and he would relocate them to the ranch...I got to meet him and his family years later, about 1980 ... He confirmed the legendary "basketball sized nugget" that went off the end of the dredge really happened Cheers, Unc
  2. Uncle Ron

    Blasting caps

    When I was in the blasting business I used the electronic shooters with major capacitor in them, kind of like a taser ... Don't use a battery it's dangerous ... Don't use 12 vdc or 120 AC ... Throwing them in the fire from a distance is probably the best idea...As long as you have sufficient Cabo Wabo to have the right attitude! .... Cheers, Unc
  3. Uncle Ron

    Unc's Gold Gettin' Fritters

    Well, Billy, you're fixin' to enjoy some prime fritter fixis! ... 😛... Cheers, Unc
  4. Uncle Ron

    By 4:30 am breakfast will be done....

    Dang...that #4 road just keeps giving up the goodies...Found my first there, 2.5 DWT, just under 20 years ago...You and Dodie and Lou and I were hunting together that day! ...I still have that nugget, one of the few I have not sold .... It was my second AZ detected nugget... Cheers, Unc
  5. Uncle Ron

    By 4:30 am breakfast will be done....

    Let me know how the corn fritters turned out for you! They are extra good with raw honey (if ya know anywhere to get it.) ... Cheers, Unc
  6. Uncle Ron

    By 4:30 am breakfast will be done....

    That early deserves pancakes & bacon...Energy to pluck them nuggets up! Cheers, Unc
  7. Uncle Ron

    Popped the Gold Monster Cherry

    Is that from the "Never Ending Nugget" patch? Cheers, Unc
  8. Uncle Ron

    Popped the Gold Monster Cherry

    Nice pile of dinksters, CJ!!! Way to go and congrats on vanished cherry! ... Cheers, Unc
  9. Uncle Ron

    Little Spring Wash - Revisited

    Nice bits, Adam, and great in situ pix! Cheers, Unc
  10. Uncle Ron

    Rough nuggets, how far can they travel??

    Last I heard Bob gave all his gold equipment to his daughter and has hit salmon and steelhead fishing hard, both in the Sierras and Alaska ... Cheers, Unc
  11. Yo All...Back in the early '80's , I was dredging full time in the Klamath Mountains, far Northern CA, sometimes with a small crew and sometimes alone...Every morning, first light, we'd have a huge breakfast of sausage, eggs, potatoes, gravy and corn fritters ... Before we would head to the claims I'd butter up a batch of the fritters and slather them with strawberry preserves ... When the sun got high overhead, after about four hours or so of dredging, we'd break and have the fritters for lunch ... Major energy supply in the fritters ... I still fix them once or twice a month cause they are just downright yummie, with preserves, syrup or even gravy... Here's how I fix'em: 1.25 cup yellow cornmeal. 1 cup flour 1/4 cup sugar 1 TBSP baking powder 1 Tsp. Salt 1/3 cup virgin olive oil 1 cup milk (can substitute beer for milk for interesting and extra fluffy fritters) 1 large egg Get your griddle pretty hot, about 375 degrees. spoon out the mix onto the griddle in 1/4 cup plops. Heat them until golden brown. Serve hot for a whole day's worth of powerful gold gettin' energy. Cheers, Unc
  12. Uncle Ron

    Snagged a few today

    I called my sd2100 "Ol' Baboo" ...Served the old girl well for 15 years and a few pounds of gold...Shes buried in the back seat of my truck somewhere...Cheers, Unc
  13. Uncle Ron

    Went out after work

    Keep turning that Moth into a Butterfly! ... Cheers, Unc
  14. Uncle Ron


    WSPA website has had no up dates since 2015 ...My opinion, having been one of the charter members, WSPA became kinda like an amateur, ego driven insiders' club...Too many rules and restrictions and secrecy...I cancelled after my first year ... The club does not appear to exist any more, but I'm sure that some WSPA folks are on Bills and/or Robs forums...Cheers, Unc
  15. Uncle Ron

    Unexpected find...

    I've hunted the area too and found a few bits of it but didn't think much about and just tossed them back ... Guess I screwed up ... I always gather the clear gypsum or whatever it is...In fact someplace here I have coffee can's full, provided I didn't throw it away! ...Cheers, Unc