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  1. Yo All...We just launched this today and in 4 hours it went to $14,000... That's not enough to do all we have to do, but we still have 24 days ... Check it out...Great gifts for your kids and grand babies, pure kids' gold ... We're very excited about the support we're getting! ... Cheers, Unc & Dodacious Park Smarts Adventures
  2. Nice little chunkachunk! WTG, Gary!
  3. Small nug awakening

    Nice in situ, Mike! Thanks for sharing! .... Cheers, Unc
  4. A monster sucking day

    That looks like a little gulch where I ran across a den that had two baby lions...I got the hell out before mom returned...Obviously some gold there but I didn't want to go into the lion's front yard...WTG! ... Cheers, Unc
  5. 10 Million Acre Mineral Withdrawal

    We can thank Trump and his EPA guy for this return to sanity! Yay! Cheers, Unc
  6. Man's Gold Wedding Band

    Yo All .. to all you jewelry finding guys, I want to get a good deal on a found gold wedding ring, size 15 ... Please PM me if you have one for sale or know someone who does! Thanks, Cheers, Unc
  7. Finally joined the 1oz+ club

    Outstanding! Beautiful gold and that wash has all the earmarks of longer term production...Low & slow and every angle...Welcome to the club... I don't know if Mike K. is still handing out the Oz'er Club certificates buy you might contact him on here... Cheers, Unc
  8. Sumpin ain't right

    I found that a GB2 and a small rake are amazing ... I found areas out in Red Basin that just kept producing for years...They added up and the occasional larger nuggets spiced up the search ... Then I went back in with my good ol' Baboo 2100 and started pulling some nice deeper ones ... Gotta know when to use which tool! ... Cheers, Unc
  9. 2.9 Ounces

    Two guys found a 10 oz'er in that area...They were drywashing the the nugget just fell out of the bank...I ghost wrote an article about it but I can't remember where it got published...Maybe the old AZOD site...I was the mining/prospecting editor for them...Don't think they're even around anymore...Cheers, Unc by Jim Price It was a pretty nippy morning in the shadow of Rich Hill when my partner Harry and I left the Stanton Camp for the half hour ride to our digging's. We finally got set up and started the first run about 8:30 AM, with the first cleanup around only a half hour later. We had worked outward to the right and to the left the prior day and the gold pickens were getting pretty thin. One place left to go was right up the middle. First cleanup looked pretty good. Harry was working with the pick and I had the #2 shovel moving trying to keep up with the big Gold King drywasher. About 9:40 I turned to let the washer clear and start the second cleanup of the day. Harry was still picking away and suddenly he said "Jim!" As I turned toward him he plopped this object in my hand. Eyes wide, I responded, "What the hell is this?" It looked like a piece of tarnished brass, and Harry was sure I was going to throw it away. We Looked at it for a second and then spit on it and wiped it with my glove. Nearly fell off the shovel handle I was leaning on. We immediately shut down the blower and sat down to look it over and talk about it. Got some pictures and finished two more runs before heading back to camp. The word finally got out and we had a great afternoon showing and explaining how it happened. Friends, neighbors and others came to view it. One of them was "Digger" who runs the backhoe for the digs, came around the corner of the motorhome and asked if we needed a plastic bottle for our gold. Harry looked at it and replied, "No, the top isn't big enough." Digger looked at him funny and walked away. We waited a few minutes and went over to his trailer and asked if he still had the bottle. Handed it to Harry, who then imitated trying to put something in it. After a few comical trys, Harry opened his hand with the nugget in it. “See, I told you it wouldn't go in there, he grinned at Digger. Eyes wide, Digger shook his head. “darn, I knew you guys were going to pull something like this on me.” Harry and I both recognize the fact that there was no skill in finding the nugget, other than being at the right place at the right time. One of our campmates probably summed it up right when he said,. "Even a blind hog can find an acorn once in awhile." Enjoy the pictures. It proves once again that there are still some great gold pieces out there. Weight is 9.21 ounces with approximately 5 ounces of gold. Jim & Harry dubbed it “The Eye of the Needle” nugget. The nugget fresh from the ground, just moments after discovery. Dimensions are 2 1/2" X 3". Just a nice handful. END
  10. No more NFL

    Well Morlock, I suspect you're a real minority on the gold forums...Cheers, Unc
  11. 2.9 Ounces

    Holy Cow! I've hunted many of the areas over there... All small gold, with 1 gram or so being the largest...Amazing... Cheers, Unc
  12. Groucho Nugget

    Nice chunk! ... What's the detail, detector, coil, depth etc. and so forth? Cheers, Unc
  13. Biggest Nugget You've Found In AZ

    One of my nicer ones is on the cover of Matt's AZ gold hunting book: Goldrush.com http://www.goldrushnuggets.com/gomiinarde.html Cheers, Unc
  14. 2.7g nugget

    Great nuggets! WTG! Cheers, Unc
  15. Still Searching

    The tongue nugget opened up a patch that produced many ounces of gold...The tongue nugget was in a big old tailing pile out off Angel's Road...Cheers, Unc