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  1. Yes, this was an excellent producing and fun patch til the flood gates got opened! A very good friend hunted it for hours just last week and said there were dig holes all over and not a single target for the whole day ... Used to be fun just to hunt until I got tired of finding gold for the day then back the next day for more of the same ...Cheers, Unc
  2. Here's a few probably out of the same patch: Cheers, Unc
  3. Awesome finds, Andy ... Think I know the exact spot those came from, but I could be wrong ... Looks like those beauties came out of schist ... Yep, Mike, looks exactly like the schist patch...been pounded to death since someone brought everyone and their dog in there who brought everyone and their dog in there, and so forth...if you know who I mean, and I think you do! Oh well, I got my ounces from there so that's the way it is moving west! Cheers, Unc
  4. Yo Tom...Yes, that's what we did...we had 3-ball mini-mill that we would grind material with mercury and then retort it...Nasty job but it worked very well...As far as drama, stuff going on there on the mine was plenty dramatic...Glenn had a partner who was young blonde and hot and who refused to keep her clothes on...I have some very interesting pictures of his Sterling operation! .... Cheers, Unc
  5. Happy Birthday Grubstake

    Happy Birthday, Gary...Hope it is a great one...enjoy your pizza! Cheers, Unc
  6. Yo All... This is a near 40 minute long video my old partner, Glenn, did ... It's long, but watch it and you'll know about the real deal of gold mining... He started the Sterling Creek Mine right after our Double Eagle Mine got thrashed ... He's done well...Watch and learn :
  7. Warble walking

    Nice bits T&T ... That ground looks kinda hot too! ... Cheers, Unc
  8. New Spot -- New Nuggs

    Awesome gold, Martin...Looks to be from near the source! WTG...Cheers, Unc
  9. Looking for a used GB2

    Good deal there, Mike ... The VSAT is awesome and he needs to jump on it! ... Cheers, Unc
  10. Weekend Exploration ....Pays Off

    Was that spur up on the high bench too? ... Cheers, Unc
  11. Weekend Exploration ....Pays Off

    Awesome, Adam...You two are kicking it, as most always do! ...That's some very nice gold! ... Cheers, Unc
  12. Break in the rain

    Looks like Eddy Gulch off Salmon River above Sawyers Bar???? Cheers, Unc
  13. How to look for and find Gold

    Yo All...When I first started mining and prospecting in 1977, I had the great good fortune of meeting old "Tatoo George" Muth in Northern CA ... He had worked the Rich Hill placer areas back in the '30's and '40's and had hunted a large drainage off the Scott River headwaters near the Trinity Divide since the 1920's with a partner he called the "Old One Eyed Guy" ... He was a big fan of old channel up on the hillsides ... He also taught me about looking for mineral colors ... He always said that the more different colors of mineralization the better the chances for gold ... He also showed me areas where "pocket hunters" had scored many pounds of gold below ore outcrops ... By sampling hillsides near the edges of the area below the outcrops (what our Aussie bros call "Loaming"), you can sometimes find the pockets where the gold has been halted on its gravity fueled trip downhill.... While a bland looking hill side can often be devoid of gold, sometimes the edges of the bland ground can really produce ... I've found a number of virgin patches where the gold was in boring grey ground surrounded by hot looking gossan ... The gossan was barren, but the grey ground is sometimes littered with gold... Specific minerals I look for are ironstone, quartz, greenstone, pyrite and iron schist striated bedrock ... One of my big surprises was learning that the gold actually sometimes forms in the iron schist bedrock without the immediate presence of quartz ... Fingers tired but I'll try to add some find pix found in such ground ... Cheers, Unc
  14. PI vs VLF

    An SD2100 with a 14E Nuggetfinder coil moved extremely slowly from different angles will find as small as one grain ... Done it many times ... The 4500 can do the same thing ... Gold that small gets down to operator generally more than machine! ... Cheers, Unc
  15. RUN Packy, RUNNNNNNNN!

    Be careful around the pack rat nests in AZ ... They harbor cone nose bugs, and you definitely do not want to get bit by them ... Some folks go into anaphlectic shock after being bitten and in TX and NM you can end up with chagas disease ... Just be careful... Cheers, Unc