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  1. The Pot of

    Allen, That's what I call Outhouse luck. Nice picture.
  2. GB aftermath thread

    Howdy, I found a xlg. camouflage coat near the old blue building in the Gold basin area. Too big for Me . Maybe Roger lost it says Maureen
  3. GB aftermath thread

    Mike, It was great visiting with You and Gary about hunts in years gone by. I found a 25gm. meteorite yesterday. I have never found one in GB over 100 gms. hope we can make it down to your area later in the season. The Nugget shooter outing has always been a fun outing.

    Lunk, What a great way to start this gold gittin season. We will be heading south today. GB for a couple weeks then to the Big Q. Hope to see you there.
  5. Nice Speci

    Nice hunk of gold Teri.
  6. Nice haul BD. I will never get rid of My GB II.
  7. Tip of the day........Minelab owners....

    Been there , Done that.
  8. Steve, I got my gold fix for the week.. Nice pic's and gold.
  9. SHEP

    ShepI hope all goes well. Have the doc's leave the gold in your body but get the lead out of your A$$$$$$
  10. First ATX Gold

    Nice gold with the ATX. Keep us posted on your finds'
  11. March Outing head count at LSD and Map

    Would like to be there but will be back in Mt.
  12. Quartzite 2014 Frank an Teri

    Frank' your the greatest . $250 per hr. for guide services !!!! Thanks for the gold fix. No gold for me at the big Q. Gotta watch the Broncos .See Ya.
  13. Franc C

    You ain't seen nothing yet. Terry is realy on the roll as of today. Frank is without a doubt a first class guide at Tom Wells. Terry has blown both Frank and Shep out as the greatest Nugget Finder in the TW area. Frank will post more on this when He recovers from losing the title as the greatest. Stay tuned for some exciting pic's later.
  14. Shep, you can watch Super Bowl With me if you don't mind watching Denver WIN IT. Terry says no to Cabo She is still walking about three feet off the ground. I'll see if Frank can post some pics on My computer today. He's a little sore as he flipped his ATV yesterday on his way to pick up Terry.