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  1. Minelab Rep....

    Swamp My trouble the first two days there I’d be worthless after such a long drive. Well I hope you make it if that be your wish. Chuck
  2. Book Contest

    $18.25 Thanks for having the contest. Chuck
  3. Minelab Rep....

    I’d be happy to pay the 15 but it’s the thousand miles I have to drive that bothers me! Hey Jen could you circle around and pick me up on the way over there ?? haha Don’t answer that I think I know it already. Chuck
  4. An old patch

    Andy I just got to ask this. Didn't you talk to her before you married? Chuck
  5. Inspiration From Ridge Runner

    DSmith Remember the only one you have to make happy in whatever you do is you. The Best to You. Chuck
  6. Fix For The Gold Monster 1000

    Guys All I ever wanted was for my GM to work and what I see it is. I'd say this is the end of the story. Thanks to all. Chuck
  7. Fix For The Gold Monster 1000

    I think I said something about what the Tech said about the Ground Balance being off. Now looking at the GM it's no way of knowing this unless you got a port and that has got to be where the coil hooks up. If a change was made in the programming to correct my problem we'll never know it. The Tech just wave his hand over it and the sea parted. Giving me another coil was what you call a miss direction. I'm giving you a new coil but I'm over here fixing your trouble. If true I wish they just tell it like it is and don't blow smoke up my ( because I can't see good when they do that ). Chuck
  8. Fix For The Gold Monster 1000

    Well I got out today to do my testing on the GM 1000 I couldn't believe how well it ran from the time I turned it on. I tested both coils in the deep mode and could run both with the sensitivity set at 7 without any noise but had some noise started at 8. Then I put it in the gold mode and I could run the sensitivity up to 10 in both coils. I did kick it into the auto plus but that's a maybe. I did try to see if either coil would false but that was not to be. I guess what gets me it didn't run this good at home and I did have some falsing there. I plan on more testing before I make a trip to nugget country.I wasn't so interested in depth on this but will next time. If your detector isn't working correct you forget about anything else. Chuck PS I know this don't help with any trouble some are having but I just tell it like it is.
  9. Fix For The Gold Monster 1000

    Bhogg I plan on making that trip I was talking about tomorrow. I can't see anything will be better that before being nothing was done to the unit. I really hope it works great and I will give it my best. I will report all in what I done plus all the settings I used here. The area has lots of black sand and a high mineral content with a small amount of gold plus some silver. Sending me another 5 in. coil in my opinion don't constitute a fix when it shows the same trouble. Until Then Chuck
  10. Fix For The Gold Monster 1000

    Mike I do hope all goes well when I get where I need to do the testing on my GM. The question about the engineer I wish I could say I know something but I didn't hear another word about him. I'm not so sure that the Tech believed what I told him to be true. Just like the new small coil he sent me I think it was more to make me happy that something had been done. He was so sure of himself he didn't bother to open it and try it. I don't want to send it back so I'll give it my best to check it out . Like said before until then. Chuck
  11. Fix For The Gold Monster 1000

    Well this morning I got my GM 1000 back from the repair center. I put it together and didn't turn it on until I got outside. I was told nothing could be found in trouble with the unit but just maybe on the small coil when he bump it. I had put the small coil on and when I turn it on it was set at 10 on the sensitivity with it set on the gold mode also. When it came alive all I heard was snap crackle and pop. The only way it would settle down was with the sensitivity at 5 or 6 or auto- sensitivity. The way he had it set I got falsing on my carpet grass and the same if you bump it on a tree. You could see the new coil hadn't been taken out of the plastic bag and tested on my detector before being sent. I have a place I can go to about a hundred miles from home that is high mineral belt. Some gold has been found there but a very small amount. One guy did find a small gold nugget and a silver one also. I will get back with everyone after the testing I said I'd do. Until then. Chuck
  12. Fix For The Gold Monster 1000

    Hey Andy Why don't you come on over from Az. I'm more than willing to wait for and you look younger than myself so I let you drive. We can hunt back together. That sounds like more fun than I can stand. Us just let Minelab ship my GM back to me and forget what I said before about coming. The Best Chuck
  13. Fix For The Gold Monster 1000

    Bill I'm sure the Tech was just joking. We had talk before and he knew where I lived. The only trouble I have is he said he'd let me know what if anything was wrong. I hope when I get it back it is a note from him saying if something was wrong and if not say that too. Thanks for your reply. Chuck
  14. Fix For The Gold Monster 1000

    I got a funny reply and a odd one from Minelab. I just got a text from Minelab repair center saying the repair on my GM 1000 was complete and I could pick it up. I told whoever it was a long drive for me and would they be so kind and ship it back to me. I ask what had been done to it but no reply as of yet. That is a odd one. Chuck
  15. Fix For The Gold Monster 1000

    fishing8046 I know what you say is true but I'm just glad we have a warranty to fall back on. I'll eat humble pie if I can get my GM 1000 back and it is fixed. I've been down the road singing down the road again more than once and that is not a fun thing. I'm waiting on a call from Minelab repair center to hear more if my GM if it's is going to make it. This is as in fixed. Love that warranty. Chuck