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  1. Great feeling when you dig up a piece of gold after digging trash all day. The specimen weighs 12.68 grams. Specific gravity test shows around 3.62 grams of gold.
  2. Sonny

    A Quarter Troy Ounce Of Dinks

    Great finds!
  3. Sonny

    12.6 gram gold specimen

    Hi Andy I will have to try to clean the speciem and repost pics.
  4. Sonny

    12.6 gram gold specimen

    Hi Morlock I found a couple videos on YouTube for specific gravity tests. You have to get creative to complete the tests how you suspend the gold etc. both test show around 3.62 / 3.595g of gold.
  5. Sonny

    Equinox Gets Silver Today!

    Wow great finds!
  6. Sonny

    New Cold Find

    Wow great find it looks fresh!Great fusion crust I would bet there are more pieces in the area.
  7. I can't tell you how close I was to writing this target off as another bullet or surface trash. So many times after I get a strong surface signal and the target moves after the first boot swipe I write it off as trash. This is where I have to thank the guys on the forum ( You have to dig every target). I cannot tell you how excited I was when I noticed the glimpse of gold sticking out of the scoop of dirt! 22.6 gram specimen.
  8. Hi All, Thanks for the compliments. Sonny
  9. Hi Bill, I was hunting for both gold and meteorites but now that the gold bug has bit heck with meteorites. No just teasing a man can never find enough meteorites.
  10. Sonny

    Wanted GPZ 19" coil

    Hi Looking for a used GPZ 19" coil. Thanks, Sonny
  11. Sonny

    Found a nice specie.

    Wow great find!
  12. Hi All, So many settings for the GPZ 7000 trying to find out what works best at Gold Basin. Would anyone have Steve Mac Daddys go big settings?
  13. Sonny

    Best GPZ 7000 settings

    Hi All, Thanks for the help with the GPZ ! I have been trying different settings with great success. I like to run the machine with hot settings sen 18-20, threshold 15-18. I tried threshold 1-5 but found that a higher threshold picks up the small gold better for me.I also found that if I slow down walking and move the coil slower it makes a big difference.
  14. Sonny

    Finally joined the 1oz+ club

    Way to go Chris what a find!
  15. Sonny

    2.7g nugget

    Hi Here are a few nuggets I found on recent trips. The most recent find was 2.7grams. Thanks to Dolan Dave and Richard Garcia for the tips. Man, this is a lot tougher than meteorite hunting. I spend a lot of time digging holes!
  16. Sonny

    2.7g nugget

    Hi Luke it was 7"-8" deep
  17. Sonny

    Interesting looking??

    Hi Rocky It might be achondrite but tough to tell from the pictures. I would send it to Laurence Garvie at ASU.The best part is that a magnet will not attract to the suspected meteorite.
  18. Sonny

    GB finds

    Hey Chris great finds!
  19. Sonny

    Metal detector sled

    Hi, What kind of meteorite are you looking for chondrite or iron meteorite.I would use a Pulse detector for Iron meteorites.We have tried to build a drag for chondrites and nothing really works. I have a drag that I have built and found numerous Iron meteorites. You can see my meteorite drag on nevadameteorites.com . I have a Lorenze detector and 4'-12' drag for sale with 2meter coil and a 1 meter coil set up for ATV or tractor.
  20. Hi All, I was just curious if anyone has used the Lorenz Deepmax 5 with the small coil for nugget hunting? Trying to find the best all around metal detector for gold and meteorites. Thanks, Sonny www.nevadameteorites.com
  21. Sonny

    Gold detector help

    Hi Bob, Thanks for the reply. I like the GPX-5000 also but it does not have a large coil to tow behind an ATV. It would be nice to have one detector that would work for both small nuggets and also operate with a 8m coil. Thanks, Sonny
  22. Sonny

    We need your prayers

    Roger, Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. God Bless Sonny
  23. Sonny


    Hi All, What a sad story. Prayers for the little boy also. Rapid transportation / treatment is the only thing to do. I found a video on you tube that talks about snake bites and the treatment. If anyone knows of a new treatment for snake bites, post it! Sonny www.nevadameteorites.com
  24. Sonny


    Hi John, and List I should have never said anything to you about the butterflies! I try to spend a couple days a week out in the field in remote areas. I have ran acrooss many rattle snakes and even had a few try to bite. If I can get around the snake or back up I will . Most of the time the snake goes it's own way. Some of the areas I have hunted for meteorites in Texas and New Mexico the rattle snakes are out of control. On one ranch the owner had 3 family members bitten by rattle snakes over the years. It was so bad ,they had to build a snake fence around the ranch house so they could use area without having to worry about snakes. Around the house the rattle snake gets it, but if I 'am out in the field in his area I will go the other direction or around him/her. Sonny www.nevadameteorites.com