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  1. Gold?

    Mica for sure.
  2. Geocommunicator Gone

    Bottom line is just do your homework on the ground and at local BLM offices like we all use to do. Geo... Removed claims a long time ago and even then they were horrible at staying current. Glad they pulled the plug honestly.
  3. Happy Birthday Lotsa Luck

    Thanks guys
  4. Best Practices - Entering a Mine Shaft

    I instructed cave and abandoned mine rescue for 17 years in this state and been in most mines around, even have over 400 maps of the big ones. We mapped them ourselves. Never rely on a winch to pull you out because mechanical things always fail and there's little to no warning from it when the load gets snagged etc. Bad air (typically Co2 or methane in AZ) does happen and a lighter will only tell you your about to die. Lighters are useful for determining air flow but much safer ways to do that also. A good multi gas meter is best and you lower the probe or meter itself in first. 3 quality light sources is a MUST. Not a cheap minimag and your cell phone. If no A frame or high line over the shaft then a long edge curtain is a huge help against rock fall and rope damage. From your "plan" I suggest you just stay out to begin with honestly.
  5. Get Ready Phoenix

    Fall zone is already known and I bet many parts made it down.
  6. Get Ready Phoenix

    Got good video of it entering just before 0400 this morning on several of my plants security cameras. Lit us up like daylight for about 2 seconds.
  7. About a month ago we had some bad cold go through the plant and with 300'ish employees pretty much everyone had it. Most got over it quickly as did I then it came back quick and hard last Friday. I could feel it in my chest and started coughing up green crap. Forced myself to go in to work Monday and Tuesday but left early Tuesday when I finally found a Doc that could see me. Doc says... When was your last physical? I reply... At least 8 years ago. Doc says... Are you taking any over the counter med's for this? I reply... I started Amoxicillin on Sunday. Doc says... Who prescribed it? I reply... ME. Doc says... Where did you get it from. I reply... The pet store. Doc says... You should never self medicate and is clearly not happy. Says I have walking Pneumonia and writes me a script for more expensive... Amoxicillin True story!
  8. 4.3 gramer

    That gold looks like stuff I've found before. You need to spend a day over my way soon, before it gets hotter.
  9. Anyone else interested in home gardening?

    Yesterday I put out about 1/3rd of the garden plants to make more room in the grow room. They are just out growing the hydroponics way to fast in the room and we have no more space under the lights. Heck I'm harvesting chile's and peppers inside already. Hope we don't get any more frosts this year and the long range outlook looks good.
  10. Anyone else interested in home gardening?

    I formed a bowl when I dug it out that drains into the 24" dry well that goes through the caliche so drainage should be good.
  11. Anyone else interested in home gardening?

    Here are some of my current cherry tomatoes outside. Had over 100 getting ripe but listened to the news weather dude and didn't cover them one night when I should have. Lost 4 plants dang it. The other is my small hydro setup I made for testing various ways. Currently doing flood and drain 3 times daily, the sprouts are all just over 1 week old, the far right tomato was purchased and then stripped of soil and put into the system to test its growth.
  12. Anyone else interested in home gardening?

    I like the tower idea a lot but I would also make it rotate by hand or very slowly powered so all side get equal sun in order to be most effective.
  13. I started a small salsa garden late last year and while pretty successful I wasn't as happy with it as I wanted so this year it's going way beyond. Aside from plant holdovers from last year I jack hammered out 20 yards of nasty clay/caliche soil, dug short drywells and sloped the pit bottoms for drainage then brought in custom blended soil made here in Phoenix for vegetable growing. Currently have a small custom hydroponics setup for starting plants and wow does this ever grow them fast. 6 variety's of tomato and 14 of peppers including Native variety's to Arizona and close by states. Since its still technically illegal to have a garden in the front yard here in Phx, mine is considered an art project with laser cut mountain borders and custom lighting. All the mountains are from pictures I took while prospecting around the state. Luckily for me my grandson likes to help.
  14. Rain!

    And when they put the new bridge up they removed my sign reading "No ice fishing". It stood many years though and we laughed each time we passed it.