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  1. Went to a campground that is a bit out of the way today. About 5000ft elevation and it was cold there...felt good. I very slowly hunted all over 3 camp sites that was not busy. Had a squirrel come sit on a rock about 10ft from me and give me a piece of his mind. I think he wanted a munchie to pay for hunting in his place. Well all in all I found 23 cents in pennies , 4 dimes ,and one nickel..we wont count the bottle caps and pull tabs. Looking forward to the 6 inch coil...I could not get too close to the tables or fire pits. I did good and had fun today.
  2. azdigger

    Getting Some Rain?

    A threat of rain in Kingman , but no real stuff.
  3. azdigger

    3 pieces, unidentified

    Not sure of what it is , but what it is , is cool looking.
  4. azdigger

    New Member

    Symbols kind of look like Runes.....in my opinion.
  5. azdigger

    Gold Daze - Family coming

    Sounds Like fun and good memories about to happen.
  6. azdigger

    Bacon wood knife scales

    VERY VERY nice Dave.....Cool looking
  7. In prospecting mode , when I ground balance , does the coil need to be moved around like a GM 1000. Found out how sensitive it was in an air test on a small sample I have...want to do this right. Thanks
  8. azdigger

    Question about Equinox 800

    Guess I might have to order that book too.....I need all the help I can get.
  9. azdigger


    We need them LAWS for sure
  10. Bill , please let me know or put me on a list for the 6inch coil for the Equinox 800.......looking to see how it does on small gold in tight places at gold basin......here I go again.....
  11. azdigger

    6inch coil for Equinox 800

    Looking forward to it. going to hunt some old dry wash sites that I remembered show to me by Mohave John Green at GB.....long time ago. Your Video reminded me of them.
  12. azdigger

    Question about Equinox 800

    6 inch mostly for tight places where I want to hunt.
  13. Got a question.....Do you need to ground balance every time ya hunt or is it OK to just turn on , noise cancel and go ?
  14. azdigger

    6inch coil for Equinox 800

  15. azdigger

    Question about Equinox 800

    Thanks for the info, I have been hunting local parks and even a freshwater beach....had good luck. I am not to far from Gold Basin so I can hunt there. I am going to wait until the 6 inch coil comes out. I will still hunt the tot lots and such.
  16. azdigger

    6inch coil for Equinox 800

    I will get the order in as soon as I get into town...gotta feed the piggy bank......
  17. azdigger

    Question about Equinox 800

    I watched that video...Great job . Thanks for taking the time to make these videos...been a lot of help to me. Learning thing I should have known before I tried to nugget shoot. I saw when you put the EQ in tracking you kind of did the moving bounce like the GM 1000 and that is what I wanted to know. Again Thanks for your time doing these Videos......Good work on Tammy; part in finding them nuggies.
  18. azdigger

    Question about Equinox 800

    Thanks Fred , the manual is a little unclear to me....so I thought I should ask. never hurts to make sure.
  19. azdigger

    Weird $tuff

    Funny....I am 62
  20. azdigger

    Cabin Fever Already

    Golden Chicken nuggets , mmm mm good
  21. azdigger

    Cabin Fever Already

    Teach the chickens to scratch for the shallow nuggets..........
  22. azdigger

    Weird $tuff

    As an EX correction officer....That makes me laugh.
  23. azdigger

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome , you found the right place for new friends and lots and lots of great info.
  24. I have decided to try something a bit dangerous.....gonna try to learn to play the banjo.....
  25. azdigger

    Going to try something dangerous

    I have guitar , a bass and acoustic plus a mandolin...... Just remember...I never said I could play them