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  1. azdigger

    Hour and a half....

    Waiting to sell my Ranger...gonna git me one
  2. azdigger

    Hour and a half....

    WOW , way cool Bill
  3. azdigger


    NOW have clear title in hand..........
  4. azdigger


    I have a Polaris Ranger up for sale 700cc , 4x4 , 2 seater, with roof ASKING 4500 for it....located in Golden Valley AZ
  5. azdigger

    Got a Haircut today

    Riding on the new Ranger my hair kept getting tied in knots......so I got a haircut. What ya think.
  6. azdigger


    NEW DEAL..... Will sell for 3500 cash and an Equinox 800............ Worth a try.
  7. azdigger


    Still for sale..................
  8. azdigger

    Off We Go

    29mph winds , staying home today
  9. azdigger

    Got a Haircut today

    Naaaaa , gonna keep it
  10. azdigger


    When I got it in 2014 it had 2400 miles........I would guess it has close to 3500 on it , but it is just a guess. If you look at pictures of the fall outing it shows up a lot. it had a rebel flag on it.
  11. azdigger


    can't get the hour meter or odometer to show up.
  12. azdigger


    2008 , it is the one I had at the outing , had the rebel flag on it......in lots of the outing pics. I just have a 2018 to use now.....don't need them both.
  13. azdigger

    2018 Polaris Ranger

    I now have a 2008 Polaris Ranger for sale , don't need them both. Going to ask 4500 for it, I will post it in the classifieds.
  14. azdigger

    2018 Polaris Ranger

    Dad just got a new 2018 Polaris ranger and told me I can use it any time I want....what a sweet machine. Too new to have any pics yet. This one is Red metalic
  15. azdigger

    Minelab Equinox 800 in stock...

    Waiting for my Ranger to sell , this week I hope.
  16. azdigger

    ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    LOOKING Good
  17. I was down by the river in Bullhead AZ and found a Mexican coin today....not worth much , but still a find . also found a key and several other coins.
  18. azdigger

    Found mexican coin today

    When I first picked it up in my scoop I thought it was an arcade token.....not trying to get rich , just beeping , fining and having fun.
  19. azdigger

    UFO Over Arizona.. Again!

    Are we sure it was not Artic Dave giving his new plane a try....
  20. azdigger


  21. azdigger


    Raining in Golden Valley , at 10:30am already got .11 of an inch....still raining....not ready to dry wash yet
  22. azdigger

    Interesting new Handgun

    22 TCM at night ...not me......yet Trigger from factory is listed a from 4 to 6lb...mine is very crisp, the mag holds 17 , that is 9mm or the 22 TCM it is a double stack. There ae some you tube videos on the pistol......helped me make up my mind.