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  1. azdigger

    Whites Detectors

    Whites MX SportStock 10 inch coilSport 7inch DD coilheadphones and adaptorasking 600.00 plus shipping USA only Whites MXT 950 eclipse coil 6x10 eclipse coil Spectra D2 coil and 4x6 DD coil asking 525.00 plus shipping, might meet close by......I am in Golden Valley.
  2. azdigger

    Whites Detectors

    ebay takes too much of a cut....won't sell on ebay again. thanks for the advice
  3. azdigger

    Whites Detectors

    Nice big BUMP.... Any interest at all … any offers , trades....is anyone reading this add...………... Thanks
  4. azdigger

    Equinox 6" Coil Beach Hunt

    Killer finds Mitchel , I have not had the chance to get my 6"coil out like I would like...Keeping an eye on my Dad, he had eye surgery on the 8th and he will have another one o the 22nd, plus taking him to VA...kept me busy..... Great finds, keep it up.
  5. Found this below an old camp.....was in a wash...sure sounded good. It is 16 inches long
  6. azdigger

    November 9th -11th Fall Outing

    Been once, last year and I am so looking forward to this year. will be using my Equinox 800 to see if it will sneek out a nugget, if Tammy don't get them first. Might have a guest with me this year and will bring my little pop up camper (no tent). Hope to meet old friends and many new ones at the Outing.....Thanks for the invite Bill. Is there going to be any advice or quick training on the Equinoxx ?
  7. azdigger

    November 2018 fall outing poll

    OferAZ, ya can't go wrong attending one of these outing, thee is almost no way to leave the outing with out getting lots of good info and pointers not matter what machine you use. So much fun, and some folks arrive early too, I plan on getting there in Thursday the 8th
  8. wow, looked it up, it is listed as fitting an 1988 to 1989 chevy truck . Might make a good tool for cracks in bedrock, help chase nuggets
  9. my thought was a lug wrench, but never seen a straight one.
  10. azdigger

    Good Hunt Today

    cool finds , looking good
  11. azdigger

    Whites Detectors

    Detectors are still for sale, 800 for the pair and all the extra coils......just asking for cash now.
  12. azdigger

    I found my biggest one today!

    Very nice find Tammy, keep it up. going to get cooler so you can get out more.
  13. Well , went and picked up my new float tube...inflated and tested for leaks....ready for the lake. Was told that 2 guys fished in the place I like to fish and they was fishing from the bank and caught 15 stripers... Going out as soon as I can....fishing report to follow.
  14. azdigger

    Got my Float Tubbe

    I have a set of turbo fins made for the float tube, works for me
  15. azdigger

    New Toy

    And can you explain why ya want to look at a rats nose...…..
  16. azdigger

    Got my Float Tubbe

    tackle storage or what ever you want to carry
  17. azdigger

    Hunting rifles!

    Right now I have a Taurus Wizzard single shot. I hat a .223 barrel and a .270 barrel, the .223 is a coyote getter... not used the .270 to hunt with yet. I will in time.
  18. azdigger

    Its time to find gold

    Go get you some gold girl, or take the Equinox away from Bill and get some nice silver..
  19. azdigger

    Nugget Shooter Shirt

    Seems I remember awhile back some talk of nugget shooter shirts....what ever happened to them or the talk
  20. azdigger

    Got a bucket list silver....

    Another great Video, and a Super find Bill , very nice.
  21. azdigger

    McConnico mining district, AZ.

    Nothing formal, but an informal group hunting, camping and such every so often would be great
  22. azdigger

    McConnico mining district, AZ.

    we should plan a time to get together ,,have a hunt might be fun. I live in Golden Valley so not far away. Have a Polaris ranger to get around in
  23. azdigger

    McConnico mining district, AZ.

    not in kingman but in vegas this is not to be confused with the GPAA, this is GSSN , Gold Seekers of Southern Nevada got claims around the king tut area and gold basin. they have a web site, just look up on google
  24. azdigger

    McConnico mining district, AZ.

    If ya want a lot of insight and great info, watch Bills videos on YouTube. , Super info. Do you belong to GSSN.