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  1. Meteorite?

    YES they do, I found one in GB................
  2. Cañón del Tesoro

    Great share , thanks . Love the night picture.
  3. Might Help Me Some

    I just ordered Chris Ralph's book Fist Full of Gold. I am hoping it will help me understand about gold a little more. The geology , signs it might be there , and that type of thing. Never really had that explained. Any feed back on this book.
  4. No more NFL

    Done with the NFL , here too . No reason they should disrespect the USA when they are being paid (quite well) to entertain us the citizens of the USA. Boycott the NFL....pretty soon it will hit the pockets .
  5. The guy that was hunting with me found one kind of like that too.
  6. Equinox.....

    got out today , at least I found trash this time and with the MXT I got a dime....not in GB , closer to home today.
  7. Equinox.....

    You might be right Adam , I will see what this Equinox does and that might be all I need to round out my detectors, If so then I will sell my others and just have a couple to use. GM 1000 and Equinox 800 should do all that I want.......I think.
  8. Equinox.....

    I have noticed some of the dealers are already starting a list for the Equinox............. Would be nice to know about when it might available. My interest is the 800
  9. Olivine, that's the name of the stuff I could not remember...might be it. Going to look for more when I am at GB again. I found that by eyeball not with the Monster by the way.
  10. GPZ 7000 - Used.

    If I had the money I would be all over that great deal.
  11. STUFF !

    The powers that be knows....never fails to happen that way....it does to me.
  12. Nugget Shooter Shirt

    Did the shirts fall into the cracks , ain't hear anything else.... Would love to have one to wear at the outing in Nov.
  13. Twisting Up DIY Coils ?

    There is no doubt , these forums are educating for sure.
  14. Thanks for the link , good reading .