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  1. Need a Goldmaster coil

    Not being a smarty a$$ but if it has a coil cover check to make sure there is nothing under the cover....get a piece of trash in there and it will mess you up. Just a suggestion.
  2. Great outing , nice to see you again Doc and thanks for the great advice on my GPX.
  3. Eureka Gold and Gold bug

    BUMP Still got these 2 machines for sale...... Might mention at this point they are FOR SALE ONLY as I want the money for another machine.
  4. Nov outing with pictures!

    I had a great time at the OUTIING , the training was awesome, I learned a lot. even learned wheat I was doing wrong with my Monster. The food was plenty and GREAT . My hat of off to those who cooked the meat and the other many dishes..... My CONGRATS to all who found gold, I did not find any , but I think I have a better chance with the new Knowledge. Met lot of folks, can't remember most of the names....But I did learn the dogs names . . To Those that missed this outing , YOU MISSED A GREAT ONE. BIG THANKS to Bill , Debbie, Kevin , Doc and Mike for all the instructions and advice. Again WOW , what a great time. Made it home all safe and sound....now to rest . .
  5. November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    Look out everyone, I am headed for the outing in the morning....can't wait any longer. One of the few times I get a head start on an outing and I am going to take it. See everyone at the outing.
  6. Hello

    Welcome to the forums.
  7. Minelab Rep....

    Mike, talk to ya at the outing, I am going to be there on Wendsday......going to leave early in the morning.
  8. Minelab Rep....

    Andy , I want the pin pointer for hunting coins in the sand, I had a garrett but it died on me no I need to get another. Tried to coin hunt with the monster...picks up way to small pieces of foil and other bits of metal.
  9. Where to move overburden

    Works for me
  10. Minelab Rep....

    I got a notice today that the Pro Pointers will be available , will you have any. I know after what I have read and watched I want a Pro 35 for my coin hunting.
  11. Gold Monster Training Sat 18th

    Not at all Mike ,I need all the help I can get
  12. Nugget Shooter Fall Outing

    Might be a good idea to remind the new folks about getting a camping permit.......Getting close to OUTING time.....
  13. November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    Might be a good idea to remind the new folks about getting a camping permit. Getting real close to OUTING time.
  14. Found first gold with Gold Monster 1000

    Very nice Monster nugget.......