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  1. November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    Will it be to my advantage to bring my Polaris Ranger , all street legal and such.
  2. research

    I agree, I take care of my 82 yr father so I just do day trips, making plans for the outing. I have a Polaris ranger so I can get a little farther away than just walking. And I too am making plans for the Nov. outing.
  3. research

    After read what Bill posted I wonder if the is my problem is not doing enough or the correct researching. I will admit the basic I do is go where others have been. What do I need to read so I can maybe find a nugget..... I think I need help.......................
  4. Gold Basin Today

    it is 65 miles from my house to Bahde 10......not too far.
  5. Gold Basin Today

    at 75 when I started I thought it was cold, but at 9am it was 95....I went home.
  6. Gold Basin Today

    I would have hunted more but needed to get back to the house today, there are other days and it will cool off.
  7. Gold Basin Today

    Well, I got out to GB today and got me some classified dirt for my Mountain Goat when it gets here . Then I looked around at the drainage in some small washes. Broke out the new GM and had at it. Nothing new to tell, same story , no gold but you should see me hunt for bird shot. I found 3 pieces of lead bird shot in 3 different places , I had to work for every one of them , but I got 'em. There was other hits but they all showed ferrous so I did not dig , one bird shot was about 2 inches from a ferrous target . I would get a double sound in all metal then I turned on Disc. only got the Ferrous hit so I dug. the it took several minutes to find it. Kept moving it around , would scoop just over it. That's my trip for today......working hard to make GB lead free .
  8. GB finds

    Very nice, I am headed to GB in the morning to hunt.
  9. Clinoclase Crystals

    If I was to find something like that....I would almost wet myself.....very nice.
  10. new guy here

    That model can be chest rig or hook on your belt . Sure takes a load off your or if going detecting all day , the only weight is the shaft and coil.
  11. Few more GM 1000 tips

    I have used one in Gold Basin....no gold yet but a lot less foil and lead
  12. new guy here

    The GMT is killer on meteorites too , I have found a few with the GMT.
  13. Pin Pointers

    I had my new GM 1000 kept sounding off when I ran my scoop over the coil...come to find out it was picking up my medical bracelet. Took it off , no more false beeps.
  14. new guy here

    Check out the classifieds here , there is a GMT, not a bad deal at all , chest mounts are hard to come by. Welcome to the forums too.
  15. NEW CONTEST, Gold & Silver

    Looks like 28.16