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  1. Big Changes

    And remember, that exposed bedrock has been acting like a sluice, trapping the nuggets.
  2. Be careful out there. http://outbreaknewstoday.com/arizona-plague-positive-fleas-collected-navajo-county-69114/
  3. Mike C. Falsing fix?

  4. Good point chrisski. For all we know it could be a 6' long prehistoric earthworm with big teeth. I wonder what else they are finding at the site.
  5. Mike C. Falsing fix?

  6. Google results: https://books.google.com/books?id=QQWipVJ7qlQC&pg=PA17&lpg=PA17&dq=elko+place+area+Johnson+or+Wilson&source=bl&ots=eSu7zJnK8v&sig=qnq5EIswe3srGfRuLLE0NnKR3h8&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi_mY7z2MbVAhVL12MKHecpDVYQ6AEISzAG#v=onepage&q=elko place area Johnson or Wilson&f=false https://books.google.com/books?id=G0T1AiIHXkEC&pg=PT39&lpg=PT39&dq=elko+place+area+Johnson+or+Wilson&source=bl&ots=_ZXh0azyFA&sig=4jKJ4yM675EFRr3MNmJBFpDn7R4&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi_mY7z2MbVAhVL12MKHecpDVYQ6AEISDAF#v=onepage&q=elko place area Johnson or Wilson&f=false
  7. Not that it matters, but I'd like to know if the monster got there before the gold in that part of Nevada was deposited or after. They say it was "unearthed" and my guess is it was found as a result of some kind of mining.
  8. Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Bob, my internet connection is too slow to watch that video but at some point I will. Meanwhile, I just posted a story in the fossils section. It's about a 250 million year old sea monster they just discovered near Elko, NV. According to that article, "The existence of bony fish <<<close to the equator where Nevada was located during the Early Triassic>>> indicates that the temperature of the sea was a maximum of 36°C (95°F)." I'm more interested in the location of Nevada -- relative to the equator -- than the temperature at that point in time. Not sure that it has anything to do with where gold comes from but it's a sure indicator that it can move around in ways we can hardly imagine.
  9. A ferocious sea monster that hunted ‘like a great white shark’ more than 250 million years ago has been unearthed in the Nevada desert. http://www.deathrattlesports.com/fish-that-once-hunted-like-a-shark-is-found-in-nevada/1582
  10. GM 1000

    That's great Rick. Can you provide a link?
  11. Gold recovery equipment...

    If I only had 2-3 adult men to do the shoveling....
  12. New Shaft for Gold Monster

    Hey Patrick, with the GM1000 they won't be that deep and you can skip the aluminum and iron.
  13. Nevada Road Reports?

    That's a dandy LipCa. Here's some facts on mormon crickets. 1. The reason you see so many of them on the road is because they are busy eating the ones that got run over. They are cannibals. 2. They are excellent fish bait. I caught thousands of them when fishing in the http://www.pikeminnow.org/. 3. They can easily draw blood if they bite you. 4. The best time to catch them is at night, with a headlight. They are docile. You don't have to chase them and they are less likely to bite you. Just bend over and pick them up and put them in a container but remember, they are cannibals and can still bite you. 5. If you separate them and keep them in the refrigerator (NOT the freezer), they will last a couple weeks. 6. Transporting them across state lines is illegal.
  14. Nevada Road Reports?

    Bummer. I'd have to guess that you were going over 30 but even at lower speeds the truck will throw up those sharp rocks and they get caught in the trailer tires. Sometimes it takes a while for them to get pounded through the tire and cause a leak. What's really bad is when it's 105 degrees and you have to change a tire that's full of stinky dead cricket juice -- and the live ones are crawling all over you and trying to eat your shoes, your tire and anything else they can get ahold of. They can draw blood when they bite.
  15. Nevada Road Reports?

    Gee, thanks Jennifer but I can wait until it cools off. I was sorry to read about the 2 tires you ruined and I saw the photos of your truck and trailer. They say to never go anywhere around there without at least 2 spares and never, ever go over 30 mph. FYI, almost all the land as far as you can see west of the Sawtooth Knob is blanket claimed by Hycroft/Allied Nevada and as of a couple years ago they had no problem with people detecting the land they weren't actively working. My favorite spot is about 51 miles from Winnemucca and I'd really like to get back out there with a gold monster. I'm sure there are lots of nice specimens to be had out there.