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  1. azdave35

    Wanted, Gold Magic Wheel

    i have one but i'm in the phoenix area
  2. azdave35

    whites mtx

    excellent condition...$375 local pick up send a pm if interested
  3. very nice 2 stage unit...jaw crusher on top and roller mill below..honda engine runs great...new tires on the trailerexcellent condition and ready to be put to work...$4000 send a pm if interested
  4. i'm trying to get in touch with tom branham.....if you are still looking in on this forum send me a p.m or call me.....thanks
  5. I'll take the Goldbug 2...what model is the falcon?

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    2. middleforkminer2


      How do you want the funds???  I'm living in Sonora Ca. if you need extra for shipping. Zip code 95370

      If you want a M.O. where do I send it?

    3. azdave35


      give me your number and i'll call you

    4. middleforkminer2



  6. azdave35

    Tempering mining picks ??

    if its cheap mild steel or cast iron it probably wont take a heat treat...you might have to weld some hardface on it and grind it down where you want it
  7. azdave35

    New PI

    reg has always gone out of his way to answer any questions i had and is a valuable asset to this and any other metal detecting forum but every time he comes on here to help some idiot kicks him in the sack...i guess that just proves that the world is full of stupid people that are constantly striving to sabotage themselves ...in the future some of us would appreciate it if they sabotaged themselves and not the forum because most of the more intelligent people on these forums really value reg's expertise
  8. tell me more about it and how it works. Also what is the price. What's the largest size it will crush.

  9. azdave35

    Chainsaw sampler

    thats the old hansen mill (or cyclone z as it was later known)...the one in the video was his prototype design ....the second design had a screened exit..so you didnt have to take it apart to get the crushed ore out...just feed it in the top and it came out the bottom....it did have a problem with the chains wearing out quickly because the links were just heat treated..which means only a very thin layer on the outside of the link was hardened...once you wear through the thin layer they wore very fast...the solution is to hard face them right off the bat with a good impact resistant hardface (stoody 101 hc)...and then held up very well
  10. azdave35

    2200 USERS Please read

    hey grubstake..the wallaby you are using..is it the 17 inch eliptical dd?
  11. azdave35


    steve...get on a plane and come see me...you wont be going back home...now go kiss everyones ass on the forum and maybe they will tell your lame ass how to find some gold
  12. azdave35

    A question for John Blennert

    how can you tell if you have a mono or dd on a goldmaster II..
  13. azdave35

    Mining Law Question??????

    randy..where did you go to mining law school ?
  14. azdave35

    Metal Detecting along the Beeline

    you wont find any detectable gold where you are looking ...just fines...but you are correct about rye...they do find some nugs there
  15. this is a link to a petition to stop closing state trust land..sign it if you want to keep prospecting on state land http://www.arizonaoffroaders.org/