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  1. Its nice when they don't fit in the bottle ! EVEN when ya use a wide mouth container ! New coil NF 13x17 EVO, GPX4500, detailed "tuning" = Arizona Gold Nice 8.9 grammer rough an knarly that's the way we like em here ! Been awhile since I was out swingin. Happy St. Paddy's Day !
  2. W-I-D-E mouth bottle, no go !

    Thanks you guys, an Good luck Mike.
  3. Equinox Gets Silver Today!

    Nice beepin !
  4. I'm interested in the phones, but money is not my honey lately. Maybe you'll have em for a bit yet. Maybe I'll hit the lotto this week ? Oh wait, ya gotta buy a ticket to win somethin huh !
  5. 2 Li-Poly Mystery chargers 1-12 volt power cord 1- 110 volt power cord I used them with 7.4 volt batts on my GP 3500 They are suitable for 2 and 3 cell li-polys. EVERYTHING $20 Msg me here thanks hapy huntn
  6. Minelab Factory Vinal zip case

    SOLD ======GONE===========THANKS.
  7. Factory zipper case measures 12 x 52 inside dimensions As new cond. was stored not used. Fits most VLF's and more. $50 Message me here thanks hapy huntn.
  8. So I get a Text from Tammy

    Randall, nugget hunters get em all, even the pop tops from long long ago !
  9. Got Gold ?

    Beautimus nuglet, an where'd ya git that RED Scoop ???
  10. Whites GMT

    Yes it is. Someone will be "equipped" for a reasonable expense with this set up.
  11. Whites GMT

    Whites GMT belt/chest mount Standard coil , Factory manual, carry bag, Cal Rad headphones GMT works well, physically has some scratches and wear. Owner passed away, I am selling for the family. This IS a meteorite and nugget detector. $350 P.M. me here if interested.
  12. Three nuggets and a 'stone'

    Yup lots more water, and the good juices, cranberry, blueberry etc. NOT the ones made with high fructose !!!

    Just started looking at odd shaped nuggets and this one I originally called "swiss cheese". It is just the way it came out of the ground with all the holes. After looking at it awhile it does kinda look like a buffalo. I thought this might start a good picture post for others to add their oddities to for the viewers. Hapy Huntn.
  14. Happy Birthday Tom H

    Happy Birthday Tom !!
  15. Near UV Flash Light

    Gottcha, it was a thought , just tryn to get around batteries for power.
  16. Buyer beware

    Years ago the Italians and Japanese were the champions of "duplication", now its becoming the Chinese.
  17. Three nuggets and a 'stone'

    Nice job Beepin ! As far as kicker yer azz stones go,..... yup they can ! Blood clots and all.
  18. A Good Day's Worth Of Nuggets

    Yes, a bit of bacon with the beans there ! Very nice day !
  19. Near UV Flash Light

    Aye you guys , is it possible to use one of those "shaker" type flashlights that ya shake and it creates a charge to power itself, and just change the bulb over to the uv led yer using ??
  20. Happy Birthday Flakmagnet

    Happy Birthday !
  21. Whites/Koss 9000 Headphones

    Not at this exact time, thank you.
  22. Dual inline Volume controls, nice phones great sound. $40 Msg me here Hapy huntn
  23. Nice pair Nuggetbusters 150 ohms Stereo/M switch Detector Pro Quality and service $50 Msg me here Hapy Huntn
  24. Buyer beware

    I wonder HOW MANY, have taken a ride on the Reading ??????