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  1. frank c

    MicroNugget showing how it's done!

    Great video and Beepin !
  2. frank c

    Strange silver rock object

    That looks to be a Top "finial" part of a fencepost or some metal structure something like that. Is the trash can close by ?
  3. frank c

    So what do you do....

    Beautiful ! Congrats !
  4. frank c

    What types H5 or?

    Tom Strutton, Does this fit your request, … Oriented, Briquette shaped, Flow lines, and Alblation line on the back side. Yes I was excited when I dug the signal in a field "chock full" of hot rocks. I had intentionally STRAYED away from the NuggetPatch I was working to get "out of the box" so to say ! MetBull link, https://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?sea=Griffith+Wash&sfor=names&ants=&nwas=&falls=&valids=&stype=contains&lrec=50&map=ge&browse=&country=All&srt=name&categ=All&mblist=All&rect=&phot=&snew=0&pnt=Normal table&code=55289 AYE Jimale, go get yer notepad an pencil from the saddlebags on that camel. Heres an Arizona Rock for ya to "ponder" Enjoy . 1st Photo Credit and Thank You to "Jim Wooddell".
  5. frank c

    best way to strap on detector on ATV

    The double rifle mounts were purchased from ebay and the metal tubing /flat stock I designed and fab'd. A lil imagination, trial an error have always been the best avenue for me.
  6. frank c

    best way to strap on detector on ATV

    PLUG - IN yer imagination GRAB a tape measure an let er rip. That yellow Suzuki had a few changes to it an it produced 1 hell of a lot of gold and meteorites, a broken rib an a real Fogged up shoulder but she wuz a favorite of mine. 2W.D. The Polaris Ranger double rack was very practical. Allowed the bed room to dump also. The Bronze Arctic Cat is what I use now carries plenty of gear safely and the wife when she wants to come along. OH, an don't get too attached to that GB2, if ya stick with detecting you'll be graduating sooner or later. Main thing is , relax, enjoy, learn from us other guys, that's the way ya do it. Hapy Huntn.
  7. frank c

    Do not use magnet on meteorites

    AYE, I got to the point awhile back , I don't know "who" to believe about "what" when it comes to Space Turds. Ever since they killed my childhood dream an said Pluto is not a planet anymore. That was like "cutting" the ears an tail off Mickey Mouse !
  8. frank c

    What types H5 or?

    I am still waiting to hear, all those kilometers you cove chasing these space turds is it on a Camel with 1 hump OR 2 ? Which do you use ?
  9. frank c

    Happy Birthday Shep

    Happy Birthday Mr. Sheppard !
  10. frank c

    POUNDED Last Night

    Yup we finally had the "Eastern Mombo" Lots of lightning and rain Monday late. Much needed rain.
  11. frank c

    POUNDED Last Night

    We're not getting any here,still waiting ! Good Luck this morning.
  12. frank c

    Jim Straight Bibliography

    Hi Brian, hope yer keeping that 2300 busy ! its too hot here lately.
  13. frank c


    Terryallen, were you able to get it back in working order ?
  14. frank c

    Meteroite in situ

    Aye, Tamale, how many humps does yer camel have one or 2 ?
  15. That coil should sell, its AMAZING what I've seen pulled from depths that other detectors have covered with lesser coils. A couple of really NICE 1+ ouncers to start with. Good luck an Hapy Huntn.
  16. frank c

    Hand held GPS

    I'd have to agree with these guys, Garman Etrex ! I'm on my 3rd one I believe , I lost count. Yes I believe its the 3rd one I've owned. My main problem is I never graduated from "MAPS" I love maps ! WHY ? Cause all I gotta do is "unfold" one and I can read it ! Even thou I have my 3rd GPS, I still haven't gotten past …. pressing the ON/OFF button. Truly it is "on" my Bucket List ! Learning how to "use" a G.P.S. Seriously, If any of you have some Super Quick Learning Tips, be sure to share with the rest of us !
  17. frank c

    Time for a nugget

    Forcast High Temp ??? Shouldn't be any problem fer you young Whippersnappers !
  18. frank c

    Dinky Dinks

    Very nice ! I need to follow your lead, I've been hiding from the Sun lately.
  19. frank c

    1.7 oz Nevada Nugget!!

    Beu ..Beu…. Beu …… Ba ………. Gorgeous !!! Terry ! Where was I ??? Congrats on the "signal".
  20. frank c

    Small Gold , New Trend ?

    Good Stuff.
  21. frank c

    My gold I worked my butt off for which ain't much

    You just keep "chipping away" your on the right track. Perserverance will reward you even more. Congrats on a nice lookin poke yer building up there !!!
  22. frank c

    Happy Birthday Au Seeker

    HAPPY Birthday and many more to you !
  23. frank c

    Hoping to find a nugget

    I know where ya can find GOLD. Look in Bill's nugget bottle !
  24. frank c

    Odd Places

    Good stuff ADAM, put a lil sugar on the large one an you'll have a "Frosted Flake" ! Hapy Huntn.