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  1. frank c

    Meteroite in situ

    Aye, Tamale, how many humps does yer camel have one or 2 ?
  2. That coil should sell, its AMAZING what I've seen pulled from depths that other detectors have covered with lesser coils. A couple of really NICE 1+ ouncers to start with. Good luck an Hapy Huntn.
  3. frank c

    Hand held GPS

    I'd have to agree with these guys, Garman Etrex ! I'm on my 3rd one I believe , I lost count. Yes I believe its the 3rd one I've owned. My main problem is I never graduated from "MAPS" I love maps ! WHY ? Cause all I gotta do is "unfold" one and I can read it ! Even thou I have my 3rd GPS, I still haven't gotten past …. pressing the ON/OFF button. Truly it is "on" my Bucket List ! Learning how to "use" a G.P.S. Seriously, If any of you have some Super Quick Learning Tips, be sure to share with the rest of us !
  4. frank c

    Time for a nugget

    Forcast High Temp ??? Shouldn't be any problem fer you young Whippersnappers !
  5. frank c

    Dinky Dinks

    Very nice ! I need to follow your lead, I've been hiding from the Sun lately.
  6. frank c

    1.7 oz Nevada Nugget!!

    Beu ..Beu…. Beu …… Ba ………. Gorgeous !!! Terry ! Where was I ??? Congrats on the "signal".
  7. frank c

    Small Gold , New Trend ?

    Good Stuff.
  8. frank c

    My gold I worked my butt off for which ain't much

    You just keep "chipping away" your on the right track. Perserverance will reward you even more. Congrats on a nice lookin poke yer building up there !!!
  9. frank c

    Happy Birthday Au Seeker

    HAPPY Birthday and many more to you !
  10. frank c

    Hoping to find a nugget

    I know where ya can find GOLD. Look in Bill's nugget bottle !
  11. frank c

    Odd Places

    Good stuff ADAM, put a lil sugar on the large one an you'll have a "Frosted Flake" ! Hapy Huntn.
  12. frank c

    Happy Birthday Buckeye Boy

    Hapy Birthday A.J. !!!
  13. frank c

    A bit surprised

    Good job really ! I'm waitn till ya detect that "beer can soundin one" ! Hapy Huntn !
  14. frank c

    WASP Happy Birthday !

    Have a nuggety day bud !