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  1. 90,000 dollar find?

    Say what you will, This is what DREAMS are made from !!!
  2. Taking the GM1000 for a walk

    I was kinda comparing them to "girlfriends" Rick, enjoy !
  3. Taking the GM1000 for a walk

    UALL better quit foolin around with them young thangs (GM 1000) least ya start fergettin about ol faithfuls (the P.I.'s)
  4. Happy Birthday Homefire

    Happy Birthday Homie !
  5. Weekend gold run

    You da Modern GB Man fer sure ! Very nice work.
  6. Dome top

    I have remade many use sealed emergency lighting batts with similar values volt/amp from true value hardware and reuse the dome top, I should have one I could let go if you don't like the prices you find Al just message me. I'm lookin for a pair of BlackWidows, an some other stuff maybe we can barter off.
  7. Sensational?

    Probably just what it says.
  8. Not Going to get out

    Best wishes get well.
  9. Frank C reaches Retirement Age

    Sincerely appreciated , thanks to all !
  10. Hapy Birthday, lets go back to the spot you lost the nugget at in the basin this year !!!!
  11. Nugget Shooter Fall Outing

    Are you coming ? I can bring the cards ! An even chips if necessary !
  12. Rhino

    I've been using these guys for awhile, I've bought 2 sets of 4 tires over the years and oil/ftr supplies etc. you will accumulate cash rewards buying from them which in turn makes things cost less in the future, like a free oil ftr an oil , etc depending how you use the rewards. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/?utm_source=emailblast&utm_medium=mainlogo&utm_campaign=email-june-17-fathers-day-ma
  13. Couple of my Favorites

    They are both unusual nuggets, AND every time I've seen a pic of them I think of ................