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  1. I had a 200 pounder once, but the line broke !
  2. Nuggetshooter Outing Video

    Very nice Mike !!!
  3. L.F. 16-18" Round Mono coil

    I have a near new 18" N.F. Advantage great gold finder I may consider selling if your interested PM me.
  4. Some Recent Gold

    Good Stuff !! AS USUAL GUYS !! Keep up the GREAT WORK !
  5. Wonderful outing !!!!! Congrats on helping others an your perserverance !
  6. Franconia

    Your supposed to AVOID the trains and patrol when in the area. Like "incognito" baby, wait till the time is right an MOVE .
  7. My Collection

    Beautiful collection , looks like a tiny solar system Boba Debt ! Thanks for sharing .
  8. Happy Birthday Patrick

    Hapy Birthday Sonny Boy !!! AND Many more for you to enjoy !
  9. Hydrofluoric Acid Bath Nuggets

    Goats head soup , an a few nugs ta boot ! Congrats David.
  10. GB Pro Scores Again! :)

    Nice nugget Congrats, you earned it !!!
  11. 90,000 dollar find?

    Say what you will, This is what DREAMS are made from !!!
  12. Taking the GM1000 for a walk

    I was kinda comparing them to "girlfriends" Rick, enjoy !
  13. Taking the GM1000 for a walk

    UALL better quit foolin around with them young thangs (GM 1000) least ya start fergettin about ol faithfuls (the P.I.'s)
  14. Happy Birthday Homefire

    Happy Birthday Homie !
  15. Weekend gold run

    You da Modern GB Man fer sure ! Very nice work.