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  1. frank c

    Hey, got prayers?

    Best wishes for a quick recovery.
  2. Gottcha , I was unaware.
  3. frank c

    I Found A Specimen With The Equinox

    Nice beepin Mitch, looks like Rich Hill material.
  4. frank c


    Me three !
  5. Why aren't you posting for sale items in the Classifieds ?
  6. frank c

    Good Article In popular Mechanics

    Yeah, another person I know sent a link to that article, its a good read.
  7. I PM'd you Jerry
  8. When you speak of the grnd. bal. adjustment, yes get neutral (same sound on up an down stroke) then add a bit of + to it to just sound off on the downstroke. But that is not Supertuning, there is a "hidden program" in the GMT for Supertuning. see my reference below for Jim McCulloch. The 4x6 coil you should sell. The factory 6x10 is an excellent coil for response even on tiny gold from tailing piles. Your issue of overloading can be from hot grnd. OR other adjustment. Most likely you have your gain set too high. The GMT is a powerful detector. Your statement : Assuming no coil is connected (ie open circuit), do you know from your own experience if the detector should sound off at all on the gain. Cheers Jerry Are you saying you had the detector turned on with no coil connected ? I'm not certain about the VLF's BUT don't EVER try that with a P.I. you'll have issues and possibly damage to the internals. My Very Best suggestion to you , if you really want to do well with the GMT is to contact Jim McCulloch he is a Whites dealer in Ca. google him. You can get a data sheet from him on Supertuning and understand the machine better with his write up. Also if you can get a copy of ZIP ZIP by Larry Sallee you will greatly profit from the read. Problem is the Zip Zip books have skyrocketed in price as a collector piece, (out of print) you'll probably pay as much for a copy as for this Sierra Gold Max coil. Toss / sell the 4x6 , the stock coil will cover that end of small/tiny gold and get yourself an 8x14 for coverage and depth. If ya wanna mess around with a "hockey puck" sized coil on yer hands an knees get a GB2 or a Gold Monster. Hapy Huntn Frank C.
  9. frank c

    How Hot Is It?

    NO, the Devil went down to Georgia NOT Arizona !
  10. "Surplus stock item" ???? I am not a dealer , I received this coil with a Whites GMT detector as an "accessory" that was purchased and not used. The "owner" that I received it from died recently , before he even had the opportunity to use the detector OR the SGM coil. He was a relative I am selling the last of his gear as a favor to his wife. I personally have owned a "few" GMT's and done quite well with them over the years. The "white" SGM coils are "concentric" coils. The BLACK ones are "DD". I have used SGM's over the years and produced many "deep" meteorites and nuggets. When I owned and used GMT's over the years I always had a SGM with a xtra rod in use at any given time. === If "VINTAGE" (longscan) detector coils are what your after there are sites online with older vintage detectors and parts you can google to find them. Do you know "how to Supertune your GMT ?
  11. frank c

    Little Spring Wash - Revisited

    Beautimus ! Especially those 2 tidbits. Keep up the great work bud.😁
  12. Man wouldn't it be GREAT, "IF" there could be a group of vigilantes that cruised these areas and cleaned them up tight ! Wheres Charles Bronson anyway ? Its getn more like "Escape from New York" everyday !
  13. Very Good Terry. At least you were in an area that the Police went to ! Things are really that bad in that area ? Gang ?
  14. KEWL,....this is like watchin, "The Shootist" !!! I'm waitn to see "whos" the best haggler, John B Books or Moses !!! I think its time fer U 2 to have a shot from that bottle Moses keeps in the drawer.
  15. BUMP Final reduction goes to ebay soon. $100.00 Call or reply/msg me here 928 303 8474