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  1. pondmn

    The Opal thread...

    Beautiful opals. love them. Too bad that virgin valley has fractures or it would be worth a lot more, but still fabulous with all those colors.
  2. pondmn

    "Dang, I forgot my camera !"

    I am just waiting for brain go pro cameras. My brain will click the picture it will show up on my camera......
  3. pondmn

    My First Gucci

    Really nice find. whether silver or gold, rings are always nice. Always fun to see anyone,s finds. I agree with you AzNuggetBob that the lowest minus tides are best because it rips off the surface and makes it much easier to get the good stuff. I think anytime is good to detect but your chances are decreased radically as a opposed to severe minus tides. I have found a lot of jewelry, keys and sunglasses buried in the sand in the upper beach where people leave their stuff under the towel and forget to retrieve it.
  4. pondmn

    Freshwater beach hunt

    It is a slow learning curve but sounds like you are doing better. i too went out yesterday and hit the trashiest park around. I got about a buck in clad and only dug two gold bottle caps that hit in the coin range. I have to slow down and will do better.
  5. pondmn

    Dig, dig--miss, miss--Booyah!

    Man what can I say but Nice!!!
  6. Really nice specimens. Now time to join a club for more field trips and maybe a faceting machine to work on those crystals. Cool
  7. Hit the local park finally after using my test plot. Moved from Park one to Park two quickly. Moved the threshold up four numbers. Quickly learned bottle caps. Gold colored ones hit like zinc pennies. This is an extremely trashy park and hit numerous times. Finally came home with one quarter, two dimes, four pennies and enough caps to start a brewery. Found a program from dirt digger on utube. Plan on setting it up as it gives low tones and low volume to junk and high tones and volume to good stuff. Only hunted an hour and a half. Passed over hundreds of junk targets.....
  8. pondmn

    equinox 800 1st time out

    I agree I used a DFX for years and it was a slam dunk. The problem was it became to heavy and I needed something lighter
  9. pondmn

    Hey, got prayers?

    Tammy you are part of the family and we are here for you.
  10. pondmn

    Hey, got prayers?

    prayers said. Hope all is better soon
  11. pondmn

    Unc's Gold Gettin' Fritters

    Made your fritters using white cornmeal mix by Martha White. Just Added the oil and egg and deleted the sugar as I am diabetic. Had them with Portuguese beans. Terrific!
  12. pondmn

    David from Memramcook NB Canada

    Welcome to the forum. Knowing your machine is important and research about where gold is found helps tremendously. I would try to find as much info as possible about where mining occurred and try to be on the actual property if possible. If you are finding lead then you should be able to locate gold if it is there. Remember to dig all targets and remove your trash as it clears the field for further detecting... Enjoy
  13. pondmn

    Can anyone help me identify

    Some of the new pictures make me think it is not fire agate. I agree it could be man made resin as there has been some going around to be passed off as fake amber. If you take a hot pin and poke it and it smells like petroleum or chemical it is most likely fake resin....
  14. pondmn


    Cool really nice
  15. pondmn

    Can anyone help me identify

    Look up pictures of Mexican fire agate rough. I have a piece the size of a silver dollar..... Based on the size of the one pictured it might be quite valuable. It should reflect green, yellow or orange fire when hit with light. Just my two centavos which is less than two cents.😵
  16. pondmn

    Can anyone help me identify

    It looks like mexican fire agate but is an extremely large piece. It also looks a little like amber but the shape is not common. Do you get fiery reflections with light shining on it. if so it is definately fire agate
  17. pondmn

    Unc's Gold Gettin' Fritters

    looks yummy
  18. pondmn

    Already too hot

    Hey Saul I think you have an idea for a new detector there. Now think of a way to get the digging part done without climbing or sweating.
  19. pondmn

    Happy Birthday Bill

    Ooh! Social security almost here. Now you can get Senior Citizens discounts.......Have a great day.
  20. pondmn

    Rough nuggets, how far can they travel??

    Been a long time since I heard that name. Is he still in California and still metal detecting
  21. pondmn


    True green obsidian is very desirable. Most is from old findings. Green sheen aka green velvet is beautiful
  22. pondmn

    Eaaaa !

    chalk it up to a day of education on where not to go back to anywhere near soon
  23. Praying for you Al. Hope all is getting better.
  24. pondmn

    Jim Straight here

    No finer gentleman than Jim.....When he is around you do not talk but listen to what he has to say. You will learn much. Howdy Jim hope all is ok. Jerry
  25. pondmn

    Diamonds in Meteorites

    My wife always said diamonds are out of the world!