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  1. pondmn

    Diamonds in Meteorites

    My wife always said diamonds are out of the world!
  2. pondmn

    Ahhh Man !

  3. pondmn


  4. pondmn

    Gold Chain With 800

    Gold chains just as good as nuggets. Nice
  5. pondmn

    What is this

    You are right about the hard paint as it generally has hardners and fisheye put it it prior to painting a car.
  6. pondmn

    What is this

    The great side of glass is faceting lead crystal. Some of the most beautiful stones I have seen cut. Lots of color flash from the crystal....... Who has heard of Fordite? Paint and body shops used to pour out leftover paint on the ground in back of their shops. After hardening for a couple of years the layers of paint form beautiful color schemes. If it is made into cabochons it is really beautiful also
  7. pondmn

    What is this

  8. Stone looks like gem grade selica a step up from regular Chrysophrase and worth a lot more
  9. pondmn

    Tammy is getting it done

    yea Tammy
  10. pondmn

    What is this

    AHA! Bottlelite a famous old mineral
  11. Did either of you go to Atwater schools.. Lived here all my life except 66-69 when I got to visit around with the Army
  12. I thought the rain was coming tomorrow.........Are you north of Sacramento? Beautiful deck wood Where does it come from
  13. pondmn

    Minelab Equinox 800 in stock...

    Bill Got mine thanks very much. Now to learn the ropes.....
  14. pondmn

    Easter Sunday MONSTER Nugget found

    beautiful nugget
  15. pondmn

    Easter Sunday MONSTER Nugget found

    Aprils Fools