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  1. Depending on where you live gives you a couple of options. First your local college geology department may provide what you need. The next option is to google rock clubs, gem and mineral societies in your area. The third option is to post a good picture here and we maybe able to help. Also your local high school geology depatrment or a local rock shop. Hope this helps
  2. I agree with amethyst as the only other purple looking stone is charoite and it is from Russia.
  3. Sodalite....florecent

    I agree that any fluorescent minerals are cool.
  4. Sodalite....florecent

    I don't think it is sodalite as it is blue in color Just my opinion..
  5. The second from the top is Mookaite from Australia... very hard, some has yellowish white in it.........

    Put me down for a hat also......
  7. Agates

    Beautiful It would be interesting to know the source....
  8. What might this be?

    The hammer has optical problems
  9. What might this be?

    It might be obsidian as some has an outer crust... Suggest you take a hammer with glasses on and try to hit the tip and break it. If it breaks easily you should see obsidian on the inside and it should be shiny with sharp edges.
  10. Shark tooth?

    I have a megladon shark tooth and other small teeth and this does not resemble one. Where did you find it and under what circumstances..
  11. Mariposa Evacuated

    Grubstake was evacuated. Talked to him and he is safe in an evacuation center.......
  12. Doc's Gold screamer / three coils

    Gold screamer sold Coils still available...........SOLD
  13. Help Identify animal teeth?

    Rats!! No gold crowns to cash in. After all, gold is gold.
  14. Doc's Gold screamer / three coils

    Gold screamer sold Coils still available...........
  15. Doc's Gold screamer / three coils

    Gold screamer pending sale. Coils still available.