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  1. fredmason

    Please help fro my Daddy...

    Very generous, Rocky...I hope they appreciate the gift! fred
  2. fredmason

    Got a bucket list silver....

    Bill; I know that is hard ground, but...if you want to find coins without putting a nick in them you need better coin-digging technique....picking and scraping will not do.. please don't ask how I know! fred
  3. fredmason

    Strange silver rock object

    Is it soft? if you can mark it with your finger-nail, it is likely LEAD...I have found smaller pieces of folk-art made of lead.
  4. fredmason

    Into to the hobby young!!!

    very nice! maybe you should run a Geiger counter by those pieces....unless they are from before the accident... Ear buds work well for detecting and hearing outside noise- I like the Sony mdr-j10 fred
  5. fredmason

    So what do you do....

    What Micro said x 2...fred
  6. Poor, Bill... if good behavior is required he may never get it... just teasing my friend Bill. fred
  7. fredmason


    Temps are high everywhere, Doc.....high or low; and the fires are burning... fred
  8. Thanks for the summary, Saul...accurate or not... fred
  9. fredmason

    Equinox 6" Coil Beach Hunt

    very nice, Mitchel! You seem to know your beach very well... fred
  10. I heard from Ryan...
  11. fredmason

    Found a interesting stone

    An xrf gun has a very small screen and works with "radiation"...in California requires a license, testing and a secure location for storage...and costs a lot of money. Non-destructive Testing for Lead in paint and tile was what we used it for. I am not sure what depth the gun will test to but it is more than skin deep... This was all true when I retired, but, may have changed in 9 years of blessed freedom... fred
  12. fredmason

    Found a interesting stone

    You can't get quality entertainment like this on TV! fred
  13. fredmason

    Found a interesting stone

    welcome back, Bob; I have missed your informative dissertations-discussions... Is that red paint? The stone appears to be joined together... Get a xrf shot or send a piece to a lab... fred
  14. fredmason

    Hand held GPS

    Common Frank; If I can use an etrex I am certain you can...just practice at home before you go hunting again! fred
  15. Thanks, Guys; like I said, I just want confirmation. I certainly don't want a gold medal or anything...I am letting this go. fred