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  1. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    Bill; I am just teasing the tiger...to each his own and may every one find some gold! fred
  2. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    Now we have some stirring going on...haha. I don't care about 20 bucks...so, I use what is recommended. Others may do what they like... Jen; I think you got the right idea...some one is goning to get in TROUBLE at Minelab! fred
  3. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    Just out of curiosity; how will you gpz users know if the generic ferrite works as well as the Official Minelab ferrite? I don't know many people with two gpz's, one gb'ed with the Official and one gb'ed with the generic....I am sure it might be close, it may even be right on but do you want to risk being just enough off to miss that big one? just asking... fred
  4. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    Well, I stand corrected. The link I offered was not the one I wanted but the only one I could find... However, That question was asked on Steve's forum and the response was clearly not this one...unless I am getting really stupid. I suppose you, Rod, could ask on Steve's forum...He can find anything... thanks for the offer homey but I have all the ferrites I need... fred
  5. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    Homefire; I am not arguing with you, just saying what Minelab insists on... Rod, over on Steve's forum there were some discussions of the ferrite ring usage...this is straight from Minelab... https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/313856/4907-0942-1 Brochure, GPZ 7000 Software Upgrade No.2 EN.pdf
  6. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    Homefire; I beg to disagree...Minelab has specifically stated that their ferrite is the one to use. After paying 8000 bucks for the greatest gold hunter on the planet, why would I cheap out on a 15 dollar part...? however, if any one else wants to go there, the way is clear fred
  7. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    Rod; the word from minelab is that it is the quanity and type of ferrite that matters not the shape...I broke mine and put it in a container and it seemed to work. HOWEVER, being the person I am I ordered a new one... fred
  8. A Jeweler I know wanted a piece of Gold Basin meteorite to play around with. I rough-polished an end piece and some slabs for him to look at...he picked aan interesting end piece to set with gold and diamonds...I think it is very nice and pretty.... Diamonds Ltd. 2812 Fletcher Parkway El Cajon, CA 92020 619-698-3583www.diamondsltd.com I have no financial interest in the piece or the maker...
  9. Gold is NOT where you find it!

    Well, I am surprised and honored that Doc put my name in with those other fine people. My only real talent is being too stubborn to quit! I have read lots, applied a little; and have" miles to go before I sleep". fred
  10. My friend Jeff bought a Gold Monster from Bill a few weeks past. However last Saturday was his first chance to use/try it. I agree to go as a consultant; to give advice and moral support. Besides, I have been a house prisoner for two months and wanted to get some fresh desert air. Now, I really don't know much and neither did Jeff...so, we followed Jonathan Porters directions ( sort of) and started playing... We looked for a noise cancel/tune button-nope. So we assumed the moving bars and double beep when turned on was that.. Next we did the little bee dance and then started playing for real. Right off he got a little bit of lead and the two more bits of lead. And Then...a nugget. THis in an area where we both had worked several times with my GPZ, his 3500 and his whites...I have lots of questions about this and I see practice is key. IF you want one I urge you to get a lesson from Bill Southern or whomever you buy one from... automatic-plus is all we used and we found this stuff...no telling what there is with proper technique and tuning!!! 2 grain nugget above presidents head. fred
  11. Mike's detector is an excellent deal!!! You simply cannot find a better starter machine for that price. If you discover you enjoy the Hunt then you can buy newer models and sell that for about what you have in it. also, any of the goldbug models but they are a lot more money. fred
  12. Interesting rock, Meteor-wrong?

    if you want to learn why and why not...start here http://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/26446-meteorite-research-resources-identification-etc/
  13. GPZ Observations

    YES. BTW; you can do something similar with a ruck-sack or small canvas pack with straps (military surplus) . Just cross the straps on the harness....for those days when you want to carry extra stuff. If anyone is interested I could post some pics of my various oddball ideas.... fred
  14. Christmas Poem

    Thanks, Jeff; for the reminder... and Merry Christmas to all fred
  15. Power Lines and Detecting

    You should not be bothered at 1500 meters. At maybe 200 you will start hear interference -just retune to the source. Continue this way until the noise is not tuned out...however, even with the interference a target should come through-just depends on how much you can stand re: the noise. I would consider using cancel mode and a small DD coil- the 10inch e or the stock coil.. Cancel will not work with a mono coil...but the detector sure is quiet! fred