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  1. Possible meteorite?

    Yes,you can dream fred
  2. Pin Pointers

    And I thought you were a rich contractor...not a farmer. I found out about the metal in a serendipitous way...I bought this big straw cowboy hat for the shade. That was wonderful. But I started having behavior problems with my GPZ and could not figure out the cause...it would start up when I was trying to isolate a target while kneeling next to the detector. I thought it was some weird emi...very irritating too. One day in gold basin my hat flew away. After I caught it, I happened to wave it over the coil...big woowawo! So, thinking that was weird I did it again...big signal...I inally realized the hat had metal in it...when I checked the brim the wire went all around to hold its shape...bad hat! I probably gave upon some nuggies because of the wire...oh well. When I go hat hunting again my pinpointer with be in my pocket, for sure!
  3. Pin Pointers

    You might want to check any straw hats you wear detecting...some have a ring of wire.... fred
  4. tool suggestions

    I ben saying that for years, Ben (pun intended) nothing high tech just an old fashioned whetstone! I hope you and eric are doing very well! fred
  5. Got to Get Out

    good detecting, Bill...good detecting! fred
  6. GPX 4500 LCD screen went blank.

    do a system reset...it is in the manual as I recall...if that don't work...time for Minelab fred
  7. Happy Holbrook anniversary.

    Great photos, Mike....I went three time and scored two trips...had a great time. The article was in the meteorite Mag... fred
  8. Used GPZ 7000 with extras

    I am amazed no one has jumped on that...I am going to remind someone that it is still available. fred
  9. ID maybe, thanks!!

    Too True, Bill; If not for the knowledge gained from your forum and many great mentors I would have thrown my SBW and sole Australian meteorite away...as funny sounding/looking hotrocks. Eternal thanks to you, Mr. B, Jim Smaller and many others... fred
  10. Metal detector sled

    The Australian have been dragging coils around for years...you might look there...also, Doc was selling a thing for that... fred
  11. Scale cubes

    The cubes are precisely machined for scientific accuracy....I bought one years ago...coins are a better scale for the things I find. However, it is pretty cool! fred
  12. Desert Flooding Deaths

    tragic! ignorance kills! fred
  13. There are no flow-lines or orientation on the rock. Any decent fine/coarse whetstone will work for windowing the rock. It looks like a piece of slag... fred
  14. Five days is pretty short! If you fly you lose most, if not all of a day....assuming no other airport problems. If you drive like a crazy man it will take you a day/night...so either way,you have lost two days coming and going. You are young so maybe that is not a problem. Bill suggests Franconia, I agree. Gold Basin is another good option. Holbrook is the only option that you stand a good chance of finding something without a detector. There are tons of posts on this forum and the internet for your research. Franconia is accessible by passenger car (rental?) and can be searched by foot from the parking area. Realize that both of these areas have been hit hard...if you don't currently own and use a detector things could be difficult...for you. good luck fred
  15. Hmmmmmm What ya think?

    I want to find that strewn field! Of course every element on Earth started in Space... fred