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  1. in a fire pit no less....I hope you guys filled that hole... nice
  2. From FB

    Jack, jack, jack....is it heavy, is it light is it attracted to a magnet...where found? all clues... aside from that and to answer the question... NO! fred
  3. For Sale: Minelab GPZ-7000

    a good deal for someone.... fred
  4. Doc; if you have not tried Hypnosis, you might consider finding a licensed therapist...I know some will sneer. Nonetheless; many have had great pain management successes with H... best wishes on the surgery fred
  5. btw; for those that don't know...42-45 nickels are about 50% silver as I recall....check the redbook.
  6. White's Goldmaster V-Sat FS

    200 bucks and you have one of the best vlf nugget/meteorite machines....you can't lose! fred
  7. Just be aware the BLM thinks the entire desert is in a protected status....just saying... fred
  8. Question ,

    tIf you ask for a blm or fs opinion you will get an opinion...get a copy of the regulations and the law they are based on. ANd if you find a gov employee foolish enough to put it in writing, make sure it has their id on it....and never, ever let it go. It only takes one ticket to cause you endless misery.... fred
  9. Meteorite?

    Sight is my first test.The magnet is my second test, a window is my third test...however, I still get fooled... some guys use a streak test but if you have alternative color vision that is a waste of time... fred
  10. Meteorite?

    http://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/26446-meteorite-research-resources-identification-etc/ lots of things stick to a magnet...check this link out
  11. Meteorite?

    much more you can do...
  12. Meteorite?

    all the pictures you can post will not substitute for doing just a little diagnostic work yourself... what have you done to test this love stone? fred
  13. My Collection

    dang, cool process for sure! Unfortunately 2-3 inch stone is bigger than I have at this point...I donated the biggest ones I had to the san diego Gem and Mineral society. If I find another nice sized Gold basin I will send it to you... I don't have any Franconia that would be big enough... thanks fred
  14. My Collection

    How big is needed... ( in inches please)? If I send two, will you make me one? Of course, I have no idea what is involved in making a sphere....I have polished some small Gold basins and the are pretty... fred
  15. or, if you must have something right now...consider an used CTX. good for anything except small nugget hunting... fred