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  1. My Daughter Graduating College

    Congratulations to you and your daughter Skip. A great accomplishment. Dave
  2. DOME-TOP Battery Question???

    Hi Gary, I have a top that you can have. Just PM me your address and I will get it in the mail to you. Dave
  3. First Nugget!

    Congratulations on your first nugget. It's a big milestone. As mentioned above, persistence always pas off. Dave
  4. Happy Birthday Skip!

    Happy Birthday Skip, Thanks for all your work on the forum over the years. Dave
  5. Lu Got Two!

    Congratulations Lu. You two make a great combination. Dave
  6. I Found a Nugget in Downieville

    Way to go Mitchell. Your dedication and perseverance pays off again. See ya around somewhere. Dave
  7. I'll go with #56. Thanks for the contest Doc. Dave
  8. It's Bill Southern's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Bill- thanks for all these years of your great forum.
  9. Wishing Joe Merrill Happy Birthday Sir!

    Happy Birthday Joe. Dave
  10. Q Skunk Broken!

    Way to go Mitchell. Next trip will be Lu's first Q gold. Perseverance pays off again. Dave
  11. Jungo Nugget

    Congratulations on the beautiful chunk of Nevada gold Slim. There's more out there for you and nugget. Hope to see ya this winter somewhere. Dave
  12. Dads needing some prayer right now...

    Prayers and well wishes for Old Tom. He will be better than new after a little healing. I always enjoy the antics and adventures of you and you father. Dave
  13. Beach hunting with the GPX5000

    Chris, I was recently helping a fellow with his 5000 out in the Dale. He had been using it at the beach for 5 or so trips. Even though he said he wrappd the control box good in a plastic bag you could still feel the corrosion on the toggle switches. I can only wonder what the inside of the box must look like. I would leave the 5000 at home and take the Gold Bug. Even if you wipe it down well after use you still can not get the insides. With that said, there is a guy that goes by the name of Rex Goliath that posts on Chris's forum that does quite well on the San Diego beaches with his 5000. I have seen pictures of some nice rings and so forth that he has found. You can also feel the corrosion on his toggle switches. Leave the 5000 in the desert and take a pair of dark sunglasses so your fiance can't see what your looking at. Good Luck, Dave
  14. Happy Birthday Bill

    Happy Belated Birthday Bill. Thank you for all the years of entertainment, knowledge and friendships made thru your forum. Hope you have a great year. Dave