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  1. Mike Furness

    Gunpowder Fire Art

    Ahhhh! .... Maybe NOT Homie!
  2. Mike Furness

    LSD Gully Washers

    All part of it Rick ... Just like life itself ... ya gotta take the bad with the good!
  3. Mike Furness

    New from northwest Missouri

    Welcome to the forum!
  4. Mike Furness

    Nugget Shooter Shirt

    OK ... Once you have confirmed the last prices I will start a new thread for pre-orders. My preference would be to have the pocket Tees(short sleeve) ... but to simplify it may be best to offer the short sleeve no pocket. What do you think Bill?
  5. Mike Furness

    Yesterday tiny nuggets....

    AllenJ ... the ATGold is a good detector, I have used one and found gold ... the GM1000 is a GREAT detector and I have found more gold in a very short period of time! With a free lesson from Nugget Shooter with the purchase of a GM1000 from Nugget Shooter you will be up and running adding nuggets to the poke in no time. Disclaimer ... Yes I am a little biased toward Minelab products and yes I do work with Bill Southern from Fall to Spring doing lessons ... having said that I own and use my own GM1000 during those months as well ... more so than my GPX5000 and GPZ7000 I might add. And if you are wondering what I do in the summer months ... well I fish bass tournaments from a kayak(see my avatar) primarily in New England. Get yourself a GM1000 ... be happy ... find gold! Oh ... and if you are a veteran Bill offers a discount on new Minelab detectors.
  6. Mike Furness

    Nugget Shooter Shirt

    Bill ... Can I post a pre-order page ... lets see what happens.
  7. Mike Furness

    Yesterday tiny nuggets....

    Hey Butterfingers ... nuggets aren't the only things you drop!
  8. Mike Furness

    Frank C's old White's GMT

    Hey Bob ... Don't have a Peddle boat yet working on it though. My first boat was an Ocean Kayak Trident Angler 13 ... Great fast paddling fishing platform in the Saltwater and very good boat for the Freshwater. Currently have an Old Town Predator 13 which is a great lake/pond boat for what I like to do fishing in the 'salad' and standing up sight fishing for Bass. It is a really good Saltwater boat as well. I have had it in 4-5 foot swells with no problems. I'll take a few pictures of the boat rigged next time it is fully rigged and post a new thread as you suggested. Lately I have been doing minimal fishing just using a couple different baits and one or two rods on the boat. And I am sure there will be a number of folks besides us that kayak fish. You and CC have a great time running the Rio ... if I was back in AZ I would join you. Oh ... And ... As for my next boat ... it will be an Old Town Predator PDL which is a pedal boat. I will be keeping the current boat too! Peddle boats don't do well in the salad aka weeds!
  9. Mike Furness

    Nugget Shooter Shirt

    I would take at least a couple if you had them ... ideally for me a light grey or light brown (tan or khaki) preferred to match the NS hat I have ... with a breast pocket logo. May I suggest one more post from you offering the shirts? I bet you would have more than 20 pre-orders. And since we are about to enter into the next new desert prospecting season they would be just in time for the Fall by the time you got them made up and received. just a thought.
  10. Mike Furness

    Nugget Shooter Shirt

    Dragging up an old idea ... did the shirts die on the vine?
  11. Mike Furness

    Contest winner?

    Beers are on you Shay ... Nice job!
  12. Mike Furness

    Hand held GPS

    As a former orienteering instructor I would not teach a class or a student for that matter that didn't have a paper map and compass for the journey we were about to take. Basic compass work MUST be understood before using a GPS. One with a GPS only can not travel near as far or as fast as one with a compass and map! If one could travel in a straight line from point A to point B without variation a GPS is OK as a single tool. However ... swamps, cliffs, trees, canyons etc prevent long treks in an absolute line. A map and compass is the proper tool to effectively traverse the universe. As has already been stated a GPS can mark well where we were and get us back via the same path via bread crumbs on the screen but how often do we travel the same path? Don't get me wrong a GPS is a great tool to get you back to the start point. Many times hunting in the deer woods of northern Maine or prospecting a new area in the gold fields with no particular destination in mind I have marked the location of the truck or my RZR, turned the GPS off, gone about my wandering and when ready to return turn it back on and have a general direction back to the truck. Just remember that the GPS does not calculate up/down hill or side to side movement ... it measures strait lines. So if the GPS says it is 2 miles back to the truck it might actually be as much as 3 miles of walking uphill downhill right and left around obstructions. It is merely a tool in combination with a map and compass!
  13. Mike Furness

    Frank C's old White's GMT

    You bet! And loving it! Miss nugget hunting but that will come again in the fall! For now I am fishing for fun and some tournaments from my kayak! Even qualified for the national championship held on Kentucky Lake earlier this year. My last big tourney here in the east will be September 1st .... the Charles River Open from Millis to the Esplanade in Boston ... about a 60 mile stretch of river in MA. Glad to see you posting again ... Rebel that you are!
  14. Mike Furness


    Congrats AlwaysDirty! And thanks for the contest Bill! It was fun!
  15. Mike Furness

    Frank C's old White's GMT

    That young man will have no problem making a good pile of gold ... Frankie's gold karma and yours as well will continue on ... NOT that that young prospector really needs it! Great job and story Bob!
  16. Mike Furness

    And one Fourth of July Nugget

    Nice work Gary ... Seems you have now cleaned out the Lynx area ... no more there folks ... it's all gone! No sense going up in the Pines now!
  17. Mike Furness

    Time for a nugget

    Holding out for Patience, Tammy ... she has left the desert ... just go and do your thing! Nuggets are waiting for you to wake them out of their bed! Just go early. Looking forward to getting out again but Patience said I have to wait until September ... she has plans for me here in NH!
  18. Mike Furness

    hay all

    Welcome Musa
  19. Mike Furness

    Metal detecting groups

    YUP! Skip is right! Surprising! Oregal ... aka Lisa ... loves to go out and play with her GM1000! Been out with her a couple times and look forward to doing it again when I return to AZ in September ... Judy Michael where do you hale from ... might make a difference to those who can and will reach out to you. Again welcome to the forum!
  20. Mike Furness

    Hello from Az

    Welcome to the forum!
  21. Mike Furness

    Happy Birthday Au Seeker

    Bait ... Chatterbait with paddle tail fluke trailer and Zoom Lizards are the primary ones for me. Friend of mine has been using his new 'rat' ... actually looks like a 6" rat body and about a 4" articulating tail. The darn thing catches fish! Heading to Cabela's today ... going to buy me one of those over priced rats! ... on the way to a few days in Boothbay Harbor Maine paddling around the tall ships! As for the brains ... well I think they have left me!
  22. Mike Furness

    New guy

    Welcome Burro 168 ... interesting name you have!
  23. Mike Furness

    Happy Birthday Au Seeker

    Happy Belated Birthday Skip! Sounds like it was a relaxing day for you! Been fishing my brains out lately, not very successfully I might add, so been off the computer.
  24. Mike Furness

    Today's 4

    Nice gold Bill ... looking forward to get back at it in September! Be talking to you soon.
  25. Mike Furness

    Small Gold , New Trend ?

    Nice yella Adam! Short hunt and hard work does pay off.