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  1. Pin Pointers

    Well I must have missed that story the first time around ... good read ... excellent advice!
  2. Friday.... LSD

    Good luck with the monster Bill ... looking forward to seeing your finds.
  3. Couple of my Favorites

    OK Tom ... But I can see three snake heads if that's the case!
  4. Nugget Shooter Fall Outing

    But Bill ... I want to be at both places ... maybe I can catch my limit early in the day since they usually start at 6 AM and be out of there by noon. Then hightail it to the outing since I will be camping anyway I will have camper just maybe not the RZR as I usually put the kayak in the trailer when I do the tournaments. I'll have to work on that one. Gary ... Wise Guy ... or words to that effect since this is a family forum!
  5. Rhino

    Ah Artic Dave ... Open Mouth insert foot into trouble as local fabricator! LOL!!!
  6. Nugget Shooter Fall Outing

    Bill ... Ya had to pick the 18th didn't ya? Same day as my KBF(Kayak Bass Fishing) Tournament on Lake Havasu! This could be my ticket to the nationals in March! Hmmm! What to do!
  7. Couple of my Favorites

    That bottom one looks like a threesome of lovers! can you say 'Menage a Trois'?
  8. White's Goldmaster V-Sat $300 OBO

    Bringing this one back from the archives ... I still have it and the new price for forum members would be $250. Please note that I won't be back in AZ until August 10th so it would not be available to pick up until then. Thanks for looking ... Mike F
  9. new guy here

    I've got a White's V-Sat that I would let go to a forum member for $250. ... 7 horses in the stable is a bit much and therefore would be willing to let one or two horses go. Had it in the classifieds quite awhile ago but it was end of season and folks just weren't buying. Was going to put it back up when I return to AZ in about three weeks ... I should be back about August 10 in Prescott Valley. Let me know if you have any interest and can wait until then to get it.

    is that like "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" ... oh wait ... the Sun is shining! Make it a great day folks!
  11. Miners.....

    Guy in the red shirt in the foreground of the last picture 'Miner's Lunch' reminds me a bit of Old Tom! Tom I know you must have been around back in those days!!!
  12. HEY YOU.... Yeah You

    AH Yes! ... SnapChat will strike anywhere at anytime! ;-) Let the fun begin!!!
  13. NEW CONTEST, Gold & Silver

  14. A "Just Because" Guessing Contest!

    Thanks Terry! And I was about double the actual! Just like when I go to a buffet lunch! My eyes see much more and therefore I get much more than my stomach can actually hold!
  15. Pin Pointers

    Detector Operator's Creed "Thou Shalt NOT Wear Any Metal!"