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  1. Mike Furness

    Good Hunt Today

    Looks like you are close to the source. WTG on the day's finds.
  2. Mike Furness

    Lake Erie gold / Shipwrecks

    Welcome to the forum ... you lead an interesting life! Looking forward to you sharing some of your experiences.
  3. Mike Furness

    Hello from Northern AZ

    Welcome OferAZ ... the madness is deafening ... gold fever lives here!
  4. Mike Furness

    November 2018 fall outing poll

    OferAZ ... Expect a lot of fun! no really organized events as we are on State Trust Land ... we do have a pot luck supper Saturday night ... in the past starting approximately 4PM ... to which we ask you to contribute a side dish or desert. Bill S usually smokes a couple briskets and there is usually one or two others that do the same so the meat is covered. As for the rest of the time most will team up informally to travel out to the nearby gold fields. You can not hunt/prospect on the State Trust Land. My guess is we will offer a free group lesson/demonstration on the GM1000 and/or the Equinox 800 finding gold in the desert environment. What you bring is whatever you need to survive the 3 days(I suggest bringing more drinking water than you think you will drink!) ... camping gear, all other meals, prospecting gear, transportation(ATV, UTV etc) ... BTW you can walk a short distance to club claims(GPAA and Road Runner primarily) if you are a member. If you are new to prospecting or metal detecting in particular please feel free to ask us any and all questions ... there are NO dumb questions!
  5. Mike Furness

    I found my biggest one today!

    Ah YES ole ancient one ... BUT you can learn! LOL!
  6. Mike Furness

    Nugget Shooter Shirt

    OK Bill ... Hat order should have been picked up by now ... we ready to post a shirt order/prepaid/pre-order? Your choice on how this happens of course. holding off on completing my 'gold season wardrobe' until we get your go ahead. Thanks Bill for all you do for us!
  7. Mike Furness

    IMPORTANT REMINDER from Administration

    Not a big problem Bob! The kids learn that stuff soon enough. And I am just old school!
  8. Mike Furness

    Cave Creek - Some History I didn't know

    History is fascinating ...
  9. Mike Furness

    IMPORTANT REMINDER from Administration

    I agree with Flak ... i'm certainly no angel and have on occasion used a few 'words' ... but to encourage the younger folks to do the same is not the what we should be teaching here.
  10. Mike Furness

    Got a bucket list silver....

    Hey Bill nice find! I have found 6-7 of them over my lifetime of detecting since 1988. 2 of them fetched a pretty penny from the coin dealer I sold them to in NH back in the early 90's. Have never found one in AZ.
  11. Mike Furness

    Greetings :)

    Welcome Lulia ... we're an eclectic group here ... just by way of a warning ... just because we appear gruff on the outside doesn't mean we aren't kind and caring on the inside ... we are all family here!
  12. Mike Furness

    My prospecting Bronco project finished

    Nice rig Shay ... Lots of travel in those wheels now!
  13. Mike Furness

    "Clay talks about fires and stuff"!!!

    Please pass the ! Did someone say KAYAKS? Tandems ... we call them Divorce Kayaks!
  14. Mike Furness

    Beat the heat retreat

    Wondered where my practice discus landed? Back in the day back in High School I used a 10 lb weight like that for warm-up to throwing the discus at track meets.
  15. Mike Furness

    November 2018 fall outing poll

    WOW Terry! You are coming to AZ? Been awhile. See you at the outing!