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  1. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    Nugget108 ... Hey if you are ever down this way ... Prescott Valley or Rich Hill(Congress AZ) or LSD (Morristown AZ) let me know and I will more than put the GPZ in your hands ... I'll run through the paces with you and then let you use it! Just give me a little notice of when you will be over this way. It is a very different and really amazing machine!
  2. Not to worry Jimmy ... Bill and I are on the same page ... I work with him and he is the big cheese of the outfit ... why would I cut the cheese that feeds me!?
  3. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    I 'ass-u-me' you are thinking the GPZ is just another PI ... It is not ... It is a different and more powerful technology ZVT (Zero Voltage Transmission). However to answer your question more directly I did experiment with a ferrite ring and my GPX5000 about a year or so ago. It didn't seem to make any difference in its ability to distinguish the targets (undug unknown targets). I found the targets with the usual setup and ground balancing procedures. Once the targets were found but before they were dug and identified I turned the GPX5000 off. After waiting about a minute I fired up the GPX5000 and without changing any of the previous settings I ground balance over the ferrite ring as part of the initial balance. Swung the coil over the target and it sounded off just as it had without the ferrite ring. I dug the targets and low and behold one of them was gold ... the other three I tried in the same manner turned out to be lead bullet material. This test was done in some moderately mineralized ground at the RRPC Aquarius Claims near Cleator AZ.
  4. Jim ... As an instructor I have to have some secrets! Besides if I told you outside a lesson I would have to kill you!
  5. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    Homey ... I would like to experiment with the cylinder and a large ring if you still have them available. I'll PM my mail address. Thanks!
  6. I have to strongly agree with Bill and Lisa as far as running the Monster. This machine NEEDS to be properly ground balanced no matter using the 10 manual sensitivity or the two automatic sensitivity settings. "Sampling" the ground by ground balancing a good sample of the ground is very important. In actuality if properly ground balanced most ground can be detected with very little Threshold warble and in many cases no warble at all! IT IS A DIFFERENT VLF machine than any of us have experienced before. There is a learning curve and a short session with Bill or myself can and will shorten that curve. So here is the advertisement: If you want to increase your chance of finding gold with your monster do yourself a favor and invest in a lesson with Bill or myself! There are just a few quirks we have both discovered about the machine and knowing them makes all the difference in the world finding those micro nuggets you are missing ... I am assuming the big ones are hard to miss no matter your methods!
  7. Pro-Find 35 fail.

    in the video I noticed the other pin pointer laying on the ground next to the hole ... "IF' by chance it was too close or perhaps even turned 'on' during the demonstration it is bad info. Not negating what the video producer is saying just offering a possible reason for the bad performance. One caveat ... I don't see a need for a pin pointer in gold prospecting/mining! My GM1000 is my 'pin pointer' as witnessed by finding a small 0.44 grain nugget the other day. I don't think the '35' or any other pin pointer would have helped me any more than the GM1000! JMHO!
  8. White's Goldmaster V-Sat FS

    BUMP! Hey guys and Gals where else are you going to find a long time proven gold getting machine for 200 bucks ... You only need to find about 5 grams of gold with this machine to pay for it. It needs a new home ... someone needs to take on the adoption! LOL! Seriously this is a great machine has found me a lot of gold ... it will do the same for you.
  9. Gold Bug Pro FS

    OK ... Someone needs this detector and I am going to give that person a true bargain. Price change ... $300 local delivery (Prescott Valley) or can be shipped at buyer's expense . Still willing to give a lesson on use to shorten the learning curve.
  10. Partners Conference

    Yes ... Both Bill and I are at our respective homes now. It all ended for us around noon today after the completion of our group hunt for Minelab Partners at LSD. Lots of smiles at the end of the morning. I think everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather, comradeship and desert setting. We had Minelab Partners from all over the world in attendance!
  11. Dinky Dinks

    Hey Bill ... it was a fun weekend and topped off with a little hunt to end it on total positive note for the entire weekend. Here is my little 'nugget' ... more likely a little flake but gold none the less. Hard taking a picture of this huge 0.44 grain gem!
  12. How to look for and find Gold

    Exactly what I am doing right now ... on my 4th cup! Lazy Saturday morning!
  13. Hello friends!

    Welcome aboard ... Lots of great folks here ... and plenty of knowledge to go around!
  14. NUGGET SHOOTER Spring Outing

    Sorry I won't be able to make this one. I will be in Paris Tennessee fishing from my kayak in the 2018 National Championship event on Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley with KBF(Kayak Bass Fishing). I hope everyone has a great time and finds some gold.
  15. Lost my Brother tonight

    So sorry to hear Rick ... No words can comfort the loss ... Memories do stay as time goes on ... Cherish them as I know you will ... RIP Mike!