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  1. trip to Q

    very nice Shep!
  2. Major gold theft rumored

    That is what I was thinking..........either way,it will have to be melted,and probably already is..........sad
  3. a handy field item

    LOL!Bob,sure has a way with words!! I piss my money away every time I pull up to the pump!
  4. New Forum Member--found a few

    Dang good!!!!At that rate your detector will pay for it self!!
  5. Gold wheels,bowls Etc.

    Dave,I have the Blue Bowl set up and the Little Spiral panner,you guys know you can use ....till dredging season!!
  6. As said that buck was in the velvet when killed.Most bucks shed the velvet around the end of August.Lions usually do bury there kill,but I have seen large Toms just kill,eat the heart liver and lungs and move on....not covering the kill.Lions actually "lick",the hair off with there very Fibrous tongue and as Sawmill stated is usually scattered all around.It is odd that you guys do not come across more kills as an adult lion needs a deer a week or comparable to surviveLions will not eat meat once it has rotted,and I say the deer the fellow found with the face and flank tore up was probably a coyote....those signs are not lion
  7. New Crusher(circa 1907)

    Sure is,I didnt know you were over here!Glad to see it!Aint she purdy!!!!?
  8. Ryepatch in September 09

    I have found them with a dark intrusion as well?I will get pics up soon,any idea what that could be??
  9. Gold in Crystal

    RELICS???!!!Did you say RELICS?As Dave has told you I am sure relics are my down fall I am all ears when we can get together,where are you??P.M. me.I was actually hunting for relics when I found this piece.I wasnt having a lot of luck but was in an area where we used to dig crystals when I was a kid,and had not been around there for years so I decided to swing over that way.I got a pretty good signal and opened up a hole in the red clay,mud,checked the hole,still there,actually did that a couple times and took out bigger scoops each time,after I no longer got the signal,I started back tracking through the sticky muck spoils,went by the crystal(threw it aside without air testing it,as it was covered in clay,but I could see that it was a crystal)when I went through the pile and hole again and had no signal I thought "what the hell",so I made a sweep over the surrounding are and happen to sweep over the crystal.....giving a signal,when I smeared the clay off I about sh&(!!
  10. Gold in Crystal

    WOW!!that is cool Wes,on here are the only other ones I have seen ,only heard stories!!Thanks for sharing that!!!
  11. Gold in Crystal

    Thanks,to both of you!Yes it is worth major $$$$$$$......how much,I have been told several times priceless,and yes I have standing offers.The unfortunate thing about it is that given its rarity,its not something I could sell and hope to ever repeat,I figure I will pass it down so maybe I wont be forgotten when I am gone.It also stinks that I have to keep it locked up in a safe deposit box and dont get to see her often,but beautiful piece it is!Thanks again!!!
  12. New Crusher(circa 1907)

    Yes Dave and Matt we will have to all get together and feed our little friend!I crushed some rock with her last night and my arms didnt even get tired!!!!I didnt feel right not pounding the ole'pestle!!!(but I will get used to it)Pretty cool to just watch it go.Thanks Dave,and I will get some pics when I get a chance.
  13. Gold in Crystal

    I have posted this before but Jeff was inquiring,and evidently a few others had not seen it.It is gold and was found by me in California.
  14. New Crusher(circa 1907)

    Just crushed some rock from the "Fortune Hole",havent got a chance to pan it yet,but what a joy to watch that little thing go!!!I have to say it has its place but I wont miss the Ole Mortar and Pestle!!!Thanks Dave!I will get some pics up soon
  15. Old Chinese Box Lid and Gold

    I agree a kit would be valuable but I disagree that these cans were kit containers,read the awesome link Dave provided above.I have found literally hundreds of these tins and I have yet found one piece of a "KIT".