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    OK, Guess the amount of money in jar without going over and win a beautiful specimen found by yours truly last spring (I think spring, was in a coffee can full) at a favorite mine dump I haunt ( No Ron before you ask not there) So it is gonna last until the 6th of July 2018, one guess per member. Have fun folks....
  2. Nugget Shooter

    My first trip out with the Gold Monster 1000.

    It is.... Dirt Fishing.
  3. Nugget Shooter

    Township/Range overlay....

    It was pointed out to me that Minecache also comes with a PLSS overlay.....
  4. Nugget Shooter

    Township/Range overlay....

    This is cool, useful, and reasonably priced. http://www.earthpoint.us/Townships.aspx
  5. Nugget Shooter

    GM 1000 battery pack?

    Sent a PM....
  6. Nugget Shooter

    Gold Daze - Family coming

    Sounds and looks fun...
  7. Nugget Shooter

    My first trip out with the Gold Monster 1000.

    Good on ya and yep a feller just needs to keep at it and you will score. Start learning where gold has been found in AZ and why it was there. Nugget Shooting is like a puzzle, once you get the pieces in place you begin to score on a regular basis.
  8. Nugget Shooter

    GM 1000 battery pack?

    The AA pack Mike I have in stock 6.50 each, will have more soon and the actual LI battery will be here soon as well.
  9. Nugget Shooter

    UPGRADE in 3...2...1

    The sky is falling.......
  10. Nugget Shooter

    GM 1000 battery pack?

    I have 2 here now....
  11. Nugget Shooter

    Township/Range overlay....

    WOW even better.....
  12. Nugget Shooter

    Profile Picture

    Hey all you new folks and others that have not added a photo to your profile, now you will have the first letter of your user name by default. Please add a photo in your profile area.... If you don't do it we will hehehehehe
  13. Nugget Shooter

    Question about Equinox 800

    That is very hard for me {walk away} and for 27 years I have dug all targets when hunting gold It is simply the only way I can be sure and even though the Gold Monster 1000 has very good discrimination I do not use it either. I am so stubborn on this that even if they made a gold only detector tomorrow I would likely still hunt in all metal. I do appreciate the tips and thank you!
  14. Nugget Shooter

    6inch coil for Equinox 800

    Thank you Rick, will ship as soon as they are released.
  15. Nugget Shooter

    Question about Equinox 800

    GREAT INFO bc5391 and just what I needed! I am in the learning curve as well and though the EQX 800 will not likely replace any of my other gold detectors I think it will be great to have a coin/relic detector that will nugget shoot well in the toolbox. Are you hunting single frequency or multi in the gold setting? Ordered the book as well.....
  16. Nugget Shooter

    6inch coil for Equinox 800

    Get one paid for at my store, I have some on order and will have them as soon as Minelab ships....
  17. Nugget Shooter

    Hello Prospectors!

    Welcome to out motley crew....
  18. Nugget Shooter

    Just saying Hello

    Howdy and glad ya joined us!
  19. Nugget Shooter

    Question about Equinox 800

    What Fred said.... Just put up a video of my first trip to the desert, I am learning it too. Took forever to get all my prepay orders filled, but now I have one.... Much different than a gold detector and I am experiencing the learning curve with everyone else. There are two more parts coming to this trip and plan to take it out some more and try some more settings as well as single frequency.
  20. Nugget Shooter

    gold Nuggets

    Sorry to hear that Grubby, I'll post them if I find them.... Tammy kicked my butt today
  21. Nugget Shooter

    MARCH 2018 NS Spring Outing

    CANCELLED...... OK everyone we will be doing the Spring Fling in the Quartzsite area this year and it should be fun in a new area to many folks and a little less filled with the dirt bike and quad crowds we now see at the LSD. This outing will be the weekend of March 23rd and will run from Friday to Sunday as usual. There will be some free Minelab Gold Monster lessons as well as help from other members with almost any detector you may own. Directions are very simple and the area we will camp is directly across the highway from Tom Wells Truck Stop on I-10 West of Quartzsite. We will post signs and bright green tape to the area most will be camping. There will be a pot luck dinner on Saturday evening and fun around the campfire, This is a large area to hunt so DO SOME RESEARCH on the area before you get there. Here is a google look at camp.... This is a free outing and allot of fun and I will be supplying smoked pork roast for part of the main course at Saturday's pot luck dinner. Lots of area to camp with good RV access and flat parking areas. We will get a head count in a poll I will post around the first week in March so I know how much pork to smoke. Fire wood is also needed if we plan to have a fire as there is none to be found in the desert here for the most part. See you there....
  22. Nugget Shooter

    GM 1000 battery pack?

    Yep will be here on Wed.....
  23. Nugget Shooter

    MARCH 2018 NS Spring Outing

    Have no club...... Just a bunch of folks at a forum.
  24. Nugget Shooter

    1880s again

    Mining crew displaying a large nugget from their sluice 1800s
  25. Nugget Shooter

    California 1940s

    Prospecting in Pinos Altos CA, using a rocker box 1940's