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  1. Nugget Shooter

    I can see Fall from my house!

    Hi All, I was sitting in the living room last evening and looking over my summers pile of maps and places to go and that lead to me getting out my Woody modded Nugget Sniffin' GP 3500 and getting it all ready to go which made the itch even worse It has been a long summer and though it has been fun chasing the local dinks from LSD etc. I am just wanting to get out with the PI into the deeper desert patches and new areas I have on the list. There is gold in those hills and I think I have some good solid leads for this season, but alas this weekend will not be cool enough for camping comfortably so will his some spots to our West this weekend in the morning hours once again... Hope some of you get out and ya don't have the itch worse than I do almost as bad as chiggers.... Just a few more weeks.
  2. Well done video, short and to the point. This setting is very much worth understanding!
  3. Nugget Shooter

    Whites GMT vs MineLabs Gold Monster 1000

    All the detectors you mentioned are very good ones and for gold hunting only I would go with the GM 1000 without a doubt. Give a call if you want to talk about the differences 6239100345
  4. Nugget Shooter

    Big Silver...

    Thanks Luke and it is always a rush to hit old silver as there is so little around it seems. I have found some nice ones including a Barber Dime from 1913 while hunting nuggets in the middle of nowhere.
  5. Nugget Shooter

    "One for Wednesday"

    I love it, nice nugget Gary....
  6. Nugget Shooter

    Newcomers beware

    This topic has become a distraction to what we are about folks, it is over and locked.
  7. Nugget Shooter

    Hunted for a few this morning

    I like those old rimfire cartridges, always a good find.
  8. Nugget Shooter

    Newcomers beware

    Sorry, but I do not keep a book inventory at my store and redirect folks wanting books to other dealers, I have always given free instruction with any detector I sell and yes we do charge to train folks on detectors purchased elsewhere. We also have a couple outings a year to give free help to folks that attend. I had no videos on YouTube until 4 months ago when I uploaded my first one.... As far as taking detectors out to do comparisons it is not my cup of tea and when I do it is in private and this is due to the fact that I think ALL good gold nuggets detectors will do the job in the right hands and I do not like to force choices on anyone. I prefer Minelab for my style of hunting and often hunt with folks using other brands as well. I do not make any comparisons public, just my thoughts when asked. I have helped more folks that even I will ever know learn to find gold by adjusting their methods, but that does not include taking them to a private productive spot to learn nor test equipment. It is up to YOU to find these type areas and much more rewarding to make your own discoveries. So to portray me as not interested in helping you is out of line as it was the way you made your request and attitude that was the issue. I still offer instruction and go as far as showing videos including requested videos for folks and help here at the forum as it is my passion to help those willing to open up and learn. You came in here like a wild boar insulting folks and insinuating members here are BSing about their finds and have even gone as far as to question my willingness to help others to learn to find gold or use their equipment and for that reason I am done with this thread now. I wish you the best of luck out there and I still politely say you are doing it wrong despite your instance you know what you are doing, you simply need to change your methodology.
  9. Nugget Shooter

    5000 Settings Wickenburg

    Cool then you should be in good hands and looking forward to seeing some gold.
  10. Nugget Shooter

    5000 Settings Wickenburg

    Remember "fine Gold" is a shallow ground setting and Normal is better in deeper ground, have fun...
  11. Nugget Shooter

    5000 Settings Wickenburg

    The settings on the GPX 5000 must be set up for each area you hunt when you get there and there are no real generic settings I could give you. This should get you on the right track though, Decide your mode then turn the detector on and let it settle down a bit Do your EMI Get a ground balance in current gain settings Hold the coil about an inch of the ground and turn the gain all the way down then slowly turn it up until it begins to become unstable (usually 9 to 11 at LSD) turn in back one click and then re ground balance. I normally will hunt in manual GB and adjust as I move along for best results (for me) The GP and GPX series are adjustable to almost all ground conditions you may face in the goldfields, but each area is a bit different and must be set up with that in mind. The difference of 5 miles or less can require different setup and learning to do it properly is a must making it very hard to offer a set of "blanket" settings to you. Good hunting....
  12. Nugget Shooter

    TOO HOT....

    Awwww shucks....
  13. Nugget Shooter

    Newcomers beware

    Yes it is likely as Bob said, remember the comment "Bill will likely remove me now so I will leave on my own"? Not the first go around me thinks, Just saying...... But yes this has become a thread that has taken on it's own life despite the efforts of the OP to be somewhat the Troll