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  1. Nugget Shooter

    Equinox 800 and 6 incoil

    Have fun fellers and GH
  2. Nugget Shooter

    Bill Southern's Videos on YouTube

    And a mule? would be a great series.......
  3. Nugget Shooter

    Bill Southern's Videos on YouTube

    Thanks guys.....
  4. Nugget Shooter

    Bill Southern Cameo steals new GPAA VID!

    Actually Adam it is a very good learning tool for folks wanting to get into prospecting and once one learns to use literature to see why they are on a club claim and where the gold was found like from Maureen Johnson's book Placer Gold Deposits of AZ they quickly begin to learn to hunt other areas on their own. Remember we all had to start somewhere and there are many who need some guidance and claims to hunt, the GPAA offers just that for a dang reasonable cost. I have been a member for well over 20 years and it was the Ol' Buzzard on the TV on a Saturday morning that began my switch from rock hound to gold prospector. I had no clue I would be in the video though, pretty cool....
  5. Nugget Shooter

    Equinox 6 inch coil

    The 6 inch coil is finally released, but being allotted to dealers as were the detectors because of huge demand, my first small allotment is gone already, but more coming soon. Prepay at my store to lock one in from the next round as they will be hard to get for a while. I will be testing one tomorrow if they get here today and should be a great coil for trashy areas and hunting nuggets in the goldfields.
  6. Nugget Shooter

    Cool in Colorado - Gold Country

    Great post Rod and what beautiful country and I was up that way a couple years back....
  7. Nugget Shooter

    GPAA How to re-up?

    Guys I have renewals and new membership kits (pan,guide, etc.) here at my shop, also the new mining guide will be here withing a week or so..... I have all their stuff available.
  8. Nugget Shooter

    New from northwest Missouri

    Welcome to this place
  9. Nugget Shooter

    Quick EQUINOX 800/600 question

    OK will look forward to talking with you... Bill
  10. Nugget Shooter

    November 2018 fall outing poll

    You can get one, I as a business have to go through a permit process and allot of cash to have a "sponsored" outing so we always opt for everyone getting their own and not booths or banners etc... Tom may be getting one not sure, but he has in the past to cover folks without.
  11. Nugget Shooter

    Need Some Help with Odd Find

    Very hard and did not like grinding, ground and sanded a bit and I am still confused a bit on actual ID.... BUT.... did a streak test and dark gray/black soooooo terrestrial likely eh?
  12. Nugget Shooter

    Need Some Help with Odd Find

    OK guys, thanks for the input and will grind on it some since no one screamed "Stop it is worth millions" I learned my lesson at Gold Basin (bet you too Nugget Bob) throwing away the hundreds of nasty hot rocks that plagued us in the gold nugget patches They turned out to be the Gold Basin Meteorite. Thinking no on Galena and I have found lots of it and this is different (or I haven't seen this type) Back in a few with a window.... Big one like Bedrock Bob asked for...
  13. Nugget Shooter

    Etching with salt?

    OK this is cool....
  14. Nugget Shooter

    Nugget Shooter Shirt

    I am waiting on hats and when I pick them up next week I will find out, I think if Creations in Thread has no issues we will offer long and short with or without pocket. I think they will mix an order since they are just adding the logo....