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  1. Didn't work in this part of AZ though Bob, didn't Wickenburg take your vehicle as a result of you telling them you needed no drivers license, registration, or insurance?
  2. Nugget Shooter

    Don't disregard the old coils

    Not going to happen Rod due to the nature of ZVT..... Was one of the main things we have asked about at conferences. At least not with the current GPZ 7000, but Minelab is always busy......
  3. Nugget Shooter

    Hey, got prayers?

    Tammy's Momma had a stroke.. not the real bad one, but a big deal. Send them if ya got them OK?
  4. Nugget Shooter

    Modded 3500

    Well did some horse trading and got my hands on a detector I have been watching for, a fully modded GP 3500. I have always wanted to try one of these modded by Link Technologies as there is much good said about this model after being tweaked and some comparing it to a detector between the GPX 5000 and GPZ 7000 in it's gold finding capabilities. Sounds interesting to be sure and should be fun to use....
  5. Nugget Shooter

    Research Time

    Well it is getting mighty warm here in the desert so once again it is time to research promising areas for the coming cool weather. I actually enjoy hitting the books and maps and have a couple new areas that just finding a trail in is almost impossible. One such place Dave and I had to walk a 12 mile or so round trip a couple weeks ago and man that was a tiring and painful walk for this aging nugget shooter, but there are no passable roads into this area. Hopefully there will be an easier route to try later in the year after it cools off. Another spot I am actively studying is only 2 miles from an area I have found some amazing gold in the past and has no occurrences of placer gold ever recorded. A hunter told me about a small valley with every wash and several of the slopes covered in old drywash header piles with the fines piles long washed away and they had picked up a couple small nuggets off bedrock in one of the washes. Not being prospectors they never went back to detect or anything else... I was able to find this spot on Google Earth last night and look right at the worked valley and washes, problem is once again no access even by quad through the heavily dissected pediment gravels with sharp cut deep washes full of bedrock waterfall areas. Looks like allot of walking to get in with the closest trail of any kind a couple miles away Dang, may have to get a horse and mule Hit the books folks as the cooler weather will be here before you know it and it is nice to have a hit list made up.
  6. Nugget Shooter

    Modded 3500

    So far I am very happy with it and it is really hot on small gold at depth. More attention to coil selection is needed when setting up the detector and the adjustable Gain is a big advantage over the stock version. As far as comparing to other detectors, not going there, but I have not sold it
  7. Nugget Shooter

    Research Time

    That was your other option.....
  8. Nugget Shooter

    Don't disregard the old coils

    Indeed true and having picked up a modded 3500 a while back I was glad to still have a selection of coils laying around for it. Before you ask "YES" I like the Woody mods on this 3500 and it kicks butt.... Have an old 14 x 7 nugget finder mono that is a great match for this detector.
  9. Nugget Shooter

    Research Time

    I may take you up on a trip and trade info for critter help..... Remember you will be part of a prospecting trip and that is the trade. Details can be ironed out.
  10. Nugget Shooter

    Happiness Is Wanting What You Have

    Love this post.....
  11. Nugget Shooter


    Looks like most if not all of Arizona's National Forests are closed to all use as of today through Memorial Day and longer.... Trails, campgrounds, mining claims.... EVERYTHING Just saw that is is a FULL CLOSURE on news. https://ein.az.gov/emergency-information/emergency-bulletin/area-closures-tonto-national-forest-begin-wednesday-may-23
  12. Nugget Shooter


    That is what she may have been doing then Tom.... Marked trails are open for now, but "side" trails and wash travel is restricted from what I gather. No motorized drywashing, recirculaters, etc allowed at all.
  13. Nugget Shooter

    14.9 Grams of Ugly

    Thinking seriously of giving this almost half ounce nugget a Hydroflouric Acid bath, I have tried to clean it, but is dirty looking as the day I got it and thinking it may look real purdy with the whits acid bleached Quartz instead of the dull yellowish color nature bestowed upon it. It is actually mostly gold with the matrix on the outer sides.... I have tried every other method and it just stays sort of ugly ducklingish
  14. Nugget Shooter


    Still open right now Wade, but Tammy and I saw a Fish and Game truck driving around out there yesterday and I have never seen that before, we waved at her both times she passed us and she did not stop, just waved back. I do know ANY motorized equipment is restricted as is outdoor smoking or grilling on all State and Federal lands.
  15. Nugget Shooter

    Education.... listen.

    Sometimes information delivery is funny, odd, nut case, or..... Depending on the educator, Jeff is fun to listen too. This is good stuff from a graduate or the same college as my good friend Jim Straight and perhaps another member or two here....
  16. Nugget Shooter

    UPGRADE in 3...2...1

    Ain't that the truth..... But I think we need to clean up the mess of emoticons they laid on us lol.....
  17. Nugget Shooter

    UPGRADE in 3...2...1

    The sky is falling.......
  18. Let me know if you are in need... Will have them as the dude above said. Thanks Doc.... Hey call me one day when ya got a minute.
  19. Nugget Shooter

    Research Time

    Problem is blazing any new trail is seriously frowned upon these days and they do prosecute... Even a Rokon ain't going up this wash and the area it is in blazing trails even in a wash is risking some big hassles with border patrol working the area heavily. Not far from the border.... Open BLM land, but it sees allot of activity with border issues....
  20. Nugget Shooter


    Just saw a fish and game truck out at LSD.... That was something new.
  21. Nugget Shooter

    Arizona mining claims for sale

    Beautiful area, hunted some in there years before you got it and got me a few....
  22. Nugget Shooter

    UPGRADE in 3...2...1

    Damn Tom you are outed.....
  23. Nugget Shooter

    Unc's Gold Gettin' Fritters

    Yep still fixin to get to fixin us some..... Got the fixins finally.
  24. Nugget Shooter

    Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Bob you are a source of History and like it or not a legend in the nugget shooting world, why some of your escapades over the years have been a source of education as well as side busting laughter. Thanks for your input here my friend.