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  1. Rookie

    Howdy Mark and welcome to the community....
  2. Howdy everyone fall is slowly coming and with it the first Nugget Shooter Outing of the hunt season, as usual I will supply a smoked Brisket and a pork roast and it is up to you all to bring the rest as well as your own eating utensils. All dishes are welcome from condiments to main course and there is always plenty to eat. I will be doing a demo with the Minelab Gold Monster if you are interested and there may be some other surprises from Minelab as well. We will also have a prize drawing and that will be after dinner on Saturday before the fire pit is lit and yes bring firewood if you have it.... These outings are allot of fun and anywhere from 35 to 100 people show depending on the year! The outing will be held at the San Domingo Placer area in Maricopa County Arizona near Morristown. http://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/24123-great-article-on-san-domingo-area/ We will post maps soon to Jackass Flats and most RVs can get in without trouble and there is allot of room though often folks not with our group will also be camped there using the quad and ATV trails. You need to get a State Trust Land parking recreational permit to camp and they can be purchased online and are good for a year, https://land.az.gov/natural-resources/recreational-permits There are also GPAA and Roadrunner claims throughout the area and this is a big placer area. If you have questions or concerns this is the thread to ask in.... More to come.
  3. Helping a newcomer, and getting gold nuggets

    What a blast and nice gold for sure, small 2 grammer? Heck out this way that is a goodly sized one. I have 7 so far this trip and might make 2 grams
  4. To all my Gold Monster 1000 Customers.

    Don't unleash the repellent, yours just may run back to papa Could perhaps use your help training though if ya want Wade.
  5. November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    Yep what they all said, sorry I am in the field for several days and only checking in when get the time.
  6. 4.2.5 Upgrade

    Starting in 3....2.....1......Now
  7. GM 1000 Sweet spot.

    Not middle of cool it is in the center of the sticker at front for me.... 5 inch pretty much the same. It is a DD coil thus the hotter area is front to back in coil center.
  8. Rye Patch Cold (25)

    Good Hunting, I am out of here today and headed West for several days...
  9. Happy Birthday Patrick

    Have a good one my friend....
  10. An old patch

    Great story and gold.... Thanks for sharing.
  11. November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    You safe from the fires?
  12. Now that is sweet news and nice nugget at that depth it must have been a faint signal.... Now that you have confidence in that 7000 look out Seriously and knowing you can tag that 2.3 nugget at that depth is a big deal....
  13. My boy got his deer today.

    Nice Deer for sure congrats. Fine shooting says I
  14. WOW, Nazi Gold

    You guys are just no fun at all, good one on the ropes, that was the first thing i noticed....
  15. 10 Million Acre Mineral Withdrawal

    Good News Clay! Thanks for keeping us informed
  16. Recommendations for a new coin/beach/relic machine

    Wait for the new Equinox, you will not regret it... I will be taking down payments to get yours from the first round.
  17. five hour hunt yesterday

    Yep I fell for that one a few times myself Mike.
  18. five hour hunt yesterday

    Interesting and I as well would have to look, Gypsum is soft, a (2) on the harness scale and your would be able to chip into it with a pick I would think. If a harder mineral like Quartz or Calcite who knows what you have in there. I dug for several trips into a spot in Quartzsite where several of us on the forum were trying to excavate a target from solid mineralized Quartz and after breaking a pick and pry bar we finally got to it at about 8 inches into solid (we thought) rock. It was a small brass blasting cap that had not detonated decades ago at the bottom of its hole. Sure sounded good and we all got a good laugh from that one.
  19. A monster sucking day

    Sounds like a fun day.... well most of it.
  20. OK guess this is where to put this and my newest venture is Honeybees.... We started with one hive from package bees we ordered and now have 5 active hives due to a swarm I got last week and several cutouts from people that had hives established on their property. Also sold one established hive to a feller from a cutout. First thing everyone asks is about Africanized bees and I will just say they are not the threat the media would have you believe. first any honeybee Africanized or not will go totally aggressive and sting an animal or human hundreds or even thousands of times and I guarantee if you go into my bee yard and beat one of my large hives with a stick you will think they are Africanized when they come out to deal with you. Second, in many countries they only have this type be and always have. They have learned to work them in a slightly different manner as not to piss them off and they are good honey producers. Third, Media hypes them up because a standard honeybee attack is not exciting enough, yes there have been some deaths of pets and some humans, but in most instances they were allergic to bee venom and the large dose from many bees was too much Africanized or not. Just one of our large hives likely have over 60,000 bees in it right now and all are very mellow to work with, but the 4 feral bee hives no more aggressive than the store bought Italians bees in the other 2 Saving the world one bee at a time....
  21. Bill's Bees.... Honeybees that is.

    Humans are killing ourselves and everything else as we overpopulate our planet and have to use chemicals for insects and weeds to be able to produce enough food. Or there will be a monster virus or worse one day that will easily ravage the human population because there are so many traveling and living in close proximity to each other. Or just a big senseless war simply because humans can't get along and respect each others differences or believe their religion requires it..... Honey from urban hives has shown larger than average amounts of pesticides and herbicides in honey as the bees gather from gardens and yards that are sprayed by the owners, often in very high dosages regardless of what the label warns. There will be a payment due one day for all this stupidity and chemical overuse and there are bugs other than bees that are very important to the environment being wiped out as well.... Sad.
  22. Monster Mods

    I am sure that is the problem and I have also seen what Fred mentioned for myself and had to use a razor knife to cut off a little bit at base of shaft so it would plug in correctly. Let me know if you still have any issues, but I agree it is likely the adapter not making full contact inside.