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  1. Tucson Gold Show

    Hi All, if you are coming to Tucson for the gold show stop by the Minelab booth this morning to say hello, I will be sharing the stage with Kevin Hoagland at 1:00pm to speak about metal detecting for gold nuggets then back to hang out with Deb at the Minelab booth for a while. Will also be there on Sunday if you miss Saturday's seminar.
  2. Very cool, learning as you go... Someone has to do it
  3. Equinox 800 gold ring experiment

    Thank you Sheldon for taking the time to share your experiences!
  4. Happiness Is Wanting What You Have

    Nice gold my friend!
  5. 2018 Tucson Gold Show

    OK, looks like I will be speaking around noon or so both days with Kevin.
  6. Tucson Gold Show 2-17-18 and 2-18-18

    They are allot of fun, raffles and seminars... I will be speaking both Sat and Sun around noon with Kevin H.
  7. 12V puffers

    I had a Keene 12 volt puffer for many years and loved it.... These days I mainly detect. The pros are no screaming small engine in your ears all day and no exhaust smell in the concentrates like some leaf blower motors cause. Cons, to run all day I had to tote that darn marine 12 volt battery up and down steep hills... Both find gold well if used properly
  8. Link to Store for Hats

    Glad you like it and you likely have the only one in NY
  9. Never prospected

    Welcome to the madness, gold fever is right around the corner from curious
  10. Check it out an Equinox 800 first...

    Well now that is getting it done....
  11. Equinox 600 Arrived Today!

    Nice one Sheldon
  12. Sir you have become very good at this and loving the chance to tag along here at the forum. Jim Straight said something to me once and it was " Bill, we got something we need to share, you know what i mean?" I waited.... "finding gold is a skill learned much by having a mentor". Yes I said and waited..... "I write books, you have the internet and teaching or helping others go where we have been feels good" I again said yes..... Jim has a passion for helping and taught me much over the years, I honestly owe some of my success to him and many of the other old timers at detecting Arizona, like Nugget Bob.... Hehehe I know some stories of his exploits in the old days and dang he got some gold. Was in one of the first prospecting with a detector videos I ever saw tearing into old timer hand stack piles. But back in the late 80's and early 90's there was little help anywhere for folks wishing to find gold with a "witching stick" I watch many come and go here, but many have started out with us, stayed, then made us jealous of their finding skills There is some serious skill here in a list to long to write.... I love this place. Anyway to know that in some small way I was an inspiration my friend is cool beans to me, thanks....
  13. Nooooooooooooo.......... I don't have one yet, you folks having the first round are obligated to share.....
  14. Research site or two

    http://www.azgs.az.gov/minerals_gold.shtml http://repository.azgs.az.gov/sites/default/files/dlio/files/2010/u14/OFR_85_01.pdf Have fun.....
  15. I found some gold today

    Very nice gold, heard about the battery mod and was curious as to how it would work since Minelab specifically says not to use them in the manual.