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  1. No more NFL

    Neither side is on our side and love to see folks argue who's jackass is the better Jackass. Give it a break guys as said above it is the government as a whole that can not get anything done not one man.....
  2. Happy Birthday Homefire

    your still alive like me...... Happy Birthday
  3. Meteorite?

  4. Biggest Nugget You've Found In AZ

    Oh My..... Nice....
  5. Equinox.....

    Trying and hoping to get one soon, can pre order? Military or GPAA or a FORUM member.... Discounts available
  6. CC / CCB following Irma..

    Like the desert wash the almighty ocean never does the same twice in a storm..... Dang it we are still learning always as chasers of the dream....
  7. Californias New Gold Rush NBC Nightly News

    WOW...... After learning? Or Newbie? Took me a year 1989 or 90 then all good from there....
  8. Just saying

    Yeah media is getting everyone worked up and government is again stirring the pot.... I see a pattern, Just sayin. I am American.....
  9. Cañón del Tesoro

    Always love hearing your adventures and much respect says I as you guys kick serious gold butt.... Pretty stuff and keep sharing.
  10. Fix For The Gold Monster 1000

    Trust me they are actively working on solving whatever the issue is, it just how Minelab rolls. Rarely will they discuss the details of the issue same as most manufactures as much is private tech info and the affected detectors will be replaced or repaired as soon as possible as well as the issue solved. The Gold Monster has been in the field now for several months and there have been relatively rare thus far compared to sales and detectors in the hands of the public, Nugget Shooter alone has sold more than 50 already and have had no issues that customers have relayed to me except a falsing issue with the 5 inch coil wire and he fixed it by securing the wire, I did this as well. I did have a couple folks that did not understand the new technology when in Discriminate and thought they were getting false signals, but once I took them out and explained that they will always hear the intermittent half signals as the micro processor adapts to ground, hot rocks, and trash targets. Once they learned to listen to the processor work and dig only the good solid repeatable Beep-Beeps they were in full understanding and humming right along. The reports of some detectors being replaced I to have heard and good for Minelab, but that may suggest also that there were some detectors with internal issues and that will surly be fixed soon. Perhaps a few bad processors? I have no clue at this point, but I am going to see if I can learn more for you all. Like I said out of all I have sold no issues other than a 5 inch coil hearing it's own wire and securing it tight fixed it. Sorry to the folks that got one that had to or may have to be replaced, but Minelab always takes care of their customers. If any of my customers feel their detector has an internal issue I would love to have a look at it and try it before it gets sent in so I may experience it my self.
  11. Half gram today :)

    Private or club claims.... Depends if client is club member or not.
  12. Half gram today :)

    Nice Tom, I was out doing training yesterday and all 4 of us got the skunk
  13. Groucho Nugget

    Don't know anything about it Ron, it was on Facebook and thought it worth sharing here.... No Mitchel not sent to me by a customer and I have no idea who actually found it or I would have added more info about it.
  14. 2.9 Ounces

    Was in the general area near the old Itsey Bitsy Mine along with a 1/4 ounce and a few others smaller.....
  15. I ain't a-skeered a no hurricane..

    Glad everyone is OK, like the desert for many reasons and that hurricane stuff you all face is bad, grew up in tornado country, but never took a hit though many towns around us did.... All we ever get is some big wind now and then....