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  1. Nice one Rod, a tip, as you are one smart computer nerd keep in mind the 24 bit micro processor on board and when getting an initial ground balance established it can take 7 to 15 seconds depending on ground and any time lifted over 8 inches or so the darn thing balances to the air and ya gotta balance again. I am guessing you know this, but always good to share with others reading. The main complaint many have about this is it is unstable and in most cases it is a result of not having the detector set up correctly, go figure. Have fun my friend and you may find it a go to foe shallow ground and bedrock when it replaces the GB 2
  2. ID please

    I agree with Adam, odd one.... Iron minerals?
  3. Weird egg shaped formation

    Very cool....
  4. Check out this Fossil

    Cool find
  5. To introduce myself...

    We do two a year....
  6. Modded 3500

  7. Looking for a couple GPX coils...

    Looking for a couple coils for my Modded GPX 3500 and thought I check for deals before buying them new. I want a unloved Minelab Commander 8 inch round mono or similar (prefer Minelab) and a 16 inch round mono.... What ya got?
  8. Modded 3500

    Well did some horse trading and got my hands on a detector I have been watching for, a fully modded GPX 3500. I have always wanted to try one of these modded by Link Technologies as there is much good said about this model after being tweaked and some comparing it to a detector between the GPX 5000 and GPZ 7000 in it's gold finding capabilities. Sounds interesting to be sure and should be fun to use....
  9. 2 Dinksters - SD2200 Gold

    Funky and Chunky, nice gold....
  10. MARCH 2018 NS Spring Outing

    OK everyone we will be doing the Spring Fling in the Quartzsite area this year and it should be fun in a new area to many folks and a little less filled with the dirt bike and quad crowds we now see at the LSD. This outing will be the weekend of March 23rd and will run from Friday to Sunday as usual. There will be some free Minelab Gold Monster lessons as well as help from other members with almost any detector you may own. Directions are very simple and the area we will camp is directly across the highway from Tom Wells Truck Stop on I-10 West of Quartzsite. We will post signs and bright green tape to the area most will be camping. There will be a pot luck dinner on Saturday evening and fun around the campfire, This is a large area to hunt so DO SOME RESEARCH on the area before you get there. Here is a google look at camp.... This is a free outing and allot of fun and I will be supplying smoked pork roast for part of the main course at Saturday's pot luck dinner. Lots of area to camp with good RV access and flat parking areas. We will get a head count in a poll I will post around the first week in March so I know how much pork to smoke. Fire wood is also needed if we plan to have a fire as there is none to be found in the desert here for the most part. See you there....
  11. Hi Everyone

    Glad to have you with us, have fun.
  12. To introduce myself...

    Welcome to the boards and have fun...
  13. What a killer video and well done! Have you tried nugget hunting yet?
  14. Tucson Gold Show

    Hi All, if you are coming to Tucson for the gold show stop by the Minelab booth this morning to say hello, I will be sharing the stage with Kevin Hoagland at 1:00pm to speak about metal detecting for gold nuggets then back to hang out with Deb at the Minelab booth for a while. Will also be there on Sunday if you miss Saturday's seminar.