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  1. Video-Making wooden branch art pens

    I watched and interesting.... I am attempting to do some video this year as well....
  2. Gold Cube

    Good to filter honey as well John
  3. Weekend Shooting.... Nugget that is.

    He will be there if the GPAA doesn't have him tied up....
  4. Weekend Shooting.... Nugget that is.

    We have 2 here now lol..... Kevin is working in CA this weekend so borrowing his.
  5. Well a few (bunch) of my favorite but hunted heavily spots have seen some torrential rains this summer and this weekend we will brave the heat and drag the nugget wagon out for the first time since last spring. So today we will load up the Rhino in it with all our gear and a chiewawa to hit some bedrock and shallow wash areas with the GM 1000 and will also be taking the big guns for deeper areas. Scouted a couple of these spots already and am very excited to get out and play. Also going to hit some trashy areas that produced allot of small nuggets to those patient enough to dig through the iron to find the gold and seeing how the GM 1000 will ignore the iron it could be interesting as well. This also should be a chigger free zone, little bastards tore us up last weekend and just now starting to heal up and stop itching. We are out of here this afternoon, good hunting All.
  6. Paid member still seeing ads...wth?

    OK Fixed it and it was originally going to be set so Premium Members were opted out since they pay 40.00 yearly.... On a good note the ads are working great and each page load (view) and each click on an ad pays which with paying members help is supporting our community and allowing some extra for contest prizes....
  7. Topaz Mt. Utah, Suggestions

    Well there is some great info for sure and thanks Adam...
  8. Another Gold Monster review.

    Howdy Ed, If you need some time with me on it I am available and perhaps I will take a spin down there when it cools to try a few spots.
  9. Some Gold Monster Plusses And Minuses

    Hi Martin, You may want to check out the larger coil a little bit more and see if perhaps the coil itself has an issue? Harry Pittman had a large coil short out in AK a few weeks ago and started falsing so he contacted Minelab and they replaced his whole detector with a new one instead of just the coil. This is the only one I am aware of that has been sent back for any reason. Ya just never know I guess, but the small coil is most definitely hotter on the very small stuff and at pretty good depth. I only notice the effect you mention if I am moving too fast with it which makes mine a little confused as well, but if I slow down all is well unless I am constantly lifting the coil more than a few inches above the ground to get over rocks etc. which causes the detectors micro processor to re-balance itself ... Great first review and thank you for taking the time to share it with us. On a side note I prefer the 10 inch coil and do not use the small one unless on an area I have to keep trying to raise the larger coil over obstructions. Also I still pump to ground balance every few swings (old habits die hard) to keep the auto GB smooth. Depth on larger targets .25 and up is very good for a VLF and better than most I have used if not all. I got the GM 1000 for the same reason as you and nice to have in the tool box with the 2300 and 7000. Tammy wants one now too since she managed a nugget with mine first trip.
  10. OK this one is for a little different prize and a good one, Minelab Gold Panning Kit! A 49.95 buck value.... So how do you win this panning kit? Yep coins again.... In a candy bowl.... Closest without going over wins..... Simple eh? This will run until September 15th 2017 and have fun!
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris Ralph

    Happy Birthday Chris and others....
  12. NEW CONTEST, Gold & Silver ENDED 8-15-17

    Winner being closest to 31.11 is you Rick! Thanks everyone from playing and a new contest will be announced soon unless someone beats me to it Rick please PM a mailing address....
  13. Eureka Gold

    The Eureka is a great VLF and one big advantage is that you can adjust the frequency to 6-20-61 kHz which gives you more options in different soil types and depths. Coiltek make a 15 inch coil for the Eureka that folks say gives better depth and when used in 6 kHz does quite well. Using smaller coil will make it very sensitive when running 61 kHz and it will hear very small gold most other VLF detectors will normally miss (except GB2 and GM 1000)
  14. Big Changes

    Part of it is I think...... Goes through Skull Valley and further to Kirkland right?
  15. GOLD MONSTER 1000 in stock!

    It is a very good detector..... Just saying.