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  1. grubstake

    gold Nuggets

    Getting tired of not being able to detect, I can only look at your Golden Eye Candy! Post more please, I'm going nuts just taking the wife back and forth to the DR. every other day! Grubstake
  2. grubstake

    gold Nuggets

    Great nugggets,Ron. Sure wish I was able to get out. My health and my wifes just won't let me. Don't own a detector anymore anyway. just wishing. Grubstake
  3. grubstake

    gold Nuggets

    I would say more than just some! thats outstanding! Grubstake
  4. grubstake


    $83.34 Grubstake
  5. grubstake

    gold Nuggets

    That happens Bill, my wife kicks my but every now and then too! But not with nuggets, with DRS. Apointments. there killing me. Grubstake
  6. grubstake

    GM 1000 Voltage ?

    Just plug it in to 220, you could run alday! Ha! Ha!Long,long,long extention cord. Grubstake
  7. grubstake

    Guessing Contest For Silver!

    My guess is: 26 quarters,60 dimes, 58 nickles, and 176 penneys. Grubstake
  8. Here's mine: Wife and I used to go all the time in the winter to my Uncles house in Monterey, I'd got night hunting with him on the beach, Well My wife and I had a little thing we would do on the way over. I'd ask her: Well what kind of ring do you want me to find you this time? And she w2ould tell me. Most times I would find atleast one ring. So she says: Fine me a RUBY and Diamond ring. So we get to my uncles, and after we ate, I told my uncle I have to find Dorthy a RUBY and Diamond ring this time. Around Midnight, we wnt out, To Carmel beack, Parked in lot. We both got our detectors out, and Walked over to the sand, I put my detector coil on the ground, put my headphones on, and turned the Soverine on, It made a heck of a sound, blew my ears off. I said: What now1 And checked my batteries to see if I had problems. They were ok, so I turn the detector back on, Same thing, it blew my ears off. I moved the coil over and turned it back on, No sound, just the threshold, So I checked the Spot where it blew my ears off: Beep Beep, I took my sand scoop, And dug down, Well what do you know! A Ruby and Diamond ring, 14KT as a matter of fact with Burma Rubies. Worth around $500.00 bucks so the Jewler says. Grubstake
  9. I keep two case's of MRE'S just for that! Grubstake
  10. grubstake

    UFO Over Arizona.. Again!

    They are looking for all the un-recovered gold nuggets! Grubstake
  11. grubstake

    OS omputor

    Ok, Bill. I've used MAC before, but a long time ago. Thanks Gary This computer has a 30 inch monitor and 1tb hard drivie internal, with a 15 tb hard drive add on, . Got it for $300.00 a deal for me
  12. grubstake

    OS omputor

    Bill after the first of e month, I'm getting a used MAC, OS system, with 15 Tarbites of memory, Is there going to be a problem going to a MAC, logging on? I got a real deal on it, It was used for photo shoping, by a commercial company, all there data has been deleated, so I'll be starting fresh. Grubstake
  13. grubstake

    El Dorado reaches 72 today

    Happy Birthday Steve! Grubstake
  14. grubstake

    Happy Birthday Pondmn

    Happy birthday Jerry, And I hope its a good one, with many more to come! Grubstake
  15. grubstake

    2 Dinksters - SD2200 Gold

    I sure wish I had my 2200sd back, it was a good detector, Grubstake
  16. grubstake

    Happy Birthday Grubstake

    Thanks Guys, I did have a good one, hell how can you go wrong with 69. Ha! Ha! Grubstake
  17. grubstake

    Happy Birthday Grubstake

    It was outstanding, I ate, and took a two hour nap, that's what old folks do best! Ha! Ha! Grubstake
  18. grubstake

    Happy Birthday Grubstake

    You forget I'm all electric, it would cost me dearly to heat it up and bake it. My electric is running $300.00 to $400.00 a month. Grubstake
  19. grubstake

    Happy Birthday ArcticDave

    Happy Birthday Dave, Get that Plane flying. Grubstake
  20. grubstake

    Happy Birthday Grubstake

    Thanks Ron, I will, my favorite is Canadian Beacon, black olives, Mushrooms, and Artichoke hearts! Ha! Grubstake
  21. grubstake

    Happy Birthday Grubstake

    Thank you all, big 69 today, going to Mariposa to get Pizza! Grubstake
  22. grubstake

    New 2018 F150 V6 3.0L Diesel!!

    They are bringing the Ranger back too.
  23. grubstake

    Christmas Gold

    OH, you found a FAT ANGEL Nugget! Grubstake
  24. grubstake

    Dinosaur head....

    Noits a chunkasourus. Grubstake
  25. grubstake


    It comes in pink too. Grubstake