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  1. 2 Dinksters - SD2200 Gold

    I sure wish I had my 2200sd back, it was a good detector, Grubstake
  2. Happy Birthday Grubstake

    Thanks Guys, I did have a good one, hell how can you go wrong with 69. Ha! Ha! Grubstake
  3. Happy Birthday Grubstake

    It was outstanding, I ate, and took a two hour nap, that's what old folks do best! Ha! Ha! Grubstake
  4. Happy Birthday Grubstake

    You forget I'm all electric, it would cost me dearly to heat it up and bake it. My electric is running $300.00 to $400.00 a month. Grubstake
  5. Happy Birthday ArcticDave

    Happy Birthday Dave, Get that Plane flying. Grubstake
  6. Happy Birthday Grubstake

    Thanks Ron, I will, my favorite is Canadian Beacon, black olives, Mushrooms, and Artichoke hearts! Ha! Grubstake
  7. Happy Birthday Grubstake

    Thank you all, big 69 today, going to Mariposa to get Pizza! Grubstake
  8. New 2018 F150 V6 3.0L Diesel!!

    They are bringing the Ranger back too.
  9. Christmas Gold

    OH, you found a FAT ANGEL Nugget! Grubstake
  10. Dinosaur head....

    Noits a chunkasourus. Grubstake
  11. Turquoise?

    It comes in pink too. Grubstake
  12. Cool find at the outing

    No, I'm just a dumb ass okie. Did I tell you my 4th wife was from Alberta? Now I'm on my 6th. 26 years anyway. Grubstake
  13. Cool find at the outing

    Wasn't the dome top, it was the adapter you got from me, that works on any battery. Thanks for your service. To bad the kids now days don't go in, most just want to be at home with there toys. Grubstake
  14. Cool find at the outing

    I'm afraid, m wife is so sick, I can't leave her to much, and all my spots over here, are gone now, all private prop. and no access. Grubstake
  15. Cool find at the outing

    Thanks Nugget108, I went in 1966and got out in 1973, two tours back to back in Nam, 67-68-69 then went to Germany for 3 years.Would do it all over again. Grubstake