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    I love hunting, and detecting is hunting. I've hunted big game and caught big fish, every nugget I've ever found is as exciting as getting that big elk or catching that big brown trout. Most anything out doors that I'm still physically able to do. I've followed NASCAR closely for many years and follow various motorsports almost everything motorcycle.

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  1. DesertRatPatriot


    I actually agree with you Bedrock. It's one of those rocks that I'm not going to toss in the flower garden until I know for sure what it is. The window I'm not sure. I'll see if I can get a better photo of it and post it. It looks like it could have iron nickel in it but it's not the same as meteors that I have found in GB. I hunt Gold basin a lot and I've never come across anything exactly like this rock. You get a lot of black iron hot rocks out there, I call them 'blackies'. I like 'blackies' because it's my experience that when you find a lot of blackies I find nuggets. But this rock is not like the typical black iron hot rocks. The streak test on this showed black the same color as the rock. It's also more magnetic that the average black iron rock out there. So a couple things just don't ad up for me and I wanted to get the opinion of someone who probably knows a lot more than me about it. Thanks!
  2. DesertRatPatriot

    10" coil Gold Bug II

    Thanks......I'm the same way I love the 4.5" but thought I have the 10" and I would at least use it till I figure out how it works in comparison to the 4.5". I wonder if I have passed over some nuggets in the washes that have a little more over burden that the 4.5" isn't seeing. I want to learn if the 10" will get some nuggets that I may pass over with the smaller coil. I plan of using the 10" for at least a couple weeks until I can get a better grasp of it's strengths and weaknesses. It's certainly heavier, I don't like that. But that aspect causes me to be a little slower and maybe a little more methodical. Thanks again
  3. Anyone have any experience using the 10" coil on their GBII? I used mine today for the first time. It was strange using it after looking at my 4.5" for hundreds of hours. What should I know about using it? Should I use it differently than the 4.5"? What kind of terrain is more beneficial for the 10" over the 4.5" ? I've found a few nuggets with my 4.5" but I've had this 10" that came with the detector and I figured after 6 years to figure out if I should be using it in certain situations or not. The stuff I've read and watched on youtube wasn't very definitive. The difference I found today is the rocks hot and cold rocks on the surface don't scream as loud, a much mellower tone. I didn't find any gold with it today but I was going back over an area that I had gone over a couple times already with my 4.5" Much Thanks
  4. DesertRatPatriot


    Found this recently out in the Gold Basin area. Embedded in the top of the caliche about 3" down, but not part of the caliche, meaning it wasn't stuck in it like the other rocks. Has a lot of signs and symptoms of a meteor but it's not like any other GB chondrite I've ever found, similar but not exactly the same. I did a streak test and it streaks black like it's color, not brown at all. It's ultra magnetic, and weighs 117g. There was almost nothing stuck to it, I just rinsed it off with water for the photo. I did grind a window in it but not sure if I'm seeing iron nickel inside or not. What's your thoughts? Thanks
  5. DesertRatPatriot

    McConnico mining district, AZ.

    Sounds good Rick. I've got an ATV also. Maybe we should meet and start a Nuggetshooter club of the local guys up here. Get together once a month or so.
  6. DesertRatPatriot

    McConnico mining district, AZ.

    I'd be glad to help with your GBII. I've got hundreds of hours using it under my belt. I'm getting a GPZ 7000 from Bill as soon as my house in Montana sells which won't take long. I go to Meadview frequently so one of these times we can get together and I'll give you a hand with it.
  7. DesertRatPatriot

    Just some average Arizona gold

    What detector are you using?
  8. DesertRatPatriot

    Your Best Non Nugget find?

    No metallic but found these out in MT out detecting a placer area. The brush was so thick I was crawling on my hands and knees and crawled up on these. And they're a matching set. You don't always find that with sheds. Got skunked on gold but they're worth a couple hundred bucks so not all bad.
  9. DesertRatPatriot

    McConnico mining district, AZ.

    Yea I was out ATVing a couple weeks ago and saw their big facility up by King Tut. That must be quite a party they have up there. And they have a big claim up in gold basin I believe. I'll look them up on the interweb. Have you met jim the guy living up on their claim in gold basin? I went out last week and went over on the Temple Bar north White Hills side. Found the skunk but had fun.
  10. DesertRatPatriot

    McConnico mining district, AZ.

    I lived in Belgrade for over 25 years. I got into prospecting for gold about 7 or 8 years ago going out to Radersberg, MT. mainly. I love my GB2. I also have a Keene 140 dry washer but I don't use it very often. I found I love detecting. My first real time out with my GB2 I unbelievably found my first patch. Over an ounce in 1-3g nuggets in a spot on forest service that anyone would tell you was no gold. I just saw some pretty looking bed rock in a dry stream bed and thought I'll start right here. Walked 50 feet found a 3g nugget, one of many. I've been pretty much hooked ever sense. What kind of help do you need?
  11. DesertRatPatriot

    McConnico mining district, AZ.

    I've been watching Bills vids every evening sense I found them on youtube about a month ago. I know who the GSSN is, do they have a chapter here in the Kingman area?
  12. DesertRatPatriot

    McConnico mining district, AZ.

    Hahahahahaha..........o.k. Thanks. Now I'm more motivated to go check it out. I bought my GBII detector in Montana at Bud Guthrey's shop. Bub trained me how to use it. Bud is the guy who found the 6 lbs. nugget the official report say's east of Dolan Springs. When I met Bud he told me about his big nugget he found in AZ. I asked him where he found it and he told me the Quartzite area. It wasn't till I moved here I found out he found it here near Dolan. At the time he or myself had any idea I would be living in AZ a few years down the road and he still fudged the truth like a wylie old prospector. In his 70's in Helena, MT. and he's still protecting his secret spots.
  13. DesertRatPatriot

    McConnico mining district, AZ.

    I was going to go to their meeting thurs. night but that's the night that monsoon was pounding Kingman and a bunch of areas were flooding. I met a few of their guy's up in the northern White Hills last weekend.
  14. DesertRatPatriot

    McConnico mining district, AZ.

    Thanks Chrisski.
  15. DesertRatPatriot

    McConnico mining district, AZ.

    I have another question.....Is there any good detecting clubs in the Kingman area?