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    Old legends never die!!!!

    Billy. Thanks for the reply. Z-Man is really excited about getting back out there. I was just talking to my mother in law about the gem and mineral show when I read your reply. It brought a lot of happiness to not only his wife but his daughters. We would really like to go to the gem and mineral show one of these days and hopefully we can meet up with you. My email is sapperreid@gmail.com Bob and Nugget Shooter. Z-Man is a spitting image of His grandfather Dean and yes We are both tough as woodpecker lips and will continue his legacy.
  2. Hello all. My name is Clayton and I am the newest member to the Miera (Dean N.M.) family. I have recently been given the great privilege marrying Deans oldest daughter Christina and having Z-Man as a son. I have been told many stories about my father in law and son Z-Man hunting metiorites and how much the two of them enjoyed being together. I can see the excitement in Z-Mans eyes every time he talks about their adventures. I want to reach out to all of you that knew Dean N.M. In hopes that I can inspire Z-man to get back out there and create our own memories and adventures. If anyone that was blessed enough to know Dean N.M. And Z-Man and would be willing to help him and I start our adventures In Picking up where my father in law tragically had to leave off. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.
  3. Clay-Tina

    Old legends never die!!!!

    Thank you Au Seeker, we are planning our first trip this next weekend. Win lose or draw we’ll be posting pictures and updates of our adventures in hopes of keeping his (Dean N.M.) legacy alive.