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  1. Greg L

    I found a thing in the dirt?

    No one will ever see what there not looking for so you would have to explain
  2. Greg L

    please help identify

    Your not crazy but those aren't worth the effort
  3. I don't feel any crack. Only possible explanation is some kind of pressure ridge closed back up as suggested. Not an expert just an observer.
  4. Impacts, exactly . You and I are like this
  5. Strange line around "rock". Something besides me and a pencil please.
  6. Saul your the man but I still hear maybe
  7. In theory is my interpretation plausible?
  8. Maybe I'm a complete geological moron but this is what I see. Where cortex remains intact, black. Where manipulated, red
  9. So thought about the response. The reddish is the black crystals from inside the rock exposed to air. What exposed them? I saw you write chemical weathering or is that a catch all for IDK.
  10. It is my belief that certainly the black and possibly the reddish material are added cement and tar like substances. Have noticed before so took a leap of faith and scrubbed with a toothbrush and don't believe to lost any.
  11. Greg L

    Are these bone tools?

    Ok thanks make sense
  12. Greg L

    Are these bone tools?

    Just doesn't seem right to me but not a hunter. Would someone take the time do this while dressing deer in the field. Not really doubting as no experience in this anythings possible. Other than a hunter why would someone have cut the bone. was informed small one likely a deer toe why I brought up hunting and I know people do hunt nearbye but not on property at least that I know of and where I found it is visible from busy road.
  13. Thinking cut one a handle. One side sees softened to ease sharpness of grip. Found next to same stump about two weeks apart.