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  1. afreakofnature

    Uncle Ron's AZ-Gold CBD Oil

    I'm totally for it and support the use. Unfortunately not legal everywhere. Might want to be careful where you sell? This happened yesterday in my town. https://rapidcityjournal.com/news/latest/article_b2a96366-b0d4-5f0e-ab5b-6add8bf4dbb9.html
  2. afreakofnature

    Jeff Williams

    I have been watching his vids for awhile now. It is cool to see how he has "improved" since his original vids. Its fun to watch and learn.
  3. afreakofnature

    For Sale: Minelab CTX 3030 with extra Coils! - $1850

    Giving this a bump with a reminder that I did drop the price to 1850 for all and shipped. I can't change the title.
  4. Thanks Jimmy, I can not edit my first post but I do have this running over on detector prospector as well where I can edit. I am adding yours to that main list too.
  5. Last week I started a topic on Jim Straight's bibliography and got thinking that I would like to ask everyone out there what there favorite "Advanced" books are. I am not talking about the book that tells you to keep your coil level and low, or dig here books. Books that give methods, techniques, or other tips that you don't really know about until you go out and learn them on your own. (An example for me would be that I never really knew about raking an area and removing a layer of dirt to get even deeper, but after reading that it completely makes sense.) Other books that would be good are geology, geomorphology and hyrdogeology for "detectable nuggets." Sure we can use USGS and State GeoSurveys to find areas that have gold, but a lot of gold out there is fine and undetectable, I want books (pubs) on the formation of nuggety gold!. I haven't really seen or been able to research any info like that. I do have the basic grasp, but I love to read in the offseason and learn as much as I can to help on the hunt, plus I am ready for some advanced reading. Kind of sucks to skim through the first half of a book because it only talks about how to swing a detector Tell me your Favorites! Lets make a list!
  6. afreakofnature

    Jim Straight Bibliography

    Thanks for the update on that. I wold agree the books of his that I do have are fantastic and full of knowledge. I think I am going to start another thread here soon asking about recommend "advanced" books. Terry, I also agree with you Fist Full of Gold is a fantastic book as well, one of the first that I ever read. Matter of fact it got me thinking that I need to go back and reread it again!
  7. afreakofnature

    Jim Straight Bibliography

    Needless to say, I am kind of surprised that no one really knows. I thought this would be an easy answer for all the expierenced detectorists LOL
  8. afreakofnature

    For Sale: Minelab CTX 3030 with extra Coils! - $1850

    Price reduced to 1850 for all
  9. the external speaker just started going out, but works perfect with headphones. I called minelab to see how much to fix and it would be 37.50 for labor, 15 for speaker, and return shipping. Therefore i am reducing the price to 350, still free shipping. Payment can be made with cash on pick up or PayPal Friends and Family (you can even use your Credit Card but PayPal will charge you 4%)PM me if interested or have questions.
  10. afreakofnature

    Jim Straight Bibliography

    Yeah i started there, the good ole google. Its where i found Rob Allisons list. But still doesnt tell me what volume 1 and 2 are. Hey Frank! The SDC is a swingin! Gold is still coming but lately finding lead bullet nuggets LOL Terry saw this pic i think on detectorprospector, awesome collection. I was curious why two Advanced Prospecting and Detecting for Hardrock Gold books? Also does the non Advanced one have different info? Thanks!
  11. afreakofnature

    Jim Straight Bibliography

    Can someone (or Mr. Straight himself) tell me Jim Straight's bibliograhy. I would like to know all he wrote, and if certain books replaced others. One for sure that I am confused on is Follow the Drywashers Volume 3, because i can not seem to find volume 1 or 2. I am new to his teachings and want to learn as it seems everyone has already learned a great deal from him. Thanks for the help!
  12. afreakofnature

    For Sale: Minelab CTX 3030 with extra Coils! - $1850

    Feel free to make an offer, really dont want to put on ebay
  13. afreakofnature

    Uncle Ron's AZ-Gold CBD Oil

    Helps with seizures too!