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  1. jcervay

    3 pieces, unidentified

    I was just starting to think the Sam thing. Not the nodule bit, but it makes me extremely sad that if it was, it's broken
  2. jcervay

    3 pieces, unidentified

    Doesn't scratch glass, obviously scratched by quartz. Reacts to vinegar. Not citrine I don't think. Calcite? Thoughts?
  3. jcervay

    3 pieces, unidentified

    Great idea! I'll do that
  4. All 3 have the same dual color. Quartz? I'm really a rookie, not sure
  5. jcervay

    Mystery nugget

    Can you please explain further?
  6. jcervay

    Need help with ID

    Thanks! I thought feldspar too. I don't know anything about hornblende
  7. This came in a grab bag of rocks and minerals from Madagascar. Not sure what it is, seems to be two different materials. Thoughts?
  8. jcervay

    Identify please

    I would guess anthracite and bituminous coal. I have a bunch in my yard in NE PA.
  9. jcervay

    Mystery nugget

    @azdigger I thought so too 😁 thanks
  10. Found this in some fill dirt along with a bunch of pieces of coal. Thought it was a strange lump of glass, but not entirely sure. Anyone have any thoughts?