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  1. Nugget Shooterette

    A bit surprised

    Thanks Doc!😘
  2. Nugget Shooterette

    A bit surprised

    Found 5 little nuggets today! Most for me in a day..quite exciting!😁
  3. Nugget Shooterette

    Cabin Fever Already

    Yeah now that I hunt..this is a bummerπŸ˜’
  4. Nugget Shooterette

    Hey, got prayers?

    Thanks everyone that means a lot...this has been an emotional time.
  5. Nugget Shooterette

    Its only been 2 weeks?

    Feel like its been ages since I've been gold hunting..geezπŸ˜‚
  6. Nugget Shooterette

    Waiting patiently

    Ready for another hunt honey!πŸ˜‚
  7. Nugget Shooterette

    Epic times

    Thanks Doc I will get that nugget soon..πŸ˜‚ He said you told him that!😜
  8. Nugget Shooterette


    Have been hunting for three days in a row..first day..3 nuggets...by the way so exciting! Second day worked hard..dug a lot of hot rock and got to a point of cussing and a short tantrum came on..which Bill witnessed..on the ride home I thought about the hunt and decided not to get so frustrated..3rd day went well climbed a waterfall and we hunted for a bit. I found nothing but trash..and the same at other spots..guess what I'm trying to say is there has been moments of just being hot..or my body was quite sore....but I've learn patience is the key and do not let hunting overwhelm you..sorry to ramble on..just my thoughts from a new prospector😁
  9. Nugget Shooterette


    I found 3 nuggets today! My first time finding more than one!😊
  10. Nugget Shooterette


    I did!πŸ˜‚
  11. Nugget Shooterette


    I love you honey!😝
  12. Nugget Shooterette


    I don't know about that...but I do have the best teacher!😊
  13. Nugget Shooterette


    My tip is to go slow and overlap the ground..and dig all targets until you know your machine...oh and enjoy the nature surrounding you!πŸ˜€
  14. Nugget Shooterette


    Finally joined Bill's forum..having 6 little nuggets now..thought I might as well get in hereπŸ˜€