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  1. Nugget Shooterette

    Its time to find gold

  2. Nugget Shooterette

    A couple of Oregon nuggets

    Wow! Nice!😊
  3. Nugget Shooterette

    I found my biggest one today!

    Yes and Thank you Wade!☺
  4. Thanks Doc for the cover!☺
  5. Nugget Shooterette

    I found my biggest one today!

  6. Nugget Shooterette

    I found my biggest one today!

    Like I said yesterday it's been 2 months and one day since I had found gold! Today ended that! Woot!😁
  7. Nugget Shooterette

    Its time to find gold

    Today has been exactly 2 months since I've found gold. Going out in the early morning. Here nuggie nuggie!πŸ˜… Time for a nugget! Lol
  8. Nugget Shooterette

    Hey Tammy! Keep an eye out for the mail.

    Thanks Doc!😘 Will share if he is on good behavior!πŸ˜‚
  9. Nugget Shooterette

    Greetings :)

    Welcome Lulia! 😊
  10. Nugget Shooterette

    Camping trip

    Will be leaving Thursday for the Toms camping trip..so needed being I have had cabin fever..Hope to find gold and will enjoy myself with great people..oh and 4 Chihuahuas!πŸ˜ƒ
  11. Nugget Shooterette

    Time for a nugget

    This heat sure has slowed things down..but I know in time I will come across a beauty..patience is the key at this timeπŸ˜„
  12. Nugget Shooterette

    My gold I worked my butt off for which ain't much

    Thanks everyone! Made me feel better!😊
  13. The drama that can come with gold hunting is such a drag..never knew that working your ass off is questionable? Learning experience
  14. Nugget Shooterette

    Hoping to find a nugget

    Haven't found gold in eleven days. Getting up at 4am and get a few hours in before that 107 heat. Wish me luck!😁 I NEED A NUGGET!πŸ˜‚