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  1. Jack H

    A friend found this today

    As he stated... it’s still out there. =)
  2. A good friend of mine John Morley Sr of Joshua Tree Ca picked up this nice specimen today in Ca. I asked his permission to share and he ok’d it. He was swinging a GPX 4800. We’ve prospected together for quite a few years now and have been up and down the wash he was in. This is such an impressive find considering the location is a club claim and has been SCOURED. I’m super happy for him and his hard work and luck. 20+ grams as it sits.
  3. Jack H

    Howdy friends

    Nice pulll Jimmy! Yep, First Class Miners claim, the old Humbug. It’s been turned over and never stops giving. A friend of mine pulled a 1 Oz avoirdupois nug from it his first time metal detecting. Rare, absolutely... but it goes to show it’s still putting out.
  4. Jack H

    Howdy friends

    Thanks Jim. I’m looking forward to a new life outside Ca. Politics aside, the new job is a very good opportunity for me. Myself and family are very excited.
  5. Jack H

    Howdy friends

    Thanks guys. Just over the hills from here I got to drywash on my friends private claim. I ran about 8 buckets before hitting hardpack.2.8g total. The 3 largest pieces were metal detected and my first gold with a detector. These would have been 2' down had I not removed all the overburden. Side note...Several years back I begun learning chemical refining with AR. The shiny button is 37 grams of pretty pure gold. The guy I sell to sent it to his refiner and reported is was upward of 99%. Basically bullion...well almost =)
  6. Jack H

    Any deals on a used GBII available?

    I appreciate the courtesy. Thank you. Can you pm me a link to the rules? Or simply post here or in my introduction? I've read the "read this first" and cant find the rules anywhere. Not sure what I'm missing. I've been on boards for 15 years, so I have a basic understanding of etiquette. I'd like to read this boards rules so I don't get myself canned. I'd like to make some new friends. Thanks again.
  7. Jack H

    Any deals on a used GBII available?

    Looks like we nearly posted at the same time. I did look it up after the fact. I’ll apologize for giving out bad info and try to stick to getting advice vs giving it.
  8. Jack H

    Any deals on a used GBII available?

    I looked it up and you are correct. Not sure what I was thinking of, possibly the original gold bug. The GB2 is 71 kHz and the Lobo is 17.5 kHz.
  9. Jack H

    Any deals on a used GBII available?

    Here's a lobo for $350. New these used to be $799 10 years ago. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gold-prospecting-Tesoro-LOBO-super-traq-metal-detector-One-Owner-W-Box-Manual/202269821759?hash=item2f18388b3f:g:bYcAAOSw7nZaruP-
  10. Jack H

    Any deals on a used GBII available?

    I really like my vlf Tesoro Lobo. I'm pretty sure the mhz are similar to the gold bug. I've seen them used for as little as $400. Might read up on them and compare. Bought mine new and it has a lifetime warranty.
  11. I found out about this forum by seeing Bill post on FB. My name is Jack and currently living in so cal. I've been playing in the dirt about 10-11 years. I used to really like drywashing. Still do in fact but I've gotta watch how hard I push myself. Had back surgery for a crushed disc at L5 a little over a year ago. I've been setting tile for about 26 years and the hard labor has caught up with me. Long story as short as possible I have been metal detecting more, drywashing less. Recently applied for a sales rep position in Phoenix. Got the job and I'll be moving to the area end of june. Had to get off the tools. Can't stop prospecting though. Maybe if I get a bonus at my job I can buy a minelab from Bill =) I know everyone loves pics, so here are a few from the many I have. May your pan be heavy and the color steady. Thanks for having me.