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  1. Knifemaker84

    Which detector?

    I own both. Never will i sell the bug. I feel people are down playing a good detector that has more to offer than is talked about. The monster can't be hip mounted. The monsters "shaft" is longer than i need it, Nice armpit scatcher though. Again, i own both. And both are used weekly. I wont side with either machine. They both have their own place imo. On the plus side of the monster is: Easy to use Small break down size Two coils included Light weight High sensitivity to small gold "Sliding" adjustment for height/length Plus side of Gold bug 2: Manual ground balance (good or bad depending on skill) 1/4 audio plug ( most have had issues adapting their favorite headphones to the monster) Threshold adjustment Long coil cable. Multiple height adjusments I may be missing stuff, please add it if you think of it.
  2. Knifemaker84

    Bug 2 or gold monster

    I have both, i will never sell the gb2
  3. Knifemaker84


    This is from 1 month ago. Wifey and my "mini" honeymoon. My first detector gold. Second photo is my wife digging at night, she is a keeper. Third photo is up close, penguin?
  4. Knifemaker84

    Hello from Az

    Hi there, i just ran across this forum. Great content! I hope to post some gold photos soon!!