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  1. Randall

    NEW! Hand Made Drywasher

    That is a nice looking "puffer" Bedrock Bob and enjoyed the history behind it's design. I built a small puffer (Sam Radding design) this past summer just for the purpose of testing tailing piles and reworking old drywasher piles. Frame and hopper are constructed from cedar while riffle tray and body are made from poplar which puts the total weight under 10 pounds for easy portability. Mine is more of a tester/sniper puffer.
  2. Randall

    A couple of Oregon nuggets

    Nice! I'd still be checking that area out. Ha!
  3. Randall

    Good Hunt Today

    What a day
  4. Randall


    I've only seen one and it never made the road crossing safely (flattened) just north of Tucson on the old Florence Hwy.
  5. Randall

    I found my biggest one today!

    Nice piece of oro Congrats!
  6. Randall

    So what do you do....

    So what would I do...….I only wish I had this question/decision to figure out. Ha! Nice score
  7. Randall

    Got a bucket list silver....

    Nice chunk of silver there Bill...Congrats!
  8. Here lately been having no luck trying to get a good wheel/tire balance on my Jeep. Either the balance is not quite right, lug-nuts getting cross-threaded on lugs or lug-nuts being over-torqued by impacts possibly stretching lug threads. Last week I purchased the Pittsburgh Portable Wheel Balancer (old-school bubble view) and low and behold it balanced all 4 of my Jeep tires beautifully First time I've ever balanced my own tires...quite easy with good results. I like the satisfaction of "wrenching" on my own Jeep anyways and really love the idea of not having future lug issues. Ha!
  9. Randall

    1912 V Nickel

    Old coins are always neat to find If that V-nickel had a date of 1913 you would have been REALLY happy
  10. Randall


    NICE! Needless to say I'd be hitting that wash again and again...and again. Ha!
  11. Doc I feel confident if your interest keeps pulling you towards gold prospecting and if you don't already know it won't be long until you check out Long's Camp in Kingsland Texas Welcome and HH!
  12. Randall

    Help ID please!

    I may be able to help with the second photo. It looks similar to crystals found around "saline" areas sometimes associated with salt domes. Years ago I found some on the Texas Gulf Coastal Plains while searching for Karankawan artifacts in a deep cut dug by the county. Hope this helps and HH!
  13. Randall

    Interesting find please help

    Hey I'm certainly not disagreeing with you guys cause what I read also stated different minerals can also be found! Those last two photos look pretty convincing
  14. Randall

    Equinox 800 and 6 incoil

    Here's hoping your "maiden voyage" with the 6" coil turns out like Bill's...if not better! Good luck and be safe
  15. Randall

    Interesting find please help

    Just read some information regarding England's chalk quarries. Chalk's main component is calcium carbonate which is a form of limestone. The article went on to say that MANY fossilized marine examples can and are found in England's chalk quarries.! Not saying for sure that is what you have but you may want to google England's chalk quarries and take a look.
  16. Randall

    Interesting find please help

    How many pieces of this did you find? The first photo looks like a half piece and the pic further down looks complete...fully round? Show us a cross-section pic of the first photo if you can!
  17. Randall

    Bill Southern Cameo steals new GPAA VID!

    I think the GPAA has offered a lot of help for those interested in the field of prospecting along with giving members a legal place to prospect. If one attends the group outings "greenhorns" can get a crash course on some of the basics to help you over some hurdles in the beginning. I will never forget my first GPAA experience was at the Hacienda Hotel in Las Vegas, Nv back in 1987. Though my past work most of the time kept me away from the goldfields...my thoughts and dreams thru the years never left the goldfields :>)
  18. Randall

    Etching with salt?

    That is cool and didn't realize it was done that easily! This process reminds me of using electrolysis for cleaning coins/jewelry/relics which has to be done VERY CAREFULLY...just don't ask me how I know :>((
  19. Randall

    LSD Gully Washers

    Birdshot to the VLF prospector is like pull-tabs to the jewelry/coin hunters
  20. If ya'll keep the water supplied I bet they will become loyal patrons. Ha! Gotta love the wildlife!
  21. Randall

    Equinox coils

    Seems like these days most metal detector manufacturers concentrate mainly on larger DD coil designs while the smaller concentric designs take a back seat? I know of one company that never offered an option of a concentric design coil for it's top coin/relic unit.? Guess I'm just "old school"... where once DD's were for mineralized ground and the concentrics were for better discrimination while hunting trashy areas. Probably the main reason for this is most people think bigger is always better!?
  22. Randall

    1.7 oz Nevada Nugget!!

    A good example of why a gold detector and a drywasher make a good team! Follow those drywashers...how well stated by Jim Straight
  23. Randall

    At times , the way I feel

    I've also enjoyed Bill's videos and seeing what he digs up while nugget hunting and on relic hunts! With that areas geology and history...there's probably more "good finds" left in the ground to be found than what has been found in the past
  24. Randall

    At times , the way I feel

    I hear you AZDigger...though thank the lord I can still chew, poop and screw. Seems every thing else is going downhill. Ha!
  25. Randall

    Beryl Score.

    WOW...what a gift from mother nature Homefire I think any day you can "eyeball" a keeper is a good day!