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  1. Lesson at LSD Today

    Thanks Mike...much appreciate the feedback on the GM1000. I've been reading many favorable comments on it's capabilities and most importantly from the people who would know!
  2. Lesson at LSD Today

    I was only joking about LSD being hunted out...just a poor choice of words on my part. Too many hiding spots for that to happen! I can say that if I do decide to purchase a Minelab SDC 2300 I know where to purchase it from...thanks to Bill's post above. Thumbs up to the after sale service ya'll provide
  3. Lesson at LSD Today

    Looks like a couple of nice pieces! I may still have to try LSD area again even though you say it's hunted out. Maybe somewhere out there one or two could still be hiding. Ha! Curious question for you... would the GM 1000 have heard those same hot-rock signals yesterday that the SDC 2300 was hearing?
  4. Landed a BIG one !!

    Nice detective work on tracking down the area and what a "daisy" specimen of natural raw oro
  5. FS: Original Tesoro Bandido

    Terry that original Bandido looks like new old stock! I have that same model and they still to this day work well around iron trash infested mining camps and ghost town sites while relic hunting. Nice modulated audio with that model Tesoro.

    Enjoyed the write-up and pics! One has to wonder just how many more old workings are out there...long forgotten and hidden from easy view
  7. Any ideas what these are??

    Rocky...the items in that top picture resemble "bullet weights" that bass fisherman use when fishing with artificial plastic/rubber worms?
  8. I think i got screwed!!

    Apache Tears are obsidian nodules that probably got that name because of the general location (once Apache country) they are sometimes found. I got into an area east of Phoenix once where I started noticing what looked like blobs of dark colored glass balls scattered in the washes? Come to find out they were Apache Tears that were eroding out from the host rock from higher up.
  9. Check out this Fossil

    Mind blowing to think how old those fossils can be! During different geological periods vast inland seas covered large portions of the US reaching up into Canada. May want to check out a site called Paleoworld as it shows how the continents shifted and formed thru time to what we know today :>}
  10. 12V puffers

    Currently I live in an area of Texas where it has gotten to the point I hear leaf blowers running 8 days a week for lawn services...kid you not! I have gotten to where I HATE hearing those things running. HaHa! I can certainly understand the benefits of off-set weighted elliptical oscillation with blowers... especially when you are wanting to shovel material directly into drywasher without pre-classifying. I think with puffer-type drywashers it is better to pre-classify material before running cause the classifying agitation alone will help break away possible values from the unwanted material. Granted pre-classifying will slow you down for overall material processed but maybe helps puffers recover more of the gold that would have been lost due to lack of oscillation? Guess it all depends on site and how much weight one wants to haul around not to mention how much material they want to process quickly.
  11. You can find some really neat relics around old mining camps, fort sites and ghost towns. I use to literally rake all the surface ferrous trash and sometimes I would use a large magnet on a stick to pick up as much ferrous trash as I could before detecting. The list is practically end-list of what you may possibly find around such sites doing what we love...detecting :>)
  12. Unbelievable Monster

    Just the way I like to be assured I'm not missing anything
  13. Question, for my peers

    I don't claim to have great knowledge but the scientists are saying overall the global temperature is increasing. They say that doesn't mean we still won't experience possible highs and lows but overall as a global temperature average we are increasing. For instance... last month when most of the US was under the Artic Blast the rest of the globe was reading slightly above average temperatures. Global temps have changed through the eons long before man entered the picture but the BIG question today is....Has man contributed? True Fact: Back around the mid 1800's there was a solar flare that practically shut down the telegraph communication across the US. Scientists also say this is a very real possibility today and just think of all the systems that could be affected in this computer age?! As Mikestang stated above I don't think solar flares contribute to temperature changes but they can reek havoc to electrical systems.
  14. Junkyard Dog Wash - Literally

    I was following this thread and like ya'll was amazed at the equipment left out there. Kept thinking of different circumstances that would cause someone to leave equipment behind......but for that long of period? I was hoping it wasn't possibly a case for Rusty West on YouTube about strange National and State Park disappearances...talk about some freaky vanishings